Dress Success???

Shocking! I actually found two dresses I liked on this morning’s bridal gown shopping trip. Since I seem to be the pickiest person in the world when it comes to wedding dresses, this was quite a victory.

With the help of my two friends, Laurel and Merri, I eliminated several gowns before stepping into two gorgeous dresses. They’re completely different, but both are very beautiful.

Obviously I cannot post pictures of the dresses that are contenders for “the one,” since I don’t want my groom-to-be to see them. Instead I hope you enjoy these pictures of dresses I will not be wearing on the big day. 🙂

I loved the back on this one:

Dress Attempt Number One

I am a lace lover and really liked the top of this dress. I couldn’t get past the bling-blingin’ broach though…

Bling, Bling

My friend Laurel really liked this one, but I had a hard time with the beading. I’m just not a beading kinda girl!

Dress Numero Tres


Why am I so weird about beading? I think dresses with beading look so pretty on the rack and in magazines, but when I put them on I feel like I look bedazzled.

Full View

Of these three dresses, which one would you pick?

I got a little excited to talk about wedding dresses, so let’s back up a bit to breakfast. 

Before the dress shopping business, I filled up on chocolate oats with cocoa powder and chocolate peanut butter cup  protein powder. YUM.

Chocolate Oats

When I came home I had a quesadilla that went unphotographed. Oops!

I really wasn’t feeling the gym today, but Ryan was amped up and swindled me into a work out. I thanked him after it was over, of course. I did total-body weights and light cardio for 25 minutes. It wasn’t an amazing workout,but it was better than nothin’!

Our plans to attend a chili cook off are on hold at the moment due to icky weather. It’s really raining hard and is supposed to continue raining until 6 p.m. tonight. Boo!

At least the Miss America watch party is in doors. Don’t forget to root for Miss Florida! Yay Rachael! 😀

22 Responses

  1. That’s a tough call…but I really like the shape of dress three (the wrap) because it is SO flattering but I kind of like the brooch on dress two and the top was different in a good way…I don’t know. Toss up! I love wedding dresses!!

  2. I really do love them all, and I’m *incredibly* picky when it comes to wedding gowns! I’m not a big fan of the princess-poofy ones, so I’m definitely with you on the general shape you’re going for. I love the final dress (the one with the full view), but I *really* like the one with the lacey top and the broach. I LOVE the vintagey look, but that’s just me =) You’ll look gorge no matter what you decide!!

    CONGRATS, by the way. I’m excited for you!

  3. No matter what you get you are going to look gorgeous! I like the last dress the best. You make any dress look good!

    I wasn’t a beady girl either but mine ended up with beads 🙂 I figure I may as well go all out and actually be girly one day in my life.

  4. I love the first one! The back is awesome. But I am so not the one to talk because I tried on probably 200 dresses and loved almost every single one! 🙂

  5. wow you are going to be a gorgeous bride!!! i love the back on the first one and i like the top of the third better than the second. although i agree there’s a bit too much beading. your oats look so delicious! i love chocolate for breakfast 🙂

  6. Julie, you look great!
    I really like the wrap around look on you! Can’t wait to hear which one you choose!

  7. Omg Jules, the 3rd dress is GORGEOUS on you!! I can’t wait to see which dress you choose!

    Happy Saturday!

  8. Your chocolate oats actually looks like chili in the picture! Funny, how you are eating that later….when you find the dress you will know it’s “the one”. Trust me, there will be no more looking after that!

    And, no….the beading doesn’t make you look bedazzled:)

  9. I totally felt the same way about beading on dresses. I loved it on other people and in pictures and magazines, but I didn’t like any of the dresses I tried on with beading. I went for a dress that had its details in the draping and not in the trim.

    This was my wedding dress:

    If you have a Priscilla of Boston store near you, you should go- the Vinyard line has lots of simple but beautiful gowns.

  10. I love the back of that first one! I have never tried on dresses but I’m guessing I would not be a fan of too much “bedazzlement” since I’m not in regular life. All of those are gorgeous though, the 2 top choices must be increds!

  11. EEEEK! I LOVE wedding dresses!!!!

    Okay, sorry. I like the first one! But all three are beautiful!

  12. Oooh, I like the beaded one…cause mine was beaded around the bodice like that! Both are great though. 🙂

  13. I love the beading one.

  14. you look pretty in all of them! I like the lace one with the broach! Cant wait to see someday the one you choose and all your wedding pictures! I gotta have patience though haha

  15. omg i looove the back of the first dress!!!

  16. I love them both, but I think that you’re right about the blign on the side of the first.

    I vote the second 🙂 The beading REALLY isn’t that noticeable. No ones going to notice it as extremely as you do when you wear it, and it photographs BEAUTIFULLY!!

  17. I LOVE the first one with the lace! And you look so gorgeous in all of them.

  18. Dress #2!! 🙂

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