Sadie: A Future Pig?

Look what I found at PetSmart when I took Sadie to get her nails clipped after work today…

pork 031

Doggie Halloween costumes!

I wanted to wait to purchase Sadie’s Halloween costume with Ryan, but I have a feeling this one may be the winner:

pork 030
Not only is the costume pink and totally adorable, but Sadie actually has a thing for pigs. Her first toy was a stuffed pig and her grandmas have added to her pig collection.

Puppy Sadie flash back… 



She was the cutest lil’ puppy in the world!


Unfortunately for Sadie, this particular trip to PetSmart was not all fun and games.

We had business to attend to.

pork 029 

Sadie’s nails were in desperate need of clipping. Nail clipping and Sadie simply do not mix.

pork 026

Get me outta here!!!

Luckily, we can turn her over to the people at PetSmart and within 10 minutes we have our dog back sans talons.

While I waited for Sadie, I visited the other animals and had to pry myself away from the kittens. They were so stinkin’ cute!

I thought Sadie would be done sooner than she was, so I wasted time creating this Where’s Waldo picture for you guys:

pork 028

Where’s Julie?

Okay, so I wasn’t exactly well camouflaged… 😉

Eventually Sadie was done and in a much better mood! She wanted to sniff and explore, so we spent some time wandering around the store before stopping by the puppy training class to say hello.

Sadie actually graduated from the puppy training class at PetSmart about two and a half years ago.



She’s a good little shaker. 😀


With clipped nails and wagging tails (Sadie, not me), we headed home to get crackin’ in the kitchen.

On the menu this evening was Hormel peppercorn pork tenderloin with roasted Brussels sprouts and zucchini.

pork 032

Ryan picked up the pork at the grocery store yesterday and we both thought it had a ton of potential. It smelled fantastic as it was cooking in the oven.

pork 037

Unfortunately the end result was way too salty for me. I ate my portion, but wouldn’t buy this tenderloin again.

pork 033

At least the veggies were great! Ya can’t go wrong with simple roasted vegetables.

I’m off to polish off the second half of yet another cookie from my bridal shower. These things are the JAM!

Sleep well tonight, friends!

28 Responses

  1. Aww, it’s hard to believe Sadie was every that small! 🙂 She would make a cute pig but what an oxymoron! LoL

  2. I had the Smithfield peppercorn pork tenderloin tonight and it was awesome! You should try that brand. 🙂

  3. What a cute puppy 🙂 I’ve seen those tenderloins before at the store, now I know not to buy it…I hate overly salty food bleh! Sweet dreams xx

  4. awww, sadie puppy pics!!! SO cute!

  5. Sadie is precious!!!! Vizslas are the cutest puppies in the world. What? I’m not biased or anything 😉
    But for real, Sadie was such a cutie!

    I want Koda to be a lion… I just want to get a big furry mane for her to wear, and that would be all she’d need 🙂

  6. Cutest puppy ever!!! Love vizslas!!

  7. Oh my gosh! Sadie as a puppy is super cute! 🙂 I can’t believe she was that small!

  8. Sadie was the cutest puppy! I can’t believe she was so tiny.

    We took our pup to PetSmart puppy training classes a few years ago, too. They did a great job of teaching her the basics, and she can still do all the tricks. 🙂

  9. What a cute pup!
    I’ve had that tenderloin too…super salty!

  10. PLEASE PLEASE get that adorable pig costume for Sadie!! She will be the cutest little pig ever 🙂

  11. Ella has been that pig before!!! It was a huge success; I highly recommend it 🙂

  12. sadie is so cute!!! ahhh i can’t get enough 🙂

  13. Those pictures of Sadie are adorable! Makes me melt 🙂

  14. I just picked up a costume for my doggy yesterday and it’s adorbs!

    I can see Sadie as a SQUIRREL! They have that costume at Target 😉

  15. awwww Sadie is sooo damn cute!!! Your should make him a runner 😉 Add shorts and a runner shirt and a headband it would be cute!

  16. Awww love the sadie puppy pics! I was just looking back at my pup (Michael) when he was a few weeks old. Crazy how time flies!!

  17. This post made my heart MELT, Julie! Sadie is such a blessing, awww 🙂 I love her! I love you too of course, and your fantastic blog, it’s definitely one of my favorites for sure.

    I can’t wait to see Sadie on Halloween!!

  18. Sadie is such a cutie!! I really want to get Cody a Halloween costume – we got him a Christmas outfit last year, but he wasn’t exactly a fan. I’m definitely willing to try it again though! 🙂

  19. AWW Sadie’s puppy photos are ADORABLE. I can’t wait to see him in his costume.

  20. Omg thats so cute and funny! =)


  22. OMG, LOVE the puppy pictures of Sadie!! I could look at puppy pictures all day long.

  23. I have a dachshund and I was thinking of dressing her up as a hotdog! haha I’m not so sure she would go for it though. 😉

  24. hey if she wont wear it, i will!!! haha
    seriously, those costumes are adorable..haha a piggy for halloween would be priceless ❤

  25. It’s so funny because as I was reading your post I was thinking…those Hormel pork items always look so good and then are too salty…and then you said it. Maybe that’s why I always seems to get them for a great “deal”!

  26. Dogs dressed up in costumes is the best part of Halloween. I can’t wait to see Sadie in costume!

  27. I LOVE the pig costume!! I can’t wait to see if you dress Sadie as a pig!! 🙂

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