Christmas in January

Though it took me a good two weeks, our Christmas decorations were taken down before Florida weather started to creep back up into the ’70s.

However, even without a tree and twinkling lights, I just cannot seem to escape the Christmas spirit. Look what arrived in the mail today:

Christmas Stockings!

I orderd these embroidered stockings from Pottery Barn for me and Ryan after Christmas when they went on sale.

Our 2010 Stockings

Since Christmas 2010 will be our first official Christmas as a married couple, I figured we needed matching stockings, right? Oh Lord, I’m gonna be that kind of wife, aren’t I? 😉

After putting away the stockings, Ryan and I took Sadie on a walk around the lake. It was a little cloudy outside, but the temperature was great! I love being able to wear a t-shirt and comfy pants and not feel cold or hot. Us Floridians have to take advantage of weather like this, because it’ll be hotter than the sun in no time.

Once we got home, Ryan left for a soccer game (I hope they win!), and Sadie and I got to work making dinner. As always, when I’m on my own I crave breakfast for dinner, so that’s exactly what I had.

As part of Foodbuzz’s Tastemaker program I received a coupon for a free carton of Eggland’s Best eggs, so I had a full carton of eggs callin’ my name in the fridge.


Apparently these eggs have a lot more vitamins than other eggs. I couldn’t taste all those extra vitamins (which is probably a good thing), but I could taste deliciousness. I love dippy eggs!

Breakfast Fo' Dinn-ah

In addition to my two dippy eggs, I filled my plate with a slice of Canadian bacon, veggies and a toasted whole wheat Arnold sandwich thin.

Red Onion, Mushrooms, Squash

I used 3/4 of the sandwich thin to soak up the egg yolks and saved the left over quarter to make a mini-dessert.

Peanut Butter and Chocolate Dessert

I topped the remaining 1/4 thin with chocolate PB2 and chocolate chips. (Another handful or two of chocolate chips may or may not have made it into my mouth as well. 😉 )

I bet I could eat breakfast for dinner five days out of the week and love it! Maybe that’ll be a fun little foodie experiment for the future…

Hooray for Friday tomorrow!

Deserted Island Foods

Today a WebMD dietitian created a list of 10 “survivor foods,” also known as the shelf-stable foods you should bring with you if you ever anticipate that you’ll be stranded on a deserted island.

Her list included:

  • Canned beans
  • Nuts
  • Blueberries
  • Whole grain cereal
  • Broccoli
  • Carrots
  • Red wine
  • Tea
  • Oranges
  • Tomatoes

Which “survivor food” is your favorite?

Mine is definitely nuts (and nut butter… peanut butter… mmm).


My lunch today actually included two of the survivor food stand outs!

Broccoli and tomatoes (in the form of marinara sauce) were included in my pasta bowl, along with mushrooms and Parmesan cheese.

Survivor Pasta

Love that Parm!

It was delicious and fit for a meal on a private island. If only… 😉

I Smell Greasy Goodness

I’m glad you all had fun watching Sadie’s birthday video. 😀 I think she really enjoyed her birthday treat. I totally forgot to ask you though…

Which would you choose… a cheeseburger or an ice cream cone?

Pick One!

I’m without a doubt an ice cream girl. If I could exist on only one food for the rest of my life, I would pick ice cream.

If you could exist on only one food (nutritional value doesn’t matter) for the rest of your life, what would you pick?

I love foodie questions! Your answers always make me smile.


As Ryan and I walked to the gym this morning, I told him I was feeling majorly lazy. I didn’t anticipate a good cardio workout… but somehow I had a great one! 🙂 Yay!

I’ll call this the “ 50 minute Fight Boredom and Laziness Workout.” By changing things up a lot, the workout goes by very quickly:

  • 10 min. warm up on cardio machine of your choice (I chose the stair master)

Switch to the treadmill for the remainder of the workout:

  • Walk at 4.0 at 7.5 incline for 5 minutes
  • Jog at 6.5 at 1.0 incline for 5 minutes
  • Jog at 6.5 at 2.0 incline for 3 minutes
  • Run at 7.0 at 1.0 incline for 3 minutes
  • Run hard at 8.0 at 1.0 include for 1 minute
  • Jog at 6.0 at 1.0 incline for 1 minute
  • Run hard at 8.0 at 1.0 incline for 1 minute
  • Run at 7.0 at 1.0 incline for 1 minute
  • Jog at 6.5 at 1.0 incline for 3 minutes
  • Jog at 6.0 at 1.0 incline for 2 minutes
  • Walk at 4.0 at 7.5 incline for 5 minutes
  • Walk at 4.0 at 5.0 incline for 10 minutes (or cool down of your choice)


After my cardio blast, I leashed up Sadie for a walk around the lake by our apartment. On our walk, we passed a bed and breakfast that was cookin’ up a mean smellin’ spread of what I can only assume was greasy goodness. I smelled eggs and bacon!

I knew I wanted eggs and bacon for breakfast after smelling that deliciousness. I made myself an egg sandwich on a whole wheat Arnold sandwich thin with Canadian bacon and Swiss cheese.

Breakfast Sandwich

Thursday's Breakfast

I enjoyed my sandwich with a hot mug of Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride tea.

Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride Tea

I heard wonderful things about this tea, but couldn’t find it anywhere in Orlando! The wonderful Jessica from Living in the Kitchen, Gym and Mall sent me some, all the way from Illinois! It arrived in the mail yesterday and I couldn’t wait to try it this morning.

Sadie wanted to try it, too.

Sugar Cookies!?!?!?

In case you were wondering… it’s phenomenal. Thank you Jessica!!! 😀