Cold Day, Hot Breakfast

Brrrr! Another cold day in Florida it is! The temperature is in the 30s and the weatherman said we could even get snow. This is unheard of in Orlando. No wonder everyone is freaking out!

The extreme chill in the air meant only one thing this morning… I needed a hot breakfast!

Creamy Vanilla and Cinnamon Oatmeal

I mixed a pack of Kashi creamy vanilla hot cereal with half of a scoop of cinnamon protein powder and microwaved it until it was steaming! I enjoyed a hot cup of honey lemon tea and a tangerine on the side.


The tangerine was juicy and tasty, but I definitely prefer clementines. Not only are they seedless, but they’re easier to peel too!

After digesting for about an hour, Ryan and I bundled up and went to the gym to warm up even more.

I did 30 minutes of light cardio on the elliptical while reading a magazine before taking a Zumba class. I had the best time at Zumba! The instructor was really into it and had amazing energy. I felt a little goofy swiveling my hips at first, but eventually let go and had a great time doing the salsa and other upbeat dance moves.

Do you feel self conscious during group exercise classes?

I feel self conscious during group exercise classes  if I canot seem to catch on to a routine. Classes like step where it seems like everyone who goes is a regular and knows the choreogaphy by heart make me feel like I’m the only one who doesn’t “get it.”

Post Gym Activities

After the gym Ryan and I ran to Target to pick up some essentials… and a bag of peanut butter M&Ms. The bag didn’t last long and we polished it off while waiting for our lunch to bake in the oven. Dessert before lunch… that’s how we roll. 😉

Thankfully lunch should be done soon. I’m hungry and though those M&Ms were delicious, they didn’t do much for my hunger.

After lunch I have plans to meet up with some girlfriends for pedicures before heading to my friend Ashley’s wedding with Ryan tonight.

Ashley and I worked together at the Orlando Museum of Art when I first graduated college. She’s the graphic designer for the museum and is super creative. I can’t wait attend her wedding tonight. 😀

I hope I can stay warm the rest of the day!