I emailed Ryan at work today with a trifold request for a cozy weeknight dinner:

Request One:

Ravioli for dinner: check!


Request Two:

Candlelit dinner: check!

Burn Baby, Burn

Request Three:

Scrabble: check!

Scrabble Remix

After a quick trip to the dog park with Miss Sadie, we came home to make a dent on our trifold dinner.

The ravioli came together in a flash, and while I cooked dinner, Ryan rounded up some pretty candles from around out apartment to set the mood for our cozy lil’ dinner date. I think you can definitely have a “date” in your own home.

What constitutes a “date” to you?

To me a date involves a little planning and then sharing a special evening/event/day/meal/activity with someone you care about… so I’m gonna say this evening was a little date for us! Who doesn’t love mid-week dates? 🙂

My Bowl

I placed my ravioli poofs on top of broccoli and portobello mushrooms and topped the whole bowl with marinara sauce and Parmesan cheese.


My Bowl

Scrabble Showdown

The Scrabble showdown was intense! After Ryan’s victory last time, I was determined to come out on top.

Unfortunately Ryan once again captured a win with a three letter word worth 34 points: irk. I was not a happy camper.

Upon his win, Ryan immediately hopped on his lap top and visited YouTube to blair the following songs in our apartment while he did a little victory dance:

Please excuse me while I go smack him… 😉

On a side note, if you’re looking for a good laugh, go to YouTube and look up videos of the Chipmunks singing virtually any song. It’s hysterical.


Ryan discovered this little gem when he was looking for his victory song. 🙂

Autumn Lunch

I’m glad to know that pumpkin still holds a place in many of your hearts. For those of you sick of pumpkin at the moment, please forgive the following post.

I opened up a can of pumpkin for my breakfast this morning and used the orange goodness in my lunch today as well. Double pumpkin post!

Pumpkin Apple Yogurt Bowl

My lunch was more like a breakfast. I usually like savory foods around lunchtime, but big bowl of pumpkin yogurt sounded great to me today.

I made my pumpkin yogurt bowl with a cup of Chobani Greek yogurt, pumpkin, sweetener and cinnamon. I added a crisp apple, another autumn favorite, to the mix and stirred everything together.

Autumn Lunch

The changing seasons often make me crave different foods, but I can’t neglect my favorite foods throughout the year. 🙂

What is your favorite season for yummy food?

I think my choice will be a popular one: I love summer! Fresh fruit galore!

Sooo Last Season

I know pumpkin is sooo last season, but, as Cher from Clueless would say… “Whatever!”

Pumpkin was the star of the morning in my big bowl of pumpkin oats.

Pumpkin Oats

Are you still enjoying pumpkin, or did you retire it after Thanksgiving?

Along with the pumpkin, I added 3/4 scoop of All the Whey cinnamon protein powder to my oats for added sweetness and protein.

I also sipped on a hot mug of sugar cookie tea. This breakfast warmed me right up after a chilly morning walk with Sadie.

Tuesday's Breakfast


I didn’t feel like putting myself through a decent workout today so I figured I’d let someone else do it for me! After a 10 minute warm up on the elliptical, I took the 6 a.m. spinning class at my gym.

The music was jammin’ today! The Blinded by the Light techno remix always gets me pumped up so I was thrilled when that song came blarin’ through the speakers. Music does so much for me in terms of motivating me to step it up a notch.

Free Einstein Bros. Bagel + Schmear

Because I don’t believe in low carb living, here’s a coupon for a free Einstein Bros. bagel with schmear (aka cream cheese), valid through Sunday. YUM.

Yummy Bagel