Typical Sunday

When I have absolutely nothing on my agenda, a typical Sunday for me includes the following:

  • Big, hot breakfast
  • Clean the apartment
  • Laundry
  • Errands
  • Walk or dog park with Ryan and Sadie
  • Grocery store
  • Dinner that takes more time than usual

Today I’ve already done most of the things on the above list!

What do you typically do on a Sunday when you have no other plans?

The day started with a big hot breakfast, perfect for a lazy Sunday.

Sunday Breakfast

I gobbled up everything on my plate… dippy eggs, Canadian bacon, sautéed portobello mushrooms and a toasted sweet wheat bagel.

When Ryan headed off to soccer practice, I ran to TJMaxx and left with these:

Peanut Butter-Filled Pretzel Nuggets

Peanut butter filled anything always catches my eye. 😉

I ate several handfuls of these in the car before arriving home to take Sadie on a walk. Even though it’s in the 40s in Orlando today, it doesn’t feel too bad outside because the sun is shining brightly.

After our walk I enjoyed a filling lunch. Yesterday Ryan and I made spaghetti squash and the leftovers made a perfect lunch for me today!

Spaghetti Squash

Topped with Veggies

I Love Parm!

All Stirred Up

Before I sat down to enjoy my lunch, Ryan arrived home with a strawberry milkshake and let me enjoy several big swigs.

I’m now cuddled up on the couch with Ryan and Miss Sadie watching The Office. We are going to hit up the grocery store soon because I have a tasty-lookin’ recipe for a health shepherd’s pie I want to make for dinner this evening and I need some random ingredients. Yum!

P.S. I’m so glad you guys are in for a dessert-only wedding. I think this idea could really take off… 😉

It’s a Nice Day for a (Black and) White Wedding

Remember that song by Billy Idol? 😀 Well it was a nice day for a wedding, but it was a cold day!

Ashley and Matthew’s wedding last night was a black and white affair. They requested that the guests wear all black, so Ryan and I obliged, though my dress was covered by a not-so-cute back cardigan most of the night because it was so stinkin’ cold!

Me and My Date

The wedding was at the City Arts Factory in downtown Orlando and was the definition of a beautiful winter wedding.

When we arrived we walked up a decorated staircase into a large loft for the ceremony.

Black and White Entrance

We chatted with some of the people I used to work with at the Orlando Museum of Art for about 10 minutes before the ceremony began.

The Ceremony

Matthew’s face when Ashley walked down the aisle was wonderful to watch. Matt’s the lead singer/guitarist for the heavy metal band Trivium, so seeing him moved by the ceremony and his future wife was especially romantic. Later in the evening he said that when he saw Ashley walking down the aisle, that was the moment when all his nerves went away and he knew everything was right. So sweet!

Ashley Walking Down the Aisle

Ashley looked stunning and definitely added her own personal touch to the wedding. She wore an amazing handmade hat throughout the evening which suited her perfectly.

The Bride and Groom

After the ceremony we went downstairs for a cocktail hour when the ceremony site was flipped into the reception room.

I enjoyed several glasses of Reisling (gotta love wine that tastes like juice!) and a bunch of appetizers. Appetizer favorites were the spinach artichoke dip and the shrimp skewers wrapped in sugar snap peas that were passed around.

Appetizer Table

Enjoying Cocktail Hour

We were then ushered back upstairs for the reception. A delicious buffet of yummy smelling food awaited us.

We hit up the bar one more time and took photos with friends in a photo booth (so fun!) to wait for the food line to die down before filling our dinner plates.

My Plate

I filled my plate with lots of veggies, a small taste of the chicken dish and several thin slices of top round beef. I ate every last bite!

Ryan and I enjoyed dinner time and had fun catching up with our friends Ryan and Ken.

Ken and Ryan

Ryan and Me

As favors for the guests, Ashley and Matt had a neat candy bar set up where guests could fill up a mini to-go container with candies. Ryan and I filled our up and ate it all before we even left! I was addicted to the snow caps and Twizzlers. All the candy was black, white and red which looked really neat.

I really want to do a cookie bar at our wedding. Ryan and I both have a big sweet tooth and love homemade cookies. I think it would be really neat to use family recipes and have little tags on the cookie bins noting that these cookies are “Mimi’s homemade sugar cookies” to add a personal touch.

Here’s a picture (courtsey of Miss Martha) of what I’m thinking:

Cookie Bar

As if our sugar high from the candy bar wasn’t enough, Ryan and I made sure to indulge in wedding cake.

The cake was so elegant.

The Cake

Top Tier

Ashley and Matt were so cute during the cake cutting. No cake was smooshed into anyone’s face. 🙂

If you are married, did you smash cake into your spouse’s face at your wedding?

Cake Cutting

The main wedding cake was chocolate mocha which was delicious! They also had mini cakes on many of the reception tables with chocolate, vanilla and carrot cake flavors.

I ate a thick piece of carrot cake and sampled the others. The carrot cake was my favorite, followed by the chocolate mocha.

Carrot Cake

I love wedding cake! In the future I think I should skip dinner at weddings and eat seven pieces of wedding cake. That’s all I really want anyway.

Maybe we’ll do that at our wedding… no dinner… only dessert. Sounds good to me! 😉

Can you imagine this wedding menu:


Small brownie bites


A bed of chocolate chip cookie cake served with crumbled cookies pieces and a hot fudge sauce dressing


Ice cream sundae, topped with whipped cream, chocolate and caramel sauce, garnished with candied pecans and a cherry


Funfetti wedding cake

If I ever saw this menu at a wedding I would think I had just died and gone to heaven!


I don’t have too many things on my to do list today which feels great! I want to clean up the apartment, run a couple errands and plan out some yummy dinners for this week.

I am taking the day off from the gym because I know a day of rest is important…however, I feel pretty energetic so I may attend a yoga class to release some energy. I hate stretching  and always feel so antsy in yoga classes, but I want to improve. We’ll see!

Time for breakfast!