Making Watermelon MORE Refreshing

The salad that Ryan and I enjoyed during the Greek cooking class we took at Whole Foods on Friday night has stayed with me.

Though I loved all of the flavors in the salad (feta cheese, mmm, olives, mmm), the flavor combination that really stuck with me was the watermelon and mint duo.

Watermelon is already quite refreshing on its own, but when paired with fresh mint leaves, it reaches a whole new level of refreshment.

Watermelon + Mint

I enjoyed a big bowl of cubed watermelon with fresh mint leaves during lunch today and the combination of the two flavors was just as fantastic as I remembered.

Just to keep you guessing, I included some other totally random foods in my midday meal.

Along with the watermelon, I also had a bowl of lobster-flavored imitation crab meat and a cup of Greek yogurt.


I think Sadie wanted in on that fakie lobster meat.

Crab? Lobster? Fish? Delish!

The Spread

I also enjoyed this monster of a cookie that was leftover from my bridal shower.

Cookie Monster

Yum. Update

As some of you may have noticed, my blog, which is normally located at, is in the process of changing hosts. While undergoing this transition, I’ll be posting here at, but should be back up and operational this evening! 🙂

25 Responses

  1. I love the watermelon + mint combo. But girl… I can’t hang with imitation crab…lol.

  2. watermelon and mint sounds amazing! although i have to say i think i’d like it in juice form instead 🙂

  3. That combo does sound refreshing!

    And a leftover cookie sounds like my kind of leftovers. 😉

  4. Strawberries with mint is also a great combo!

  5. I have been making that watermelon, mint and feta salad for a while! Paula Dean has a surprisingly healthy recipe consisting of those ingredients and a few more!

    Also, the other day I tried making what I called a watermelon mojito salad, which was just like yours but I squeezed lime over it!

  6. I would have never thought to put mint and watermelon together, but it sounds delicious!

    Also, I love imitation crab or lobster meat. A lot of people don’t like it because of the texture, but I love the texture! MMM!

  7. What a refershing summery meal. Love the mint/watermelon tastes lovely in fruit salads too!

  8. I don’t think i’ve tried the watermelon mint combo! Sounds yummy though.

    That cookie is so cute!

  9. Love the watermelon and mint. But Imitation Lobster? My Uncle was a Lobster fisherman that’s a BIG no-no in my family! Go for the real stuff it tastes a million times better!

  10. I LOVE watermelon, and I especially enjoy it with mint and basil. Those are two of my favorites. It is 80 and sunny today in San Francisco and a big bowl of watermelon sounds amazing! Also, I’ve never had imitation lobster. Does it taste even remotely like real lobster?

  11. I never tried watermelon mint combo, but I suppose it’s awesome!
    Love the cookie 🙂

  12. I tried the watermelon and mint combo for the first time this summer and I LOVED it!

    I don’t hate on your imitation crab. I have it too occasionally and it’s definitely not like the real thing but it’s still good!

  13. yum i really want to try out watermelon and mint! and you have me craving crab now

  14. I love the watermelon and mint combo. Lime tastes really good on watermelon too!

  15. Can’t wait for the blog to come back on my Google reader!! I miss seeing it there 😀

  16. I love watermelon and mint. And with feta it’s surprisingly good.

  17. Mmm watermelon and mint salad! Sounds very refreshing! =)

  18. That watermelon and mint combo is one I have not yet seems like it would be an awesome combo.

  19. what makes that EVEN better (I know, HOW is that possible) is fresh feta and balsamic glaze…omg heaveeeennnn

    I ❤ fresh herbs!

  20. Not sure how I feel about the imitation lobster/crab, but love that watermelon is still making an appearance in late september! I’ve been jonesing for a watermelon and feta salad! Mint would be the perfect addition!

  21. Cookie leftovers are the best kind of leftovers 🙂

  22. watermelon & mint sounds wonderful!

  23. Ugh oh, I can’t see your new post from tonight. Maybe it has something to do with the host?

  24. Watermelon and mint sounds so refreshing!

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