You’re So Wise

You guys are some smart cookies.

You’re right… I am baby number two. Apparently I still have the same squinty-eyed smile. 😉


Hallelujah for Monday.

Though I love the weekend, I think my body craves the normalcy of weekday eating.

On the weekends, I still try to eat healthy, but inevitably more treats pop up and I’m not one to turn away chocolate brownie cake,  chocolate marshmallow ice cream or movie theater popcorn (all of which I consumed this weekend).

Sunday Night Popcorn at the Movies

Even though sweets taste good, I don’t feel as energetic when I consume a plethora of sugary baked goods or endless amounts of chips and dip. My body feels better and runs more efficiently when it’s fueled with fresh fruits and veggies and whole grains.

Today I waved good-bye to the weekend treats and started my morning off on the right foot with a yogurt bowl.

Yogurt Bowl

I included freshly sliced strawberries and banana puff cereal in the yogurt bowl for added color and crunch.

On the side I had a large banana and an Adora chocolate calcium disk.

Banana + Adora Calcium Disk

I have been looking for the Adora calcium disks forever! Though I love my Viactiv chews, I read about the Adora disks and really wanted to try them because who wouldn’t love eating a calcium supplement that’s simply a piece of chocolate?

I found the disks in the gourmet food aisle of T.J.Maxx this weekend and picked up a pack to try.

The verdict? So good! They tasted like real chocolate. Rich, creamy and delicious.


With my breakfast, I also sipped on a hot tumbler of Bigelow peppermint tea.

I think my body will feel a little more satisfied after eating this breakfast than the cinnamon rolls I made on Friday morning. 😀

Catching Up?

If you’re a bad blog reader over the weekend like me, here are some things you may have missed:

Question of the Day

Does your body feel different depending on the foods you eat?

24 Responses

  1. definitely feel better when I eat healthier! And my skin always looks brighter too!

  2. I always feel yucky if I eat high carb/fat junk, etc. I feel so much better if I eat better!

  3. Oh my goodness, my body feels SO different. After only about a day of eating high fat or greasy foods, I feel really gross and sluggish.

    Happy Monday!

  4. Love Adora calcium disks- I know the WF near me carries them! I always feel better when I eat good foods. Sugar doesn’t affect me nearly as much as greasy foods do, but neither of them compare to how good I feel on a clean, high-produce diet!

  5. I can definitely tell the difference when I’m eating foods that are not exactly “healthy”. This weekend is a perfect example – while I didn’t “overdo” it, my food options were definitely heavier & more calorie dense than my normal weekday meals.
    But then again, I certainly did enjoy every bite of baked ziti, and peanut butter cup cookies 😛

  6. Yes, my body always feels different when I eat something not part of my healthy assortment. I always feel like crap and regret it! I’m so glad it doesn’t happen very often though.

  7. Oh my body definitely suffers from a few days of bad eats. After my baking extravaganza, I was suffering from sugar hangover. I’m slowly coming out of it now!

  8. Yes, I completely feel different. I’m still learning to balance–like you do!–and not turn a few delicious indulgences into license to eat like crazy. I am SOOO happy to be back to Monday enjoying a green monster and looking forward to a salad!! thanks for your blog! 🙂

  9. Yes yes yes! I feel way better when I eat healthier. Not to say I don’t enjoy the treats, but too much sugar and I feel swollen and sleepy. I’m with you on the weekday eats vs. weekend. I try to keep it healthy on the weekend but am more likely to indulge. Back to normal Monday-Friday.

  10. I’ve been meaning to buy the Adora discs forever! I think you just convinced me to hunt them down :0)

  11. I definately feel a whole lot better when I eat healthier foods. More energy, less bloated and just better!

  12. I can feel the difference almost instantly when i eat sugary/processed things. Within 10 minutes i get this sluggish, sleepy feeling. Which eventually follows by a sorta naseaus feeling and a headache.. Yet i still enjoy treats! LOL!

  13. I wish I could find those adora disks!!!
    And yes, I feel SO much better when I eat healthy! But I’m not one to turn away a treat now and then..

  14. My body definitely feels different. I always tend to indulge a bit more on weekends as well, but naturally crave the healthier stuff after a couple days. I actually have a post in mind on that coming up!

  15. I’m really sensitive to what kind of food I eat! If I eat a mostly vegetable and whole grain meal, I’m so light and full of energy. If I eat something refined-carb or sugar heavy, I’ll get a high then totally crash and fall asleep. I hate it!

  16. For sure…my body definitely tells me when I’ve put too much of 1 thing in my body. Sometimes I swear I can feel unwanted food in my intestines, hehe.

  17. i’m so bad on the weekends too, but i have to be to enjoy life!! id’ go crazy if i didn’t indulge somewhere!

  18. I am curious, what type of yogurt do you usually eat?

    • greek yogurt all the way! i usually eat chobani b/c it’s the cheapest & is still really thick and creamy.

      • thanks! ive never tried that!…usually i eat safeway brand fat free yogurt but the more i eat it, the more i taste the horrible fake sweetness of it. have you ever tried making the greek yogurt flavored vanilla yourself? or do you go for the plain? i was thinking about adding vanilla extract to it but wasnt sure if that would taste good or not!

        • no, actually i haven’t! i’ve added honey & sugar-free instant pudding mix though & both were tasty! i bet the vanilla extract would be delicious!

  19. it DEFINITELY feels much better when i eat well…i’ve noticed a massive difference in energy levels from when i start a day with a GM versus when i eat something else. crazy!

  20. I like getting back to my week day eating routine too, but sometimes it takes my tummy a little time to catch up with the not eating whenever you’re hungry plan.

  21. There is definitely a difference in the way my body feels based on what I eat. Most noticibly is the discomfort of eating too much or too little. But lately I’ve realized how much better I feel by steering clear of animal dairy products.

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