A Day on the Water

Today was the perfect day for a boat ride!

Boat Day!

Warm Water, Blue Skies

We spent several hours crusin’ around the Gulf.

We also had a little stowaway on board!

Me and Shark Bait

Sadie loves the boat! We think she thinks she’s the skipper because she likes to be up front where she can feel the breeze.

When she’s not guiding the boat, she prefers to spend her time on our laps.

Leslie and Sadie

Me and the Love Machine

Sadie and Her Favorite Aunt

Pretty Girls

The weather was really warm and luckily the Gulf was a perfect 84 degrees which made swimming extra enjoyable!

Even Sadie got in on the action… in her life jacket of course. Safety first!

Safety Girl Sadie

My dad did a great job as captain and took us all over the place.

Captain Bob

Captain and First Mate

On our boat ride we saw some very active dolphins. One even lept far enought out of the water that we could see its entire body. It was really neat!


Eventually the sun started taking its toll on us and we headed home for a late lunch.

While on the boat we snacked on pretzels, sugar snap peas and apples, but we were ready for something more substantial.

BBQ Chicken

While my mom made BBQ chicken, I ate a bunch of chips and guacamole. I was practically full by the time I sat down to lunch. :/

Still, that didn’t stop me from having a slice of the peach coffee cake for dessert.

Peach Cake



After lunch, my mom, sister and I headed to the grocery store and Old Navy where they were having a $1 flip flop sale.

I wanted to pick up a bunch of flip flops to place in a basket at my wedding as “dancing shoes” for the women who wear heels and want to slip into something more comfortable at our reception. Unfortunately they were completely sold out of all their flip flops! Apparently Floridians like their flops!

When we got home, we took a sunset boat ride. Now we’re about to sit down to a late dinner.

I leave you with this hysterical picture of Sadie on the boat today:

"I'm Dyyyying"

Doesn’t she look like she was poisoned or something??? She’s so dramatic. 😉

I’m off to spend more quality time with the fam! We’re going to watch It’s Complicated tonight. I hope it’s a good one. We really enjoyed The Blind Side last night, so I hope we get lucky again!

Question of the Evening

Do you prefer lakes or oceans?

Peachy Keen

Today began with peach coffee cake and a peachy keen workout!

As usual, my dad and I were awake a good hour or two before the rest of the gang.

While my dad looked up the marine forecast in preparation for a day on the boat, I got to work in the kitchen.

I am a huge fan of coffee cake, but don’t eat it all that often because I never think to make it and don’t buy an entire coffee cake for just me and Ryan to share. This morning, coffee cake sounded like a delicious start to the weekend.

I found this recipe that called for making coffee cake using spice cake mix and apple pie filling. Unfortunately we didn’t have the apple pie filling, so I altered the recipe to use yellow cake mix and peach pie filling.

Peach Coffee Cake

Moist 'n' Tasty

Piece of Cake

The coffee cake was really good, but didn’t really remind me of real coffee cake with streusel and crumb topping. I think I would call the cake a peach bundt cake rather than a coffee cake.


My dad and I were also able to get a quick workout in before everyone was up.

I did a total-body weights routine after completing 10 minutes of cardio on the stairmaster.

I concluded my workout with 10 minutes of running on the treadmill while I waited for my dad to finish up.

Today’s Plans

Today we’re heading out on the boat for some fun in the sun! I can’t wait to get out on the water. The ocean is warm enough for a swim and I’m anxious to feel the salt water on my skin!

Hope you’re enjoying your Saturday!

Little Treasures

Weekends at my parents’ house are so fun. They’re always filled with activity, food, laughter and quality family time. 

Another benefit? I sometimes get a chance to sort through old stuff and stumble upon little treasures like this picture of me and Ryan, taken during our third month of dating. 

Two Blondes

Can you believe Ryan’s hair!? He was a blonde boy when I met him! 

Before settling on his current ‘do, Ryan also rocked the spikey/gel look. 


I’ve  loved him through all of his hair transformations but I think his low maintenence look right now fits his laid-back personality the best. 

I spent quite a lot of time looking through boxes of old pictures, dating all the way back to junior high! I think I asked myself “what was I thinking!?” about a million times. 😉 


For dinner tonight, my family and I headed out to a nearby Thai restaurant for some grub. 

My mom and I both ordered soups to start, and I selected the vegetable tofu. 

Veggie Tofu Soup


As an entree, my dad shared his large plate of fried tofu, veggies and rice. 

Veggie Platter

Everything was very good! 

When we came home, I made dessert (vanilla dream pie) which we ate in no time at all while curled up on the couch watching The Blind Side. 

It was my first time seeing the movie, and I really enjoyed it. The story was inspiring and Sandra Bullock was perfect in her role. 

Now, my friends, I am one sleepy lil’ blogger… Off to bed!