Bonding with Bondi

Check out what I got in the mail yesterday!

Bondi Band!

I was the lucky winner of a Bondi Band through a giveaway on Shelby’s blog and couldn’t wait to slip this bad boy on.

I wore it throughout the night last night, feeling a lot like Brett Michaels.

Totally Agree Brett, Every Rose Has Its Thorn...

Apparently I need to work on my hard-core rocker face. 😉

Two things crossed my mind as I wore my new Bondi Band to the gym this morning:

  1. Wow, that’s a lot of face
  2. I wish I had one of these when I was training for the Chicago Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon

This headband is no joke! I wore it to the gym this morning and it kept all of the hair out of my face without slipping off or feeling too tight and uncomfortable.

It made it through 30 minutes on the elliptical and a power yoga class with ease. Thank you, Shelby!


Breakfast was a tribute to my love of cold oatmeal!


I made a yogurt bowl using a cup of Greek yogurt, 1/2 cup of cold oatmeal, a sliced peach and several dashes of pumpkin pie spice.

Oats + Yog + Peaches + Pumpkin Pie Spice

Fruity Oatty Yogurt Bowl

The combination was super tasty thanks to the cold oats.  They added a touch of whole grain goodness to the bowl.

Cold Oatmeal is GOOD


Aaand it’s back to the grind. Work, work, work. 😀

Oh Look, We’re Matching!

When I headed off to college, I planned on becoming a teacher.

ABC... Easy as 1, 2, 3

During my senior year of high school I immersed myself in childhood education courses and took a child development class which I absolutely loved. In the class, each high school student was assigned a preschooler to work with throughout the semester.

According to a temperament theory based on a study conducted in the 1950s, my preschooler, Max (who I adored), fell into the “slow to warm up” category of temperaments. He was shy and tended to withdraw from social situations with other kids.

He became quite attached to me, but had a hard time coming out of his shell around others. One way I could get him to approach other children was to point out similarities he shared with them.

“Oh look! Jason is wearing a yellow shirt just like you!”

Max would get so excited and would muster up the courage to tell Jason about the awesome thing they had in common.

I think this experience really stuck with me because I still point out obvious similarities in my day-to-day life. If two people come to work and they’re both wearing a red shirt and jeans, I feel the need to point it out to them.

Today I was quite matchy-matchy myself… with my coffee tumbler. 😀

We Match!

Though my drink and I were a match made in heaven this morning, my breakfast failed to include the color coral and didn’t really mesh with my ensemble.


Today my morning meal was a fast favorite.

Monday Morning Breakfast

I made myself a yogurt bowl with Greek yogurt,  fresh blueberries and Gerber Graduates banana puffs because I’m a kid at heart. 😉

Banana Puffs

Little Darlin', Stir it Up

Just a Spoonful of Yogurt Mush Helps the Medicine Go Down...

Fast. Simple. Satisfying.

That’s how I roll.

Please Help!!!

Do any of you out there know how to publish photos with captions through Windows Live Writer??? I can’t figure it out for the life of me! (Clearly this post was not published through WLW because my photos have captions. I need my captions!)

Question of the Morning

Did you ever change your major in college?

I changed my major a couple of times.

Education –> Psychology –> Advertising & Public Relations

Houston, We Have a Problem

…A peanut butter finger problem.

This morning after I came home from my walk with Sadie, I was cravin’ peanut butter like nobody’s business.

Naturally, I popped open a jar of the good stuff and helped myself to a peanut butter finger.

Step One

Step Two (Three, Four, Five...)

Now when I say I helped myself to a peanut butter finger, I clearly mean five peanut butter fingers. 😉 That’s just how I roll.

I made sure to share some of the peanut butter with Sadie (she’s a pb fiend like her mama), which put her in quite the peanut butter trance.

"Mmmm. Peanut butterrrrr."

She snapped out of her peanut butter daze when she heard the pop of a cup of yogurt being opened in the kitchen.

Though calorie-wise, five peanut butter fingers probably add up to a significant breakfast, I knew I wouldn’t feel satisfied if I didn’t make myself a real breakfast.

I got to work preparing a simple yogurt bowl, topped with a sliced nectarine, strawberries, raspberries and blueberries.

Yogurt + Summer Fruit

On the side I enjoyed a ‘naner. (How many of your just groaned when you read that? Cutsie food names = Pretty darn annoying… but sometimes I just can’t help myself. 😉 )

Hump Day Breakfast

Question of the Morning

What food can you not seem to stop eating once you’ve started?

I have several:

You’re So Wise

You guys are some smart cookies.

You’re right… I am baby number two. Apparently I still have the same squinty-eyed smile. 😉


Hallelujah for Monday.

Though I love the weekend, I think my body craves the normalcy of weekday eating.

On the weekends, I still try to eat healthy, but inevitably more treats pop up and I’m not one to turn away chocolate brownie cake,  chocolate marshmallow ice cream or movie theater popcorn (all of which I consumed this weekend).

Sunday Night Popcorn at the Movies

Even though sweets taste good, I don’t feel as energetic when I consume a plethora of sugary baked goods or endless amounts of chips and dip. My body feels better and runs more efficiently when it’s fueled with fresh fruits and veggies and whole grains.

Today I waved good-bye to the weekend treats and started my morning off on the right foot with a yogurt bowl.

Yogurt Bowl

I included freshly sliced strawberries and banana puff cereal in the yogurt bowl for added color and crunch.

On the side I had a large banana and an Adora chocolate calcium disk.

Banana + Adora Calcium Disk

I have been looking for the Adora calcium disks forever! Though I love my Viactiv chews, I read about the Adora disks and really wanted to try them because who wouldn’t love eating a calcium supplement that’s simply a piece of chocolate?

I found the disks in the gourmet food aisle of T.J.Maxx this weekend and picked up a pack to try.

The verdict? So good! They tasted like real chocolate. Rich, creamy and delicious.


With my breakfast, I also sipped on a hot tumbler of Bigelow peppermint tea.

I think my body will feel a little more satisfied after eating this breakfast than the cinnamon rolls I made on Friday morning. 😀

Catching Up?

If you’re a bad blog reader over the weekend like me, here are some things you may have missed:

Question of the Day

Does your body feel different depending on the foods you eat?