There and Back, There and Back

Today has been marked by many different trips to and from our hotel room.

There and back, there and back!


Our first adventure lead us downstairs for the complimentary breakfast offered by our hotel.

Let me just say there were sliiiim pickings. ūüėČ

Apple Oatmeal

Thankfully they had some oatmeal on hand (I got the last bowl), so I sliced up an apple, added a bit of honey and made myself apple oats.

I ate the rest of the apple and a small muffin on the side.


Cheesy Muffin

While we sat around after eating, I also nibbled on a small bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios.

Honey Nut Cheerios

First Errand

Our first trip away from the hotel lead me and my sister to a bridal shop about 10 minutes away.

Bridesmaid Dresses

Unfortunately they didn’t have the dress I wanted to see in stock, but my sister was a good sport and tried on a couple of dresses just for fun.

I thought a long, yellow dress looked especially pretty on her. Very How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days. ūüėÄ

My Model

We didn’t see anything that really called to us and headed home.

I think our visit to that bridal shop reaffirmed my love for the bridesmaid dress¬†I found with my mom and sister back in April. I’m thinkin’ that’ll be the one! ūüėÄ


We headed back to the hotel room for a quick lunch of ravioli with marinara and Parmesan cheese.


The Buitoni all-natural marinara sauce we used was really tasty! It tasted like homemade pasta sauce and we all practically licked out bowls clean.

For dessert I had a chocolate Jello mousse cup.

Jello Mousse Cup

These things are seriously rich and taste way more legit than a snack pack.

Errand Number Two

Our second errand took us to a print shop where we attempted to have my save the dates printed off. Apparently they couldn’t print on paper that wasn’t the standard 8 1/2 x 11 size, so we headed to another place.

Unfortunately our luck didn’t get much better. When we saw the proof, there was a big line from the printer cross the middle of the save the date. Needless to say, we high-tailed it outta there!

After stopping at the grocery store to get some items for my mom and some snacks, we returned to the room to enjoy some  freshly sliced watermelon.

Slicin' the Melon

Check out all the pretty flowers my mama got! ūüėÄ

Don’t flowers just make you want to smile?

Today my sister and I were talking about how happy it makes us when we see a man buying flowers. We know he’s about to make someone’s day a little brighter! We saw quite a few guys buying flowers today and I’m sure there will be some happy moms tomorrow. ūüôā

What are  your favorite kind of flowers?

Julie in Jax

Hellooooo Jacksonville! 



When I got off work yesterday, I hopped in the car and drove straight to Jacksonville to meet up with my family for the weekend. 

As you may know, my mom had surgery at the MayoClinic on Tuesday and my family booked a hotel room through the weekend, assuming she would be in the hospital for several days following her surgery. 

However,¬†yesterday we got some good news! My mom was discharged early from the hospital. ūüėÄ She will be staying with us in a hotel near the hospital rather than in a room at the MayoClinic.¬†

She looks fantastic considering she just underwent a pretty intense surgery. Though she is out of the hospital, we’re going to be taking it easy this weekend since she’s not exactly in “top form” at the moment.¬†


When I arrived in Jacksonville, I was hungry! Luckily, my mom had some snacks to nibble on in the hotel room and I calmed my tummy with Animal Crackers (I love those things) and some grapes. 

After catching up for a bit, my sister and I headed out to pick up some food to bring back to our room. 

We were determined to order dinner from a traditional Jacksonville joint, not a chain restaurant that we could try anywhere. When we saw the Landshark Cafe, it appeared to be exactly what we were looking for. 

We headed in, sat up at the bar and perused the menu. We both really liked the feel of the place and it was definitely unique to Jax. 

Leslie and I decided to order the grilled fish tacos, which were really tasty. 

Fish Tacos

Dos Tacos

I also had a side salad with citrus¬†balsamic dressing and shared my mom’s sweet potato fries. Sweet potato fries are¬†flippin’ awesome.¬†

After dinner, I had more Animal Crackers for dessert and used some, along with a hefty squirt of whipped cream, to spruce up a caramel Jello mousse cup. 

Jello Mousse + Whipped Cream + Animal Crackers


I’m about to head downstairs to enjoy the hotel’s free breakfast before heading out to make one last attempt at finding the prefect bridesmaid dress.¬†

Though I absolutely love the bridesmaid dress I found with my mom and sister back in April, I want to check out one more store that carries Liz Fields bridesmaid dresses (and hopefully this dress) to see if I can find something cute and a little less expensive.See ya a little later!