Cold Plate

Tonight’s dinner was a cold plate!

I am usually the queen of hot dinners. They seem more comforting, satisfying and substantial.

Tonight, however, I kept things on the cooler side with a chilled plate of BBQ chicken salad and freshly sliced green and red peppers.

BBQ Chicken Salad

Fresh Peppers

I was inspired to include the freshly sliced peppers in my dinner after talking to my sister (remember the one who was confused as to what to eat now that she’s on her own for the first time?). When she mentioned that she included slices of green pepper in her lunch today, I knew I wanted to include them in my dinner.

Cold Plate

My BBQ chicken salad contained:

  • 3 oz. shredded chicken breasts
  • 2 tbsp. BBQ sauce
  • 1 tbsp. light Miracle Whip
  • Sweet corn
  • Chopped celery


When Ryan and I stopped by the grocery store after work today, something sweet caught my eye.

Marble Cake

I nabbed a piece of marble cake from the Publix Bakery which was the perfect conclusion to my yummy dinner.

I enjoyed my cake while Ryan and our friend Ross downed bowls of Jello Oreo pudding.

Ross & Ryan

Ross isn’t our only visitor of the evening…

Miss Kona

Hi Kona!

The last time we saw Kona was at our UCF bowl game party in December. Look how teeny she was!

Now I’m off to watch the Magic game with the boys and the girls (Sadie + Kona). They’re up 10 to 9 right now… Let’s keep it up! 😀

Ravioli Obsession Explained

My obsession with ravioli: Are you sick of it yet?

Ravioli Sandwich

I don’t know what it is that I love so much about those lil’ pasta squares stuffed with all different kinds of goodness.

Today I had a ravioli sandwich, made on a whole wheat Nature’s Own sandwich round with the leftover ravioli from Sunday night’s dinner and a Laughing Cow light original Swiss cheese wedge.

Lunch Time!

On the side I enjoyed steamed broccoli, sprinkled with garlic salt.


Dessert was a cup of Mott’s natural applesauce.


I love when my lunch includes whole grains, veggies and fruit. The trifecta! 😉

A Deeper Look into My Ravioli Obsession

I know my obsession with ravioli may seem a little strange, but to be honest, it’s something I’m a little proud of because it took me a while to feel comfortable eating certain foods, especially those rich in carbohydrates.

When I first graduated college and entered the “real world,” I had the desire to eat healthy, mainly because I did not want to gain weight. I thought that avoiding carb-heavy foods like pasta and bread was the best way to prevent unwanted gains.

Now, my mindset has changed. I eat healthy for my health (imagine that!), not for my weight.

I eat carbs like there’s no tomorrow and I love every doughy bite. With my new approach, my weight has not increased. Eating foods rich in whole grains, like whole wheat pasta, honey wheat bread, barley, and oatmeal in place of Lean Cuisines and Lean Pockets did not cause me to gain weight.

When I started eating for my health, and began incorporating healthy carbohydrates, more fruits and vegetables and healthy fats into my daily diet, I actually unintentionally dropped a couple of pounds. I must say losing weight was not my goal when I began waving goodbye to packaged so-called “health food” and began welcoming fresh produce and whole grains into my diet. I wanted to fuel my body with real food and feel happy eating all different kinds of foods… carbs, fats, and more!

In my opinion, no food should be completely off limits. Sure, some foods should be reserved for a special treat every now and then, but banished forever? Nah.

So, while my obsession with ravioli may seem a little odd on the surface, know that with each bite of a cheese-filled pasta poof, I’m waving goodbye to my old, misguided mindset.

Question of the Afternoon

Have you ever viewed certain foods or food groups as “off limits?”

Another Protein Pancake Success

I love protein pancakes and have enjoyed several different variations of the protein-packed breakfast cakes, which I have featured on this blog:

Today’s breakfast was very similar to the chocolate protein pancakes I’ve made before, but I changed the recipe up a bit, and thankfully it worked!

Today my recipe included:


I blended everything together with an immersion blender until the batter was smooth and thick.

I sprayed my hot griddle with cooking spray and held my breath as the pancakes cooked, hoping that the batter would turn into legitimate pancakes, and not prove too goopy or soft.

Thankfully after about four minutes, I had chocolate protein pancakes that tasted light and sweet.

Chocolate Ricotta Protein Pancakes

I topped the ‘cakes with a sliced frozen banana and syrup before demolishing them in a most ladylike way. 😉

Banana + Syrup

Gooey Goodness

I enjoyed the chocolate ricotta protein pancakes with a tumbler full of my gym’s free Barnie’s cinnamon butter cookie coffee.

Tuesday's Breakfast

(Thanks to my sister for my new tumbler! I love it!!! 😀 )

This breakfast was a hit after a sch-weaty workout at the gym this morning.


My workout was another cardio hodgepodge:

  • 15 min. arc trainer
  • 15 min. adaptive motion trainer
  • 20 min. elliptical

I’m getting a little bored of my cardio workouts, even when I change them up and add in circuits or outdoor runs.

I start training for the Chicago Rock ‘n’ Roll half marathon in June and I think that will help me feel like I have something to work toward. Plus, I’m looking forward to running with two of my girlfriends as we train together which should make things more fun!

Question of the Day

What do you do when you start to get bored of your workout routine?