Packing = Pizza

Throughout the next two weekends Ryan and I will be inundated with packing and moving!

The fun began earlier this week as we started putting all of our pictures, books, decorations, clothing, kitchen supplies and more into many, many boxes in preparation for our move into a new apartment at the end of the month.

Packing Up

We’re fortunate that our new landlord is awesome and gave us the keys to our new place ahead of time, so we can move at our own pace over the next week and a half.

Tonight we’ve been packing and sorting through all of our stuff, so I suggested ordering a pizza for dinner as a little reward for all of our hard work.

We previously enjoyed the $10 large thin crust veggie pizza from Pizza Hut, so we thought we’d see how Papa John’s $10 version of the same pizza stacked up.

We ordered a large Papa John’s garden fresh veggie thin crust pizza with light cheese and pepperoni and sausage on half for Ryan.

Papa John's Pizza

This pizza was 100 percent devoured within five minutes. I kid you not.

My Plate

Veggie Pizza

As if we didn’t get enough in our bellies from polishing off a large pizza between the two of us, we hopped in the car to head to McDonald’s for his and her desserts.

I opted for a vanilla soft serve cone while Ryan ordered a snack size Oreo McFlurry. (Did you know they make McFlurries in a snack size now? News to me!)

Vanilla Soft Serve

We’re off to continue packing (Jealous?). I’m also in a bit of a bakin’ mood, so I may be making yet another dessert for us to enjoy tonight… 🙂

Enjoy your Friday night!

Frozen Yogurt Friday

Check out my hot lunch date!

Yum, Yum

He’s a hungry boy!

This works out really well, because I’m a hungry girl. We’re eaters… What can we say!?

Me 'n' My Lunch

I met up with Ryan for lunch at Jimmy John’s. Whenever I ask him if he wants to meet for lunch on one of his off-Fridays, I always ask where he wants to eat.

He then asks me why I ask him this question when he knows I only want to eat at Jimmy John’s. It’s true! I never get sick of it. It’s too darn delicious!

Today I ordered a roast beef unwich with provolone cheese… which they forgot.

Cheeseless Unwich

I was horrified!

How am I supposed to enjoy a sandwich without cheese???

Okay, okay, I must admit, it was still pretty stinkin’ tasty without the cheese.

To ease my infuriation with the lack of cheese on my sandwich and the wrong bread on Ryan’s sandwich, we decided to eat our emotions and enjoy a cup of frozen yogurt. 😉

I’ve been wanting to try Mochi, a new “frozen yogurt café” in downtown Orlando, for a couple of months now, so we walked a block or so to pick up a cuppa the good stuff.

When we got there, we were told the yogurt is “self serve” and you pay by the ounce ($.45/ounce). I LOVE self serve stations. This place was right up my alley!

After sampling every flavor (yes, every flavor), we settled on a swirl of the strawberry shortcake and coconilla flavors.

Mochi Frozen Yogurt

These flavors were slightly tart and extremely creamy and delicious.

We topped our yogurt with rainbow sprinkles (because we’re 5 years old), coconut, strawberries and extra whipped cream. (And yes, coloring the word “rainbow” in rainbow colors took entirely too long.)

The only thing that is not “self serve” at Mochi is the whipped cream. In my case, this is a good thing because I have an ongoing love affair with whipped cream.

You know the whipped cream machine they have at The Cheesecake Factory? Every time we go there, Ryan and I joke about how much I would pay to stick my head under that thing. I’m thinking $50. 😀

Ryan and I both left raving about Mochi. We may even be making a return trip this evening.

I love how you can control your portions and pay by the ounce. We paid $2.60 for our cup of frozen yogurt! Sweet deal, huh? You can’t get out of Marble Slab or Coldstone Creamery for under $5, so for frugal people like us, this place is a gem.

Do you prefer ice cream or frozen yogurt?

Not So Ugly Duckling

I had company on my walk with Sadie this morning!

Ryan + Sadie + the Sun

Since Ryan has every other Friday off work, he joined me on my morning trek with the pup!

Wake Up, Orlando!

I was nice to have someone to talk to other than Sadie who typically just looks up at me with a look that says, “Could ya walk a little faster? The squirrels are getting away!”

All around the lake we walked Sadie around this morning, there are many different birds, including ducks, anhingas and even swans.

Pretty Biiiird

These birds are brave. As a puppy Sadie learned not to mess with them. They’re very comfortable around people (almost too comfortable) because people come out to the lake daily to feed them.

Even the squirrels are brave little soldiers. They will literally take a peanut right out of your hand… Not that I would ever try that myself.

I love it when baby birds start hatching around the lake and there are little ducklings, cygnets (That’s the name for a baby swan… Yeah, I Googled it) and goslings tottering around. They’re adorable and are definitely not ugly ducklings!

(Just FYI, the name for a male swan is a “cob” and a female swan is a “pen.” Stop by Peanut Butter Fingers… You just might learn something! 😉 )


After our chilly walk, I was ready for breakfast!

Last night after dinner, I made another batch of chocolate protein pancakes so I could reheat them and have breakfast in a flash this morning.

Chocolate Protein Pancakes

I topped the ‘cakes with frozen raspberries that I heated up briefly in the microwave before adding some syrup on top of everything.

Chocolate Protein Pancakes + Raspberries + Syrup


The raspberry/chocolate combination was delish.

I’m excited for lunch today because I have a lunch date planned with Ryan! Yay for day dates! 🙂

Do you eat lunch at work/home or do you go out for lunch most days?