Break for a Date

This just in: Moving is draining.

We achieved our goal for the day of moving every last thing out of our old apartment. It looks so bare!

Tomorrow we’ll follow up with the floor-to-ceiling clean. Ohhhh joy! 😀

After lots of trips to and from our old place to our new place and lots of loading and unloading the car, we were ready for a quality break from the moving madness. When Ryan suggested a date for some sushi I was more than game!

We showered up and headed downtown to Bento for dinner.

Smiling for Sushi

When we sat down, I ordered a miso soup and Ryan ordered edamame for us to share.

Miso Soup


Aside from sushi, Bento also offers amazing boba tea… Or so we’d heard. Tonight we decided to try a boba tea for ourselves!

We ordered the strawberry shortcake boba tea and oooooh wow was it delicious!

Boba Tea

Me + Tea

I loved the little tapioca balls throughout the tea. Toward the end of the drink, I had a blast trying to suck every last one up the straw. Playing with your food = a-okay! 😉

For our dinner, Ryan and I shared a couple rolls of sushi and a sweet and sour chicken noodle bowl.


Sweet & Sour Chicken

I’ve never been a big sweet and sour chicken person, but really liked this bowl! Ryan said  sweet and sour chicken is the dish he’d always order whenever his family would get Chinese. Apparently he’s quite the sweet and sour chicken connoisseur and assured me that Bento’s sweet and sour chicken bowl was legit. Yum.

My Date

It felt so good to enjoy yummy food away from an atmosphere filled with boxes!

After dinner we walked next door to Mochi, the frozen yogurt place we discovered last Friday.

I selected half taro (a sweet/tart flavor) and half chocolate soft serve with sprinkles, Reese’s peanut butter cups, coconut and Reese’s pieces.

My Dessert

I really think that I could live on soft serve if it was nutritionally balanced to do so.

What is your favorite dessert?

Ice cream, frozen yogurt and soft serve are hands down my favorite desserts (but I won’t object if you want to throw some cookies and brownies in there for “toppings” 😉 ).


Not only were the empty boxes we brought to fill up with the stuff remaining at our old apartment overflowing (We need more boxes!), but so was a toilet at our new apartment! Gaaah.

Our new landlord is amazing and got a plumber out to our place within 20 minutes. Apparently roots grew into the pipes, causing the water to get backed up and the toilet to overflow. Luckily we already moved all our towels, so we had a bunch of old towels on hand to contain the water.

The plumber arrived quickly, and our toilet is back in commission! Phew.

While the plumber was working away, Ryan and I took a break from loading and unloading the car to enjoy a yummy lunch.

Taco Meat + Cheese

I made us a big quesadilla to share using leftover taco meat from Wednesday’s dinner and mozzarella cheese.


I also enjoyed a big ol’ veggie wrap with roasted red pepper hummus, portobello mushrooms, yellow squash and broccoli.



Lunch Time

I was really hungry and we both polished off our respective lunches quickly.

We weren’t quite ready to get back to work, so we hung out in the backyard, enjoying the sun for about 45 minutes.


The mission for the rest of the day is to get every last thing out of our old place.

Where is all this stuff coming from!?!?

Rewards of Running

Before going to sleep last night, in the back of my mind I thought I’d wake up and go for a morning run with Sadie.

Going to bed with a plan for my Saturday morning workout is a tactic that really works well for me because I tend to want to lounge around on weekend mornings and put off my workout. I know I should workout right away because I always feel better when I get some exercise in first thing in the morning. 

I had a little extra motivation this morning because I was anxious to try out a new sports bra I was sent to review by Breeze Comfort. (I will post a full review soon!)  

Pink/Black Mountain View Breeze Comfort Sports Bra

Me and My Running Buddy

I promise I am in the pictures above. It might be hard to see me because of my iridescent skin.

After Ryan took these picture he said, “Wow! Am I as pale as you!?”

Grrr. I sent Sadie to attack him instantly and then turned the camera on him to show him that his skin is white as well (though not quite as white as mine, I’ll admit).

My He-Man Pale Boy

Please excuse our sleepy looking faces. It’s not natural to take pictures 10 minutes after you roll out of bed at  7 a.m. 🙂

The Run

My run with Sadie was great! It was a complete 180 from our short run together on Thursday when my legs felt like rocks.

This whole run felt like a breeze and the weather was gorgeous. We ran about 6.25 miles at a nice, easy pace.

Sadie succeeded in making me feel instantly unathletic when she grabbed a stick to run and jump around with for the first half of our fifth mile. Where does this dog get her energy!?

Once we arrived home, my tummy wanted food!

Rewards of Running

When I work out, I often think about what I want to eat when I get home.

After a nice, long run, I knew I wanted a special breakfast for a post-run reward.

A little over a month ago, I made ricotta-stuffed French toast and Ryan and I fell in love with the creation! This morning I thought I’d try another variation: Raspberry ricotta stuffed French toast!

I began by soaking an Arnold sandwich thin in a mixture of egg whites and cinnamon before letting the French toast cook on the griddle.

Cinnamon French Toast

While the French toast was cooking, I made the raspberry-ricotta filling by combining ricotta cheese, cinnamon and thawed frozen raspberries.


Raspberry Ricotta Filling

Soon my French toast was ready to be stuffed!

Open-Faced French Toast


Of course I added a lil’ syrup and several dashes of nutmeg (love this spice) before digging in.

Eat Me!


Dig In!

This running reward was the perfect way to start the day after a sweaty run! I even liked this version better than the original ricotta stuffed French toast.

Moving Continues

This weekend is the final weekend of our big move!

Though all the furniture is in our new place, we still have a few car-loads worth of stuff in the old place as well as the “final clean” (ahhhhhhh!) to accomplish within the next two days.


Better get to it!

Hope you’re enjoying your weekend so far! 😀