Not So Ugly Duckling

I had company on my walk with Sadie this morning!

Ryan + Sadie + the Sun

Since Ryan has every other Friday off work, he joined me on my morning trek with the pup!

Wake Up, Orlando!

I was nice to have someone to talk to other than Sadie who typically just looks up at me with a look that says, “Could ya walk a little faster? The squirrels are getting away!”

All around the lake we walked Sadie around this morning, there are many different birds, including ducks, anhingas and even swans.

Pretty Biiiird

These birds are brave. As a puppy Sadie learned not to mess with them. They’re very comfortable around people (almost too comfortable) because people come out to the lake daily to feed them.

Even the squirrels are brave little soldiers. They will literally take a peanut right out of your hand… Not that I would ever try that myself.

I love it when baby birds start hatching around the lake and there are little ducklings, cygnets (That’s the name for a baby swan… Yeah, I Googled it) and goslings tottering around. They’re adorable and are definitely not ugly ducklings!

(Just FYI, the name for a male swan is a “cob” and a female swan is a “pen.” Stop by Peanut Butter Fingers… You just might learn something! 😉 )


After our chilly walk, I was ready for breakfast!

Last night after dinner, I made another batch of chocolate protein pancakes so I could reheat them and have breakfast in a flash this morning.

Chocolate Protein Pancakes

I topped the ‘cakes with frozen raspberries that I heated up briefly in the microwave before adding some syrup on top of everything.

Chocolate Protein Pancakes + Raspberries + Syrup


The raspberry/chocolate combination was delish.

I’m excited for lunch today because I have a lunch date planned with Ryan! Yay for day dates! 🙂

Do you eat lunch at work/home or do you go out for lunch most days?

19 Responses

  1. DELISH! I eat my meals different places because I work different times! twice a week breakfast is eaten at work (or 3 times) and the other days I eat it at home, same goes for lunch and dinner!

    beautiful pics of your walk!

  2. I used to make a whole big batch of pancakes all the time and reheat them. So easy and they still taste good.

    95% of the time I eat lunch at work or home. I buy groceries, may as well eat em 🙂

  3. your walk looks so pretty! now i want to come visit orlando. or at least disneyworld. thats is orlando, right?!

  4. Haha thanks for the learning lesson! I eat lunch at my desk every day at work usually. Unless it is one of the girls birthdays, then we go out.

    • haha no prob. …the things you never need to know, brought to you by peanut butter fingers. 😉

  5. Beautiful pictures. You’re making me want to adopt a doggie!

  6. I eat lunch at work every day. even though i live 2 miles from here, the trek to the garage and the stop lights to get there and back arent worth going home for. so i bring my lunch 4 out of 5 days.

  7. Your walk looked beautiful this morning. I’m jealous I woke up to snow:( Oh well:)

    Have a great day, gotta love fridays and date days

  8. that lake looks gorgeous!!! i’m jealous that you live in walking distance so such beautiful scenery !

  9. glad i am not the only one who eats at my desk 🙂 i make all my meals at work (bfast, lunch and snack) but luckily we have a full kitchen. have a great weekend! looks like you are having perfect weather!

  10. I always eat lunch at work. Sometimes, I’ll get the school lunch (don’t worry, the ladies put salads together for us healthier eaters!). It takes a whole 2 minutes to go home, so sometimes I’ll go join the hubby for lunch at home. I’ve been going home more often because next school year, we will be in our new house which is 20 minutes away!!!

  11. Aw such cute pictures! Those protein pancakes look so delicious.

    I always bring my lunch to work. It’s healthier and saves money. I’d rather save my money and calories for eating out on the weekends 🙂

  12. I saw a duck running across the highway when I was driving back to school this morning…very brave! Those pancakes look delicious, as always!

  13. Oh awesome breakfast! I like that you prepared them the night before to make your transition to work easier! I do not go that far but I do get all my bags ready to be pulled out the door and clothes lined up for the next day!

  14. Chocolate protein pancakes sometime Easter weekend? They look nummy :). I had so much fun with you this morning and I can’t say I’m upset that you didn’t get a picture from breakfast…woof. LOVE YOU!

  15. heh heh heh I ❤ HARRY POTTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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