I Wanna Goooo

Do you ever have those days that go by so slowly that you cannot fathom how only 10 minutes have passed since you last checked the clock?

Today is one of those days for me! I think it’s because I’m so anxious to get off work and head south to my parents’ house for the weekend. Ryan and Sadie are coming with me, and my sister is in town, and I want the fun to begin! C’mon, Time… getta move on!

Snack + Lunch

I thought my sweet potato hash wrap from this morning would have kept me fuller for longer, but I was really hungry within and hour and a half of breakfast. (The lack of protein, maybe?)

I dug into my mid-morning snack a bit early and enjoyed a turkey roll up (turkey + Laughing Cow Swiss cheese + tortilla).

Turkey Roll Up


When I was filling up my mug with a second up of tea this morning, I noticed something that called to me from the vending machines.

I’m normally not tempted by vending machine treats (perhaps because I never carry cash and rely solely on my credit card?). Today, however, a marketing strategy worked on this Peanut Butter Fingers-loving girl.

I was suckered in by the old “Limited Edition” trick. I rummaged around my purse and found the $.85 needed to purchase a Limited Edition triple chocolate Twix bar. Hey, it could be gone tomorrow, I had to seize the day!

Triple Chocolate Twix

I split the bar with a coworker. We both agreed that it was tasty, but we like original Twix bars better.

Lots o' Chocolate

After snacking my way through the morning, it was time for lunch!


I had a big ol’ bowl of pasta with carrots, broccoli and cauliflower.


Noodle Bowl with Veggies

I topped the noodle bowl with Classico four cheese pasta sauce (aka my new favorite!) before sprinkling everything with Parmesan cheese.


Weekend Plans and Goals

Immediately after work I am heading to St. Pete for the weekend. Ryan and I are meeting with the catering manager of the Vinoy (where we’re getting married) to begin wedding planning discussions tomorrow morning.

Saturday afternoon we’re meeting with a woman at a nearby restaurant we’re considering for the rehearsal dinner. It’s a wedding-filled weekend!

The GOAL for this weekend is to finalize the guest list so we can send out save the dates! We have 160 people on our list at the moment and are hoping to condense it to around 120… This could get tricky! 😉

If you are married, how did finalizing the guest list go for you?

Makeup Madness

As promised, here is my makeup post, complete with a no makeup “before” picture (Ah!). I love how I decided to do this post in the middle of winter when I’m paler than the Cullens (Yes, that’s a Twilight reference ;)).

I feel kind of funny posting about my makeup routine since I’ve never considered myself very skilled in the makeup department and keep my look very simple and natural.

My entire makeup application process takes less than five minutes every morning.

Naked Face!!!

Annnd one “before” picture after I had the common sense to remove the towel turban from my head…

Pre-Make up

I use the following products:





I start by using one squirt of the Clean & Clear moisturizing lotion all over my face. I then use one squirt of the sunless tanning foam. It is very light and I distribute it evenly over my face and lightly on my neck. It’s great for evening out skin tone and adding a light touch of color.

I then use the Dermablend Cover Creme to cover any blemishes or even out my skin tone if it’s looking blotchy. I then lightly apply the Milani bronzing powder using a MAC makeup brush which I love because it doesn’t pick up a ton of makeup at once.

After the bronzing powder, I use a little bit blush which I apply while smiling at myself to locate my cheekbones and looking like a total fool in the mirror.

Then it’s time for the eyes! My friend Merri taught me this little trick: Only apply eyeliner to the top lid. It prevents you from looking like a raccoon, but still provides a more dramatic look than mascara alone.

I Spy With My Little Eye...

After applying eyeliner to my top lid, I use two coats of L’Oréal Voluminous mascara on my top and bottom lashes. This mascara is the best mascara in the world. I love it!!!

I actually save an old mascara wand to use to comb through my lashes so they don’t clump together. It’s a simple lil’ trick that I use daily.

What are your make up tips and tricks?

After that, I use the same Bonne Bell Dr. Pepper chap stick I’ve used since 7th grade and my routine is complete!


After x2

As you can see, my routine is really simple! I wish I had cooler tips to share! 🙂


Last night’s dinner made the perfect breakfast this morning!

I made a breakfast wrap with the leftover sweet potato hash as the filling.

Sweet Potato Hash Wrap

Friday's Breakfast

It was tasty and quite filling!

Hope your Friday is off to a good start! 😀