Top 12 Healthiest Frozen Dinners

My dinner tonight was not a frozen dinner, but more on that in a sec… 

First, let’s tackle my dinner highlights, shall we? 😀 


Since Ryan had a soccer game tonight, after we took Sadie for a 2.5 mile walk, I was all alone for dinner. 

You know what that means… Breakfast for dinner!!! 

Today I opted for chocolate protein pancakes like the ones I made for breakfast yesterday, but I changed up one of the ingredients. 

Instead of cottage cheese, I added a little less than 1/4 cup of pumpkin to the mix and blended the protein powder, pumpkin and egg whites into a thick batter. 

Blend Baby Blend

While the ‘cakes were cooking on the griddle, I added slices of frozen banana and strawberries to the griddle to heat up as well. 


Strawberries + Banana

In no time at all, dinner was ready. 

I placed the pancakes in the bottom of a bowl before cutting them up and topping them with the sliced strawberries, banana and syrup. 

Waiting for Toppings


'Cakes + Fruit + Syrup

Not to toot my own horn (Toot! Toot!), but this dinner was delicious! I think it would actually make a fantastic dessert if I added a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top. YUM. 

While doing the dishes, I also snacked on several handfuls of raspberry Galaxy Granola

Raspberry Galaxy Granola

This stuff is addicting… 

Top 12 Healthy Frozen Dinners 

When I first graduated from college and entered the working world, I lived off of oatmeal, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, Lean Cuisines and Lean pockets. 

This wasn’t due to a lack of interest in nutrition or healthy eating, but I felt overwhelmed at the thought of cooking meals daily and preparing homemade food. 

Now I realize that I can make nutritious meals in no time at all. It typically takes me less than 20 minutes to prepare a dinner and my meals are more well-rounded and nutrient-dense. I feel more satisfied and know I’m giving my body good fuel to keep me energized through my daily workouts and everyday life. 

That being said, we all have days where pre-packaged meals are our saviors! I definitely gravitate toward the convenience of frozen meals (Hello CPK pizzas!) every now and then. 

I found this list of the top 12 healthy frozen dinners (compiled by the director of nutrition for WebMD) quite interesting. The list might be helpful to those of you who are looking for the healthiest options out there in the frozen entrèe arena. 

Top 12 Healthiest Frozen Dinners

Do you eat frozen entrèes?  

I don’t eat frozen meals very often, but I  definitely use them in a pinch. (The frozen Kashi southwest chicken meal is aweeeesome!)

Latest Examiner Article 

Click here for additional information about healthy frozen entrèes, as well as tips from the experts to use when selecting the most nutritious frozen meals in my latest Examiner article!

At Long Last

At long last my leftover lunch arrived!

Hooray for tasty leftovers! I felt like I was reliving St. Patrick’s Day in my lil’ cube.

I used leftover corned beef and cabbage to make a tasty wrap.

Corned Beef + Cabbage Wrap

I spread a little light Miracle Whip on a whole wheat tortilla to add a little moisture to the roll up.

Post-St. Patty's Day Lunch

It was nice ‘n’ tasty!

For dessert I had a small slice of chocolate cake that was served in honor of a coworker’s birthday.

Chocolate Cake

For as much as I love chocolate, I think I prefer vanilla cake with chocolate icing to chocolate cake with vanilla icing. Still, that didn’t stop me from enjoying every last bite of this cake… and licking the remaining icing of the plate. 😉

School Lunches

If I didn’t pack my lunch or go off campus for lunch in high school, I ate the same thing almost every day: a plain bagel with strawberry cream cheese.

Bagel + Strawberry Cream Cheese

Nutritious, no?

Thankfully my friends and I would often leave school at lunchtime and rotate houses and ransack our family’s kitchens, so I didn’t eat on campus all that often my senior year. Before that, however, the bagel and cream cheese combo was my go-to meal.

Did you eat school lunches? Were they tasty or horrible? Nutritious or unhealthy?

My friend Katie sent me a really interesting article yesterday about a teacher who vowed to each school lunches every day.

She’s anonymously documenting her lunches and opinions about the food on her blog Fed Up with Lunch: The School Lunch Project.

The pictures she posted of her lunches look eerily familiar to the school lunches I remember.

I think this woman’s documentation about what children today are fed in school is wonderful and will hopefully open the eyes of some influential people to make positive changes to the meals served to children at school every day.

Great job, “Mrs. Q!”

To Infinity… And Beyond!

Last night I received a package of three different flavors of granola from Galaxy Granola.

Box of Yum

(Is it just me or does the name of this stuff make you think of Buzz Lightyear?)

Aside from peanut butter, another food I cannot seem to control myself around is granola (and cereal… and cookies… and ice cream…).

Fortunately Galaxy Granola uses applesauce instead of oil when baking the granola, eliminating a lot of unnecessary fat and keeping the calorie content of the granola lower than many others. The best part? It’s still 100 percent delicious!

Galaxy Granola Highlights

Galaxy Granola

After dinner last night I dug into each bag. I just had to try them all, right? 😉

My favorite was the Vanilla Almond, but the Not Sweet Vanilla flavor was a close second.

I incorporated the latter into my breakfast this morning, topping a bowl of thawed frozen strawberries and Greek yogurt with the crunchy goodness.

Strawberries + Yogurt

Granola Goodness

All Stirred Up

GREAT breakfast!

I think this granola would make a great base in a trail mix with nuts, chocolate chips and dried fruit. Yum!


Today’s workout was one of my “hop around” workouts that I do when I’m not feelin’ anything in particular.

  • 15 min. stair master
  • 10 min. adaptive motion trainer
  • 25 min. elliptical

It was good… not great… but it made me sweat and that’s what counts, right?

My walk with Sadie after the gym was drizzly, and Sadie stopped to shake off the wetness every other minute.

"...Shake, Shake, Shake ...Shake Your Booty"

"Stoooopid Rain."

(These pictures are from last night’s trip to the dog park, but I didn’t want to overwhelm last night’s post with the billions of Sadie pictures I took. 🙂  )

Despite the rain, we managed to have a decent walk, but it was cut a little short due to the inclement weather. We followed up the walk with several rounds of indoor fetch. Fortunately nothing was broken in the process.

Looking Forward

Even though I still have a snack to eat in between now and lunch, I am anxiously awaiting lunchtime so I can dig into dinner leftovers!

Are you a leftovers lover or a leftovers hater?

I’m a leftovers lover fo’ sho’!