This morning, I turned to Ryan and said, “What are you in the mood to eat for breakfast?”

When he replied “eggs,” I had a bunch of different ideas about what to make ranging from an omelets to a frittata to a quiche, but i inevitably decided to go with an easy-peasy breakfast of fried eggs served with whole wheat toast and Polaner blueberry jelly.

When in doubt, KISS! (Keep it simple, stupid. 😉 )

eggsd 005

eggsd 001

I prepared the eggs on the griddle and simply seasoned them with salt and pepper.

eggsd 002

The jelly on the toast added a nice, sweet flavor to this breakfast.

eggsd 006

Sadie even got to enjoy an egg of her own. 😀

Today’s Plans

I actually have quite a few things on the agenda for today!

  • Laundry
  • Returns at the mall
  • Get some sun by the pool
  • Dog park with Sadie
  • Visit JoAnn’s or Michael’s for invitation crafting supplies
  • Grocery store
  • Clean apartment

Aaand I’m off!

13 Responses

  1. Simple definitely wins sometimes. 🙂 Good luck with your agenda!

  2. Sounds like my to-do list. Why do I wait until sunday??

  3. I have similar plans to do today. I feel like Sunday is definitely the day to get everything done before the week starts back up. I love running errands but only if they’re the fun ones, hehe! Have a good one!!

  4. Ah, you’re so lucky to have a pool!!

  5. Good luck crossing off all your to-do’s. At least some of them are fun right? 🙂

  6. haha love it!!! I’m gonna go KISS right now!

  7. Fried eggs make the best weekend breakfast! Love it!

  8. I love simple eggs + toast, it’s so satisfying. 🙂


  9. girl, make sure you get some sun for me…i could really use a pool right about now 🙂

  10. do you and ryan usually do your own thing in the morning for breakfast or do you always cook breakfast for him?

    What does ryan usually eat during the week for breakfast ?

  11. haha, that’s awesome you made an egg for Sadie!! 🙂

  12. Just had to finish all my catching up from this weekend! I missed checking in with you every day! 🙂
    The Carrabba’s dinner looked so good!

  13. […] Mmmm, Mmmm! What a great KISS combination. (I couldn’t resist using Julie‘s super-cool acronym! […]

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