The BEST Scone Mix

Last weekend as my mom, sister and I were browsing the teas and food options during our fancy tea at the Ritz, my sister and mom both mentioned their excitement about the scones on the menu.


I remember telling them that I’m not a huge fan of scones. When someone says the word “scone,” my mind immediately pictures a dry muffin wannabe. Scones, to me, always seem a bit bland.

Imagine my surprise last Saturday when I bit into the freshly baked cranberry scone, and was overcome by the deliciously moist, buttery flavor explosion that was goin’ on in my mouth.

I then clarified my statement… I don’t like scones, but I do like good scones. 😀

The Best Scone Mix

A little more than a month ago, I made a batch of scones that I also enjoyed.

After my friend Merri gave me a box of Stonewall Kitchen scone mix telling me that her boss said it was “the best scone mix ever,” I made the scones and fell in love. Her boss is a smart man because the scones were delicious!

scones 011

(I think Sadie agreed. 😉 )

When I previously made the scones, I made 2/3 of the recipe, and reserved a third of it for another time.

Well, today was “another time!”

Fresh off the delicious scones from last week’s tea at the Ritz, I was cravin’ good scones and used the remaining Stonewall Kitchen scone mix to prepare a small batch.

scones 002

scones 003

scones 001

I enjoyed my scone with a smear of blueberry jelly.

scones 007

scones 009

These scones were buttery and moist and perfectly delicious.

Apparently I do like scones… they just have to be good. 😉

Wedding Invitation Status

Guess what?

Our wedding invitations will be printed and ready for pick up tomorrow!

Ryan and I flip-flopped on different invitation styles quite a few times before finally working together to create an invitation we both like last night.

Initially we were going to order invitations, but honestly I couldn’t get past the cost of wedding invitations! They’re outrageous. According to the Bridal Association of America, the average couple spends $659 on wedding invitations. Nooo thank you.

Ryan and I were very pleased with our Save the Dates, which we created ourselves for under $100, so we’re going the do-it-yourself route again for our invites. I’m hoping they look classy and romantic. Stay tuned for the final product. 😀

Question of the Evening

Have you ever proclaimed you didn’t like a certain type of food only to find that you actually do like it… if it’s actually prepared well?

34 Responses

  1. I feel the SAME way about scones! But those look amazing! I used to hate brussel sprouts, onions, peppers, and olives – and now I LOVE EM!

    Congrats on the Save The Dates! ❤


  2. I used to say that I hated sweet potatoes and then I discovered sweet potato fries and now I love them

  3. My mom always told me that I don’t like artichokes, but now I believe that she was just trying to keep it to herself… I love ’em!

  4. Those scones look delicious!!

    Yes….oh for years, I didn’t like the taste of fish…any fish, but recently I have a real liking to Parmesan tilapia and fiesta lime salmon…oh, yum!! The secret is definitely in the way it’s prepared.. 🙂

  5. I am that way with scones! I have always hated them because I thought they were dry and crumbly. But then I got an excellent recipe from a client and ADORE them!

  6. Oh! I just made cranberry scones this weekend! I like scones because They have a smaller sugar to flour ratio and too much sugar is too overpowering for me. I don’t generally buy baked goods because they sit out, I made them my self so I’ve never had a dry scone. And I’d call them an English biscuit before a muffin wannabe. 🙂

  7. Oh boy those look good, I LOVE scones. Now I am craving them!!!!!!!!!!

  8. I used to NEVER eat fish, because my mom never ate it. I thought it must have tasted nasty. My dad tricked me into eating some Mahi Mahi one day, and ever since then I’ve been hooked! Who knew! 😉

  9. Yup! I never thought I would like Indian food, until I just tried it for the first time last night. I’m totally loving it now and can’t wait for more!

  10. Have you tried other Stonewall Kitchen mixes or jams, etc? You definitely should if not! Most of their stuff is SO DELICIOUS! Your scone looks yummy!!

  11. I’ve never liked scones either but yours look sooo yummy! Especially with the jam. I used to think I hated donuts, then I had a homemade cinnamon-sugar one from a farmer’s market stand and it was tastyyyy 🙂

  12. totally! It happens to me pretty often few years ago.. I’d just refuse to eat some food because I thought I wouldn’t like it… but then I was hooked!!! ~~~ It’s so important to be open mind!! 😉

  13. oh wow, $600 seems like a bargain for wedding invites.. we spent more than $2k on ours!! I hope yours turn out beautifully!!

  14. Hey! I am a new reader and love your blog 🙂 Those scones look delicious. By the way, I love the pictures of your dog. I have a german shorthair pointer mix and it reminds me of yours 🙂

  15. mmm, that scone looks so good!

  16. ahhh scones! i just saw some of that boxed mix at the store for 1/2 off. too bad i didn’t buy it. i don’t like dry scones either.

    i always say i don’t like cheesecake even though i really do. i think i’m just convincing myself not to eat it, hahah.

    i also don’t really care for steak unless it’s prepared really really well.

  17. I made some pretty darn good pumpkin scones a bit ago 😉 Yes, they’re more dry, but they are PUMPKIN!

  18. I love that you’re taking the DIY approach to wedding invites, etc. I love stationary and all that jazz and I believe it can be done just as nicely on the cheap with some effort! 🙂

  19. i don’t know if i have had a food experience like that…usually if i don’t like something i just don’t like it. although i keep seeing tofu that looks really good, i just can’t bring myself to love the texture!

    we totally did the DIY route on invitations, and i wouldn’t have had it any other way! although i might have made the assembly a little easier 🙂 still, it was so fun putting them together with nate!

  20. I’m drooling over your scones!! I thought I hated cantaloupe for 19 years, and then I finally had a super fresh, in season one and changed my mind!

  21. I feel the exact same way about scones. I always thought they were dry discs. I had one in a cooking class that was so delicious….I made it for the bridal tea I hosted for my sister in law. They were a huge hit! Yeah for good scones!

    Back in college, I used to say I didn’t like hummus. I had actually never tried it. Once I did, I was hooked!

  22. We bought boxes of blank invitations at Wal-Mart and printed them ourselves. They were absolutely gorgeous, and much, MUCH cheaper than anything else.

    I don’t think I have ever declared I hated something that I never tried. Although I used to HATE some foods (or thought I did) simply because I had never had a GOOD version of them. Like hummus. I always thought I absolutely hated it, but I learned it was just that I never liked the flavors my family bought.

  23. I absolutely LOVE scones. My husband and I were always a fan of the mixes at World Market, but we don’t have one where we live now. 😦

    I used to think I hated guacamole, and black beans. Now I LOVE them!!

  24. I never had scones! These look so great, I need to try some scones soon :))
    Hm…yeah, I thought I didn’t like a lot of stuff, but I discovered I actually do like them. But some things I just don’t want to try :)) Like sea food, no way. Only fish out of the sea for me. And seaweed 🙂

  25. BEETS. I thought I hated them until recently, but then I had fresh beet juice and it was delicious, and then I tried fresh roasted beets and they weren’t too bad either. Turns out I just don’t like the typical canned salad bar-type beets.

  26. Actually, scones are the food that I used to think that I didn’t like (same thing, because of the dryness), and then one day, I went to a restaurant for brunch. They gave butterscotch scones to each person when we were seated, and they were amazing! You should seriously try adding butterscotch chipsto your mix (if you like butterscotch, of course). 🙂 Thanks for sharing the mix and congrats on your wedding invitations!

  27. DIY is definitely the way to go for wedding invites!! I glued 250 pieces of paper together, then tied 250 ribbons for my brother’s wedding…it was a lot of work, but saved my parents a TON of money. Can’t wait to see the finished product!!

  28. I did DIY wedding invites too, and people LOVED it. We actually cut and pasted everything, it’s so much more personal! 🙂

    And Stonewall Kitchen is so amazing. We’re actually taking a cooking class their (at the store/kitchen in Maine) on our honeymoon!

  29. Your scones look delicious! I tried making scones once but they came out nothing like yours. Maybe it was because I used my aunt’s Weight Watcher’s recipe?

  30. I used to “HATE” avocado, until the pickiest eater ever (aka man of the house) told me to buy one. They are so creamy and amazing, how could I have been so naive? 😉

  31. My moto is I will try anything twice… because the first time I may have just had a bad experience. I cannot think of a food that I don’t like that I have tried, I’m pretty easy to please 🙂

  32. Julie- You absolutely HAVE to try making scones with buttermilk! You will die. It adds flavor and moisture (and a nice dose of Calcium and Vit D)! I made them with strawberry and apricot yogurt before (or just add jam to the buttermilk), and they were incredible!
    So glad you guys made your own ‘save the dates’ because they were fantastic- and a great way to save money! I see a new side career for you!!!

  33. Those scones look soooo good. And blueberry jelly/ jam is some of my favorite stuff- especially w/ hunks of bloobs in there!

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