The BEST Scone Mix

Last weekend as my mom, sister and I were browsing the teas and food options during our fancy tea at the Ritz, my sister and mom both mentioned their excitement about the scones on the menu.


I remember telling them that I’m not a huge fan of scones. When someone says the word “scone,” my mind immediately pictures a dry muffin wannabe. Scones, to me, always seem a bit bland.

Imagine my surprise last Saturday when I bit into the freshly baked cranberry scone, and was overcome by the deliciously moist, buttery flavor explosion that was goin’ on in my mouth.

I then clarified my statement… I don’t like scones, but I do like good scones. 😀

The Best Scone Mix

A little more than a month ago, I made a batch of scones that I also enjoyed.

After my friend Merri gave me a box of Stonewall Kitchen scone mix telling me that her boss said it was “the best scone mix ever,” I made the scones and fell in love. Her boss is a smart man because the scones were delicious!

scones 011

(I think Sadie agreed. 😉 )

When I previously made the scones, I made 2/3 of the recipe, and reserved a third of it for another time.

Well, today was “another time!”

Fresh off the delicious scones from last week’s tea at the Ritz, I was cravin’ good scones and used the remaining Stonewall Kitchen scone mix to prepare a small batch.

scones 002

scones 003

scones 001

I enjoyed my scone with a smear of blueberry jelly.

scones 007

scones 009

These scones were buttery and moist and perfectly delicious.

Apparently I do like scones… they just have to be good. 😉

Wedding Invitation Status

Guess what?

Our wedding invitations will be printed and ready for pick up tomorrow!

Ryan and I flip-flopped on different invitation styles quite a few times before finally working together to create an invitation we both like last night.

Initially we were going to order invitations, but honestly I couldn’t get past the cost of wedding invitations! They’re outrageous. According to the Bridal Association of America, the average couple spends $659 on wedding invitations. Nooo thank you.

Ryan and I were very pleased with our Save the Dates, which we created ourselves for under $100, so we’re going the do-it-yourself route again for our invites. I’m hoping they look classy and romantic. Stay tuned for the final product. 😀

Question of the Evening

Have you ever proclaimed you didn’t like a certain type of food only to find that you actually do like it… if it’s actually prepared well?


This morning, I turned to Ryan and said, “What are you in the mood to eat for breakfast?”

When he replied “eggs,” I had a bunch of different ideas about what to make ranging from an omelets to a frittata to a quiche, but i inevitably decided to go with an easy-peasy breakfast of fried eggs served with whole wheat toast and Polaner blueberry jelly.

When in doubt, KISS! (Keep it simple, stupid. 😉 )

eggsd 005

eggsd 001

I prepared the eggs on the griddle and simply seasoned them with salt and pepper.

eggsd 002

The jelly on the toast added a nice, sweet flavor to this breakfast.

eggsd 006

Sadie even got to enjoy an egg of her own. 😀

Today’s Plans

I actually have quite a few things on the agenda for today!

  • Laundry
  • Returns at the mall
  • Get some sun by the pool
  • Dog park with Sadie
  • Visit JoAnn’s or Michael’s for invitation crafting supplies
  • Grocery store
  • Clean apartment

Aaand I’m off!