I Worked Out and Had Dippy Eggs

Post title explanation: After typing up this post, I turned to Ryan and said, “What should I title my post? I worked out and had dippy eggs. Whadda ya got?”

His reply: I Worked Out and Had Dippy Eggs

The man is clearly an un-tapped blogging genius. 😉

On to today’s post!


I give myself leeway when it comes to working out on the weekend, but if time permits, I love sneaking in a sweaty workout first thing in the morning.

To say today’s 9 a.m. gym session was sweaty is quite the understatement.

workout 001

This was the sight that greeted Ryan when he came to find me after his workout was over.

I definitely worked up a sweat thanks, yet again, to Jessica’s At Home Cardio Blast workout.


Before completing two rounds of the Cardio Blast circuit, I did 30 minutes of cardio, split evenly between the stair master and the elliptical.

As if the circuit isn’t hard enough by itself, doing two rounds after already completing 30 minutes of cardio made me sweat like a monster!

Needless to say, I worked up quite an appetite.


My pre-workout quesadilla held me over fairly well, but after that workout and a 2.5 mile walk with Ryan and Sadie, I was ready for a real breakfast.


workout 005

I made myself a dippy egg, seasoned with salt ‘n’ peppa, to enjoy with a toasted Arnold multigrain sandwich thin and two strips of Morningstar Farms veggie bacon (one went directly into my mouth and didn’t make the picture).

I loved every last yolky bite!

workout 010

So good!

Once we were finished licking our plates, Ryan and I spent some time in the backyard, soaking up some sun and playing with Sadie.

Now it’s time for lunch before we head out for the day.

Catcha lata! 😀


This morning, I turned to Ryan and said, “What are you in the mood to eat for breakfast?”

When he replied “eggs,” I had a bunch of different ideas about what to make ranging from an omelets to a frittata to a quiche, but i inevitably decided to go with an easy-peasy breakfast of fried eggs served with whole wheat toast and Polaner blueberry jelly.

When in doubt, KISS! (Keep it simple, stupid. 😉 )

eggsd 005

eggsd 001

I prepared the eggs on the griddle and simply seasoned them with salt and pepper.

eggsd 002

The jelly on the toast added a nice, sweet flavor to this breakfast.

eggsd 006

Sadie even got to enjoy an egg of her own. 😀

Today’s Plans

I actually have quite a few things on the agenda for today!

  • Laundry
  • Returns at the mall
  • Get some sun by the pool
  • Dog park with Sadie
  • Visit JoAnn’s or Michael’s for invitation crafting supplies
  • Grocery store
  • Clean apartment

Aaand I’m off!

Copy Cat Quiche, Kind Of

Those of you who have been following the blog for a little while now know how much I love breakfast for dinner (as evidenced here, here and here).

Tonight seemed like a great night to enjoy eggs in the evening, so I figured I’d try making my first-ever quiche!

Broccoli and Spinach Egg White Quiche

I was inspired to make the quiche when I saw Tina’s post on Tuesday. She basically followed this recipe by Rachael Ray, which sounded really easy and looked amazingly delicious.

I changed the recipe quite a bit, but the results were still fabulous! It was a copy cat quiche… kind of. 😉

Slice of Delight

The recipe below includes my alterations.

Broccoli and Spinach Egg White Quiche


  • Three whole wheat tortillas
  • 1 1/2 c. chopped broccoli florets
  • 2 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil
  • 1/2 onion, chopped
  • 2 c. chopped fresh spinach
  • Salt and pepper
  • 1/2 c. shredded cheese of your choice
  • 6 egg whites
  • 1/2 cup Greek yogurt 
  • Directions:

  • Preheat the oven to 375°. In a greased 9-inch pie plate, overlap the tortillas to make a crust; place on a rimmed baking sheet. Meanwhile, steam broccoli and until crisp-tender, about 2 1/2 minutes.
  • Add the olive oil to a skillet and heat over medium-high heat. Add the onion and spinach, season with salt and pepper and cook until the onions are transparent, about 3 minutes. Stir in the broccoli; season with salt and pepper. Spread evenly in the tortilla crust, and add shredded cheese on top.
  • Veggies + Cheese

  • In a medium bowl, whisk together the egg whites and yogurt and season with salt and pepper; pour into the tortilla crust. Bake on the baking sheet until just set in the center and lightly golden, about 30 minutes. Let rest for about 10 minutes before serving.
  • Easy, huh?

    Bubbles of Tastiness

    The Goods

    The addition of the Greek yogurt to the egg whites really made this quiche taste like at thick egg casserole.

    In Ryan’s words, it tasted “quichey,” which he assured me was a good thing. 😀

    Question of the Evening

    Do you enjoy breakfast for dinner, or do you prefer to eat meals typical of breakfast, lunch and dinner at their typical times?

    Pre Beer Fest Fuel

    When you know you’re going to be knockin’ back beer (after beer, after beer), it’s wise to fill up with a hearty breakfast!

    Breakfast of Champions

    This morning Ryan and I woke up early (Why can’t we sleep past 7 a.m!?), and headed to the gym. We parted ways and I headed to the cardio room for 20 minutes of light cardio before BodyPump, while Ryan hit the weight room.

    BodyPump was great, as always. I’m so glad they offer an early-morning Saturday BodyPump class. So many of my gym’s weekend classes occur during the late morning on the weekend and I like checking my workout off my to-do list first thing.

    When we came home our tummies were growlin’ and I hit the kitchen to make us a hearty breakfast.

    Today’s menu:

    • Eggs
    • Whole wheat toast
    • Canadian bacon
    • Chobani strawberry Greek yogurt

    Strawberry Greek Yog

    Eggs with Salt 'n' Peppa

    Dippy eggs are one of the most satisfying breakfasts.

    When I Dip, You Dip, We Dip

    My pre-gym fuel may or may not have been a small Funfetti cookie. 😉

    I’m off to shower before getting some last-minute things in order before our BBQ and BEERFEST!

    Catcha lata!

    Gettin’ Him to the Gym

    I usually like sweeter breakfasts like berry barley yogurt bowls or brownie batter hot cereal, but occasionally eggs call to me. 

    “Juuuuulie…. Eat me…” 

    Today was one of those days and I happily obliged. 

    I made myself a big ol’ breakfast wrap with scrambled eggs, portobello mushrooms, broccoli and onion. 

    Eggs + Veggies

    I wrapped the egg mixture in a Joseph’s lavash wrap and dug in! 

    Wrapped Up

    A Peek Inside

    It hit zee spot. 

    Gettin’ Him to the Gym 

    This morning at the gym in between songs during my typical Wednesday BodyPump class, a girl turned to me and said, “I need your tips on how to get my boyfriend to come to the gym with me.  He thinks he still has his college body, but, well… he doesn’t.” 

    Of course we laughed, but it made me feel lucky that working out is a personal interest of Ryan’s. 

    I started to think about her question in a little more detail during a short run with Sadie after the class. What would I do if Ryan didn’t like working out? 

    Here are a couple of ideas Ryan and I came up with to try to motivate your significant other, friend or family member to workout with you: 

    • Make it a social experience… Go on a jog outside together, spot each other in the weight room, etc.
    • Take a group exercise class (Even guys like spinning!)
    •  Have a reward waiting after your workout (People at my gym live for the free coffee and will sit in the cafe and enjoy each other’s company after a good workout)
    • Do the workout where they’re comfortable, whether it be outside, in the gym or at home
    • Start with an exercise they’re comfortable with (Some people hate cardio while others are really intimidated by weights)
    • In return for working out with you, offer to do something they’re interested in

    Would it bother you if your partner didn’t work out or live an active lifestyle? 

    Having a partner who didn’t go to the gym would not be a deal breaker for me, but I definitely need to be with someone active who likes  to get out of the house and explore, go on walks with me and Sadie and be outside.