Crazy Carrot

Those butterscotch brownies were g-o-o-d, but don’t you worry, my day wasn’t completed dominated by indulgent sweets.

I did manage to eat a serving or two of vegetables. 😉

I picked up lots of fresh goodies at the farmer’s market today… Most notably, this freak carrot!

Crazy Carrot

Crazy, huh?

The carrot was among a plethora of produce that I picked up today while on a long walk with Ryan and Sadie late this morning.

Farmer's Market


The Goods

I put the veggies to use in a big bowl of roasted vegetables for dinner this evening.

I topped the broccoli, carrots and Brussels sprouts with a MorningStar Farms Italian herb chik patty

Roasted Veggies + Chik Patty

Farmer's Market Freshness

Gotta love the freshness of farmer’s market veggies!


Tonight’s dessert was an easy decision because I had a free coupon for cefiore, a frozen yogurt shop in College Park.

We headed out for our sweet treat at dusk and enjoyed it outside on the patio.

Dark Chocolate + Strawberry

We split a cup of dark chocolate and strawberry swirl frozen yogurt which was refreshingly cool and creamy.

I think we should get a frozen yogurt machine for our apartment. Is that something we can register for? 😉

26 Responses

  1. Your blog gives me daily froyo envy! That veggie bowl looks even tastier though, you made that patty look super tasty.

  2. that fro-yo looks amazing! my mouth is watering! what about breakfast and lunch?

    • good call – i was a lazy blogger yesterday! 🙂 breakfast was a green monster & a pear, lunch was sushi! it’s not the same w/o pictures, i know!

  3. It kind of annoys me that the farmers market near our house doesn’t allow dogs! Seriously!

  4. You can TOTALLY register for a frozen yogurt machine! My parents used to have one by Cuisinart and it was great! You could even mix the sprinkles RIGHT IN.
    I wish I had more fro-yo places near me…most of ours are just regular soft serve ice cream (which is delicious, obviously, but not as friendly to the waistline!) 😉

  5. Fresh veggies are the best! I should try the Morningstar chix. Did you put any sort of sauce on it?

    • i actually didn’t, but i roasted the veggies after tossing them in olive oil & garlic salt so they were pretty flavorful.

  6. Love the color of the yogurt!
    And you and your fiance are the most adorably good-looking couple ever!! 🙂

  7. I second that on the Cuisinart FroYo Machine! I have one-it’s fabulous! It takes up a lot of space, though, so it’s not something I can use every day but it’s GREAT to have on hand and not very expensive!

  8. No you should definitely register for a fro-yo machine! I think it would actually be good for your marriage! 🙂

    Have a great night hun.

  9. Ummm I’m going to keep to myself what that carrot reminded me of when I first saw it 🙂

  10. Mmm froyo looks great!

  11. Ha! Frozen yogurt on your registry…wouldn’t that just be the best?

    Gotta love farmer’s markets…just posted about them on Friday!

  12. I think someone gave us a frozen yogurt maker. We also LOVE our homemade ice cream maker (cold school type). Registering is a blast!

  13. Yay!! So excited for farmer’s markets!!

    We got a cuisinart ice cream maker as a wedding gift, and you can TOTALLY make frozen yogurt in it! I’ve used greek yogurt before to make fro yo that tastes JUST like pinkberry!

    You can also make really good ice cream in it 🙂

  14. haha you really should register for a fro yo would get so much love from you guys!

  15. Love that farmer’s market! Hope you got the kettle corn :). Looks very yummy! We’ll have to try that chik patty at home!

    • they didn’t have the free samples of the yummy bread this time though! 😦

  16. Oooohhh what a yummy dinner and dessert! I have never been to the Farmer’s Market but am definitely planning on going sometime soon, That carrot is crazyy…it looks like fingers! lol

  17. Oh my gosh that dinner looks AMAZING! I love putting flavorful veggie burgers and things in with a bunch of roasted veggies – SO much flavor!

    As for registering for the fro-yo machine? I DEFINITELY think that’s okay 😀

  18. Oh my goodness, if I had a frozen yogurt machine in my apartment I would never eat real food again!

  19. There is this lady who has a blog with tons of protien ice cream recipes that end up tasting like fro yo! I have a cheap ice cream machine and it works fine. My fav (and from what I can tell by your blog you will love) is peanut butter cup. Friggin delish! Check her out: world according to eggface. She’s great! I’m going to make some now!

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