Unsolved Mystery

I know I’m in the middle of a deep sleep when the alarm goes off and I’m mid-dream.

I really wanted to finish my dream, but I had to get up to make it to BodyPump, so my dream ended up being an unsolved mystery.

(In case you were wondering, in my dream, Sadie was a human baby and was missing! By the time I woke up I was pretty convinced she had been abducted. I attribute this dream to the stupid show on E! last night about the top women murderers of all time. There are some creepy ladies out there!)


Despite feeling like I had an unresolved issue looming over my head, I managed to have a decent workout. BodyPump was a great challenge, and I finished up my workout with 25 minutes of light cardio on the elliptical.


Breakfast was a tasty pb & p sandwich!

I made my peanut butter and pear sandwich using a fresh, juicy pear I bought at the farmer’s market yesterday.

Farmer's Market Pear

You know I just had to have a peanut butter finger while making this sandwich. 😉

Monday Morning PBF

I spread creamy peanut butter on half of a honey wheat Arnold sandwich thin.


I topped the other half with thin pear slices before smooshing the two halfs together.

Pear + Peanut Butter


Breakfast is Served

This really is a great way to satisfy a peanut butter and jelly craving without all the sugar! Fresh fruit = aweeeesome.

Question of the Day

Do you typically dream about people you know?

I always dream about people I know.

31 Responses

  1. I have weird dreams sometimes. Usually about people I know, but people from the past. I always get freaked out watching those E! specials before bed.

  2. I’m the first comment! Yayy! Yes, I always dream about people I know. The downside to that is trying to recall if the dream actually happened haa!

  3. just kidding haha!

  4. Dreams are so weird sometimes. I had one the other weekend where I was pregnant, I woke up convinced I was. IT was awful.

  5. Hi Julie!

    I just had a question for you – do you ever have a snack before working out in the mornings? I find that if I’m doing weight training first thing, I need something to power me through! Just wondering! And yes, peanut butter ALWAYS makes monday mornings better!


    • i rarely eat anything before going to the gym in the morning (unless i go after 8 a.m. – then i NEED food!). if i eat too close to my workouts i cramp up. i’ve learned my body does better on an empty stomach. if i’m working out later in the day, like on the weekends, i try to wait 2 hours after eating to hit the gym to avoid cramping.

      • I do the same thing, and usually don’t need to eat before an early AM workout. But occasionally I’ll wake up early some mornings and feel like I need something. If that’s the case, I might grab a handful of quaker oatmeal squares or other cereal just to tide off any lingering hunger that could arise mid-workout! 🙂

  6. i have the WIERDEST dreams sometime and I find that they can incorporate lots of things taht I think about right before bed time!! if I am watching a show, or talking to jason on the phone or just ate something before bed, all of those things can show up in my dreams its freaky!

    Love that pb and pear wich! i bet it would be awesome GRILLED

  7. Last picture of that sammie looks GOOD!

    Funny you mentioned Unsolved Mysteries–that show used to give me the WORST nightmares. Seriously, kids shouldn’t be allowed to watch it.

    I had a funny dream last night–I had a dream that Sean was dating someone else and I knew about it–but he was dating this really manly butch Russian woman and I asked him to break it off and he started crying because it was hard for him to call it off with her. He eventually chose her over me because he told me that she did things for him…last night I remember was me sayhing “but I do things for you too–I brought you frozen yogurt last week!” hahah!

  8. So weird that your post was about dreams this morning! I had horrible dreams last night and my mind just wouldn’t shut off. I was up for 4 hours in the night tossing and turning:( Feeling like a zombie this morning while I’m sitting in class. Haha..your breakfast looks wonderful though! Have a great day!

  9. Yes I do! And sometimes they are people I haven’t seen in years!

  10. My dreams are usually really connected to my day. So they might be filled with random people I talked to or actors from shows I watched. Though my husband always seems to be in there too.

  11. Sandwich looks great!
    I dream about people all the time, but mostly people I haven’t seen in years. i don’t know why they pop up in dreams.

  12. I rarely remember my dreams, but when I do they are vivid and seem very real. Not always bad, though. I’ve also had those bad dreams where you know you are dreaming but just can’t wake up. They’re rare, but I always feel a little off the rest of the day.

  13. I’m a BIG PB & banana fan, but I never thought to try a pear! That may just be on the menu pretty soon. 🙂
    I dream about people I know ALL the time! It’s very rare that I dream of mine doesn’t include someone I know. Aren’t dreams the strangest phenomenon?

  14. I always dream about people I know…and usually people I haven’t seen in years.

  15. it’s really interesting because i do dream about people i know…but in the dream they look nothing like they do in real life. weird, right?

  16. Haha YES! I have crazy weird dreams about my co-workers all the time. It’s always entertaining to come in and share the madness with them – they get such a kick out of it.

    Also? I love the idea of that sandwich – I totally want to try it soon!

  17. I almost never dream, but I actually woke up right in the middle of one this morning! I tried to just go back to sleep and finish it, but it was a wasted effort.

  18. I have just started watching Lost from the beginning and have been having tons of marathons, but then I dream about being chased through the jungle and murderers! No fun! My dreams usually reflect something I have recently seen/done!

  19. I’ve never had pears and pb together… what have I been thinking?!

    I dream about people I know usually too. But sometimes I’ll dream about some random person that I haven’t even thought about in years! So bizarre!

  20. That show used to creep me out! And my dreams creep me out a lot too. Mine always relate to people I know or to things going on in my life, so when I wake up I am certain they actually happened.

  21. I tend to have really vivid dreams when I am stressed….like now! 🙂

  22. I have some pretty weird dreams myself. I think it’s when I’m really tired that they are the strangest. I love your fruit and peanut butter sandwiches. They always look so good!

  23. ahh I used to hatee Unsolved Mysteries! For some reason I watched it all the time but it kept me up more nights than I care to admit. & I always dream about people I know, but most of the time about people who have little relevance to my every day life! But if I think about it I will usually remember something that crossed my mind about them the day before which probably triggered the dream.

  24. OMG, I totally compared my dog to a baby this morning.. she always sleeps next to my bed and last night she started breathing weird and it woke me up and I got all paranoid. I was petting her and talking softly until she got over it. I still don’t understand what happened.. it was like she couldn’t catch her breath. It was so weird, and when my boyfriend got home from work this morning I was all, “Molly is like a human child, LISTEN TO WHAT HAPPENED!”

  25. I always have re-occuring dreams…the same ones over and over. And a lot of times if I wake up in the middle of a dream to go to the bathroom or something I will immediately go right back to the part where I left off.

  26. I love peanut butter and Granny Smith apple sandwiches. MMMMM. My dreams are always so random.

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