8 Miles: Run & Done


No dinner post last night + No breakfast post this morning = Catch up time! 


After work yesterday, Ryan, Sadie and I piled in my car to head to my parents’ house in St. Pete for Father’s Day weekend. 

We arrived a little before seven and immediately sat down to a seafood feast of crab legs, mussels and clams, with corn on the cob and asparagus on the side. 

Seafood Feast

(The two plates with a bit of food on them already are mine and my dad’s. We don’t like to wait!) 

Crab legs and shellfish are probably my favorite dinner of all time. 

My Plate (Round One)

I probably had ten times the amount of clams and mussels than you see pictured on my plate above. I also had another 1.5 crab legs. What can I say? Seafood is apparently my best friend. 

Baby We Were Born To Ruuuuun 

This morning, everyone (minus my sister) was up bright and early! 

Ryan’s dad came in town around 6:30 a.m. because Ryan, his dad and my dad had plans to to get out on the boat and spend the morning on the water scuba diving and spear fishing. By 7 a.m. they were off! 

Boys on the Boat

When the boys headed out, my mom headed to the gym and I leashed up Sadie to tackle an 8-mile run. 

Sadie and I may be insane. Who runs in 85-degree weather? This doggie-duo, apparently. 

Fortunately I had a rockin’ ’90s playlist to motivate me along the way. 

I started to really feel the heat around mile 5 and Sadie and I stopped for 30 seconds or so to stretch, sip some water and eat a Stretch Island fruit chew for a little extra fuel. 

Fruit Chew

I am really trying to incorporate some kind of carby fuel mid-way through my long runs as I train for the Chicago Rock ‘n’ Roll half marathon because I think a little somethin’ somethin’ will really help me feel energized as I tackle 13.1 miles. This fruit chew tasted great and had a decent amount of carbs and sugar to keep me going. 

The last two miles of our run were supa-hot! There was no shade for the final two miles which made me supa-sweaty! 

Fortunately there were quite a few things that made me smile throughout the run which took my mind off the heat: 

  1. Two rainbows
  2. A man that was somehow sweatier than me
  3. A sting ray in a canal
  4. A 10-year-old boy running who left me and Sadie in the dust
  5. My mom waving to us as she drove to the gym

Sadie also had a list that she wanted me to share: 

  1. Squirrel
  2. Squirrel
  3. Guy that looked like Ryan from a distance
  4. Lizard
  5. Squirrel

Here are our running stats: 

8-Mile Stats

When we arrived back at the house, my sister was awake and greeted us with a “Holy cow! I’ve never seen you so sweaty!” 

I immediately jumped in the pool which felt ah-maze-ing. Phew! 


Clearly my body was craving carbs because Stacy’s cinnamon sugar pita chips were calling to me. 

Cinnamon Sugar Pita Chips

I probably had three servings. 

I also enjoyed a cup of Chobani raspberry yogurt with a cup of fresh blueberries. 

Raspberry Chobani


I inhaled this! My body wanted food! 


After breakfast we headed out to run some errands. I’ll be back in a bit with an update, but I wanna get out in the sun for a bit first! 

Hope you’re enjoying the weekend so far! 🙂

23 Responses

  1. Love that your dog is obsessed with squirrels too. Whenever Naava sees one, I always say SQUIRREL in the voice from the movie Up 🙂

  2. Good for you for running in that heat! I think I would have stepped outside and said “uh nope. not happening” haha.

    How long have you had Sadie for? She’s sooo cute 🙂

  3. WOOO!!!! Congrats on the great run!!! I planned a 7-miler for today but since I slept in and its SOO HOT AND HUMID here in DC. I’m gonna spin today and run tomorrow. What do you eat before your run?? I still struggle with this and am always looking for suggestions 🙂

    Great job chica!!!!! 🙂 🙂

    ❤ Lauren

  4. HA! I love the squirrel…how many more do you think you’d see in a 13 mile run?!

  5. Sadie’s list had me seriously laughing out loud! ‘Guy that looked like Ryan from a distance’!!! Too funny! Great job on the run this morning!! I definitely admire you for sticking with it in the heat! Your pictures of seafood and the boat and the mention of a pool make me miss Florida!! 😦

  6. That seafood feast looks AH-MAZING!!!!!

    I’ve been trying gels and other things on my long runs and can’t stand them. I recently tried “gummies” they sell at running stores. The Honey Stingers literally taste like gummy bears. You should try them! It’s about 160 cals per 10 chews. And mid-way through my long run, I only ended up consuming 4-6.

  7. I tried to get up earlier for my long run, but definitely failed. I was huffing along in 82-degree weather- thank goodness I picked the short trail again so I could stop by my car for some H20 after the 5 mile mark!

  8. The seafood dinner looks SO GOOD!! And I love Sadie’s list from your run. 🙂 Congrats on getting in your 8 miles in such hot weather. I get migraines when I try to run in that kind of heat. I also think it’s great that your whole family is so active!

  9. Go Julie Go! I did 6 miles this morning and it was hard! I wanted to ask you, when you stop for water, do you go to a fountain or do you run with some? I get really thirsty around mile 4.5 and i think i would be stronger if i could drink something but don’t want to run with a bottle of water. Let me know what you do! Have a great weekend girly!

  10. Props on the run! Sounds like a tough one…I did 6 miles this morning but in far more enjoyable conditions (i.e. lower 70s). I’m so impressed with people who can handle heat! I have such a hard time with it!

  11. OH MY GOSH that seafood looks AMAZING! Also congrats on the run. 8 miles is actually my favorite distance (preIT band problems). Aren’t blueberries amazing. . . thanks for the seafood inspiration

  12. Congrats on banging out the run first thing! It’s awesome that you have Sadie as a running buddy 🙂

    Training for a half this time around, I also experimented with different fueling. I tried the Clif Shot Blox and Gu gels. I really liked the Gu (orange-vanilla flavor) a lot more than I thought I would, and it was much easier to use on the go than chomping on gummies/feeling like I was going to choke! I used 2 Gu’s during the race – 1 about every 45 mins.

    Enjoy the rest of your day!

  13. Sounds like an awesome run!! I love your cute little dog in the corner of the pita chip photo. That’s so cool you’re doing the rock-n-roll half marathon! There is one near me next spring and I’m hoping to do it 🙂

  14. Way to go! Props to you for running in the heat…it is killing me too here in Texas! And your dinner last night looks like my version of food heaven! YUM!

  15. AH great run! I ran today in the heat as well, it was terrible! I start my half marathon training soon and you have me pumped!

    xo Lynzy


  16. Wow, congrats on the long run, especially in the heat, that’s really awesome! Do you have to give Sadie water on the run? Just curious how, if you do.. I need to figure out how to bring water for myself AND my dog actually. I guess a trip to PetSmart and the running store is in order.

    And the crab legs look awesome, I used to work at a seafood restaurant and miss the days when I would make a ton of money and reward myself with crab or lobster. YUM.

  17. Julie,

    I really appreciated your ‘dealing with exercise guit’ post yesterday as it is something I try and handle regularly.
    Goodluck with your running training.I need to start training again as I just ran my first half marathon a few weeks ago 🙂 so incredible.

    As one dedicated reader of ‘PeanutButterFingers’ I would greatly appreciate your vote tomorrow.
    Find me here at:
    It is sorta silly but you cant stop a girl on a mission…

    Spread the word!

  18. Crab legs are phenomenal…I could eat them every day!
    P.S. – Love Sadie’s commentary 😉

  19. Congrats on the run!! Running in the heat really kills me. Love Sadie’s list. 🙂

    I really love Clif Shot Bloks while running. The margarita flavor has sea salt already in it to replace those electrolytes!!

  20. I definitely would be hitting the gym in that kind of heat! Or staying inside to work out. Or lay on the couch…I don’t like the heat… =P

  21. Wow! You’re brave; I won’t even attempt to run unless the temp is 80 or below because I know I’ll wimp out halfway through! Lets just say my recumbent bike has been getting a lot of use lately, hahah. Spring and FALL are the best times for running, definately!

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  23. […] I began running distances longer than eight miles, I noticed that I felt hungry more often.  On long run days once my appetite returned (I’m […]

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