Rutabaga Fries!!!

Fun fact: When Ryan was growing up his dad used to call him Rutabaga. Reason: Unknown.


When Ryan and I were browsing around the farmer’s market on Sunday, I picked up two gigantic rutabagas.

I asked the woman running the vegetable stand how most people typically prepare rutabagas and she said she likes them raw. She said rutabagas are “disgusting” when they’re cooked.

Hmm… I like raw veggies, but really like roasted veggies, so I ignored her little warning and set out to make rutagbaga fries after later reading that you can basically prepare rutabagas the same way you prepare turnips.

I figured that since I loved the turnip fries I made in April and again in May, why wouldn’t I love rutabaga fries prepared the same way?

My logic didn’t fail me, my friends.

Rutabaga fries are flippin’ phenomenal!

Rutabaga Fries

Eat Me!

They’re easier to make than turnip fries because rutabagas are a slightly softer veggie, which makes them easier to slice into thin fries.

To make the fries:

  • Preheat oven to 400 degrees
  • Peel rutabaga using a vegetable peeler
  • Slice the peeled rutabaga into fries
  • Spray cooking sheet with cooking spray and add fries
  • Spray fries with cooking spray (or toss fries in olive oil) and season with salt, pepper and chili powder (or seasonings of your choice)
  • Flip fries several times to coat before baking for 15 minutes
  • Flip the fries and bake for another 10 – 20 minutes until desired doneness is achieved

Ryan’s first thought about the fries? “They really look like fries!”

For all of you mamas out there, maybe you can pull a fast one on the kids with these babies?

When I Dip, You Dip, We Dip

We enjoyed our rutabaga fries with ketchup for dipping and BBQ pulled chicken sandwiches.

BBQ Pulled Chicken

BBQ Pulled Chicken Sandwich

All Together Now

Next Time

I think I will be making this recipe for maple glazed rutabaga for my next attempt with the veggie… but I think Cooking Light didn’t select the correct picture to correspond with this recipe. Pasta = rutabaga??? 😉

Mid-Week Break

Last week I loved the way my body felt after cramming an inordinate amount of veggies into my lunch in the form of a mega-salad, so I decided to keep the fun rollin’ and made another ginormous salad today.

Large and In Charge

“Could this salad BE any bigger?” (Said in a Chandler Bing voice, of course. 😉 )

This time my salad included:

  • Chopped romaine lettuce
  • Cabbage
  • Grape tomatoes
  • Carrots
  • Cucumber
  • Goat cheese
  • Balsamic vinegar and olive oil

Pretty Veggies

I’m feeling the veggie vibes throughout my body now! Maybe I’m insane, but after eating a huge salad, I really do feel more energized. Even if it’s all in my head, I’ll take it! J

Along with my salad, I had a cup of Dannon Greek yogurt with honey for protein and a little sweetness.


Wednesday Lunch

Mid-Week Break

Though I love my job, sometimes I think about what I would do if I had a day off in the middle of the week.

Since weekends are often crammed with social activities and plans with family and friends, a mid-week break sure would be nice sometimes.

With an extra day off in the middle of the week I would:

  • Sleep in
  • Take Sadie to the dog park
  • Do laundry
  • Work out and take time to explore new strength training exercises
  • Take a yoga class at my gym (The one that they only seem to offer in the middle of the work day)
  • Make a more involved dinner
  • Run errands
  • Finally address our save the dates
  • Get a pedicure
  • Read my book

What would you do if you had a day off in the middle of the week?

Bob Marley Barley

Barley is the jam. Not only does it rhyme with Bob Marley who is responsible for some pretty jammin’ music, but it tastes fantastic to boot!

I cooked up some barley last night while I was making dinner and placed the hot grain in the fridge overnight so it would be nice and cold today.

This morning I added Greek yogurt and fresh pineapple (Chopped by Ryan – Thank you!) to the barley for a pineapple barley breakfast bowl.

Vibrant Yellow

Pineapple Barley Breakfast Bowl

The pineapple Ryan picked up at the grocery store that I included in this bowl was perfectly ripe and oh-so-sweet.

Wednesday Breakfast

Stir it Up

I listened to Bob Marley and made sure to “Stir It Up,” before digging in.

This pineapple barley yogurt bowl was tasty! It now has a new place in my heart next to my strawberry barley breakfast bowl and my raspberry barley breakfast bowl.


This cold, creamy breakfast was the perfect thing to come home to after a good workout this morning.

I took a BodyPump class (upped my chest weight!), followed by 25 minutes of light cardio on the elliptical with OK! magazine. Trashy celebrity gossip magazines are terrific for gym reading since they’re basically picture books and I don’t have to feel dizzy as I try to read the articles. I’m in it for the pics! 😀

National Running Day

I saw this little tid bit of information on yesterday and had to share it with you runners and non-runners: Today is National Running Day!

In honor of this special day, check out these running-related tips, articles and posts:

Assuming you are not injured, I believe running is something anyone can do. Seriously! Even you, the reader who is thinking “I don’t know if I can even run a mile.” Well, you can! It just takes time, patience and practice. Check out the tips for new runners link (above) for some thoughts from me and blog readers on how to ease your way into running.

Question of the Day

Is running a part of your regular workout routine? How often do you run?