Cleaning: No, Baking: Yes

After making the two-hour drive back to Orlando from Sarasota, Ryan and I opened the doors to a semi-messy apartment. I was so not  in the mood to clean and instead opted to do some baking!

I didn’t want to bake anything too complicated since cleaning the apartment was still on the agenda, so I decided to make my favorite three-ingredient recipe.

Flourless peanut butter cookies!

Within 15 minutes, I had a huge plateful of these little beauties:

Flourless PB Cookies


Sweet 'n' Nutty

I ate four immediately and see more in my future…

Time to run to the grocery store  and get to that cleanin’ I’ve been avoiding…

Dog Beach

Today started out on a great note.

Broken Egg Restaurant

Once everyone was awake, we headed out to the Broken Egg for a hearty breakfast.

Peak Inside

The last time we went to the Broken Egg, Ryan’s banana walnut streudel stuffed French toast stole the show. This time we were smart and ordered the exact same dish to share, along with a large plate of fresh fruit.

Banana Walnut Streudel Stuffed French Toast


Fresh Fruit

The French toast was just as delicious as we remembered.

Dog Beach

With full bellies, we headed back to the house to pick up Sadie to head to Venice to the dog beach.

Dog Beach

Water Dog

The beach was full of friendly dogs.

Ryan and I had a great time swimming and soaking up the sun while his mom and her boyfriend enjoyed reading under the shade of a big umbrella.

Enjoying the Shade

Catchin' Some Rays

Coercing Sadie for a Swim

Play Time!

Sadie had a blast jumping in and out of the water and chasing dragonflies. I think she’ll sleep well tonight!


Fun in the Ocean

Ryan and I realized this was our first trip to the beach all year!

It felt good to feel the sand between our toes and the salt water on our skin. I see more beach days in our future!

We’re planning on spending a few more hours in Sarasota before packing up and heading back to Orlando.

See ya from O-Town! 😀