Simple Salmon

Last week after I made trout for dinner, I realize two important things:

  1. Fish is tasty
  2. Fish is super easy to make

I think fish will begin to surface in my evening meals with more regularity because of these two lil’ factors.


Tonight I prepared salmon by sprinkling the fish with a mix of lemon, basil and thyme spices before broiling it in the oven for about 8 minutes, until the fish was flaky and cooked through.

Fishy Fishy

Along with the fish, I enjoyed roasted broccoli and organic garbanzo beans.

Roasted Broccoli

Garbanzo Beans

My Plate

I love how broiling fish creates an almost crusty layer  on the of the top of the fish.

This entire dinner was ready in 15 minutes. Love that. 😀

I’m off to flip through some bridal magazines and wait for Ryan to arrive home from his motorcycle class. (Ryan is taking a 3-day motorcycle license certification class. No, he does not have plans to buy a bike. He’s just doing it for fun. Boys will be boys. 😉 )

Sandwiches > Salads

To me, sandwiches > salads.

Though you can cram a bunch of stuff into a salad, I still prefer lots of veggies smooshed between doughy bread smeared with whatever condiment is calling to me that day.

Chicken Sandwich

Today I made myself a simple chicken sandwich on a Pepperidge Farm whole wheat deli flat. I topped the bread with roasted red pepper hummus, spinach and plum tomato slices.

Roasted Red Pepper Hummus

On the side I enjoyed a cup of perfectly ripe grape tomatoes.

Grape Tomatoes

Lunch is Served

Even though it’s hotter than Hades outside, I am grateful for this season because of all the extremely fresh and inexpensive produce. 😀

Question of the Afternoon

What do you prefer: sandwiches or salads?

Hula Hooper

Usually the people who are up running around the lake by our apartment before 7 a.m. look pretty hardcore. They’re decked out in spandex and an old race t-shirt, and check their Garmin every 2.2 seconds.

On my morning run with Sadie today, however, we saw something out of the ordinary: a hula hoop walker.

Hula Hooper

We saw a woman walking the mile loop around the lake while hula hooping. This lady had skills!

I thought Sadie would be spooked by the hoop, but she kept her cool and we ran right past the  woman. To Sadie, baby strollers = scary, hula hoopers = not so much.

"You Got Nothin' Hula Hoops!"

The heat during our five-mile run was really intense. There’s one heck of a heatwave in Central Florida right now and it made our run a little more challenging than usual. I was sweating like crazy and felt fatigued much earlier in the run that I normally do. I’m downing water like a mad woman now. Gotta rehydrate!


This past weekend at Ryan’s mom’s house, I spotted Libby’s canned pumpkin in her pantry. I freaked out and asked her where she found it because our local grocery store hasn’t stocked pumpkin in months.

The Elusive Pumpkin

She said she’d had the pumpkin for a while and offered to let me take two cans back to Orlando. Sweet!!!

I was pretty excited to include the canned pumpkin in a yogurt barley breakfast bowl this morning.

Apple + Pumpkin + Barley + Yogurt

I added freshly chopped apple and sweetener to the mix for a little extra crunch and sweetness.

Most of the apple went directly into my mouth and only several little chunks actually made it into the breakfast bowl.

Stirred Up

Git in Mah Belly!

Oh pumpkin, how I’ve missed you!

Question of the Morning

Can you hula hoop?

I can… for about 10 seconds. 🙂