Ryan’s First Fish

Our dinner tonight was extra special because my he-man fiancé speared it himself!


On Saturday, Ryan and my dad went spear fishing. It was Ryan’s first time trying the sport and he successfully nabbed a hogfish!

Trophy Fish 😉


Check out the teeth on this bad boy!


Ryan said he had to shoot it in self defense. 😉

When they returned from their big adventure, my dad showed Ryan how to filet a fish, and we were left with two filets to enjoy for dinner tonight.

I was left with the task of making the fish taste good and wanted to be sure to highlight the flavors of Ryan’s big catch with some yummy seasonings.

Since I love Old Bay on basically any seafood, I figured using that seasoning was a good way to go.

After sprinkling the hogfish with Old Bay, I broiled it for about eight minutes, until the fish flaked with a fork.

Fresh Catch

On the side we enjoyed roasted broccoli and fresh blueberries.


Fresh Bluebs

This dinner was quite appropriate for the first day of summer, huh?
Freshly caught fish and fresh berries simply scream summer!
Question of the Evening
In your opinion what food screams summer?
In my mind nothing screams summer like watermelon! 😀

Bare As Can Be

Our fridge and pantry are currently bare as can be! Ryan and I usually hit up the grocery store on Sundays but didn’t make it there yesterday. Alas, my lunchtime options were pretty miniscule.

Good thing a peanut butter sandwich is always a fantastic standby!

The Old Standby

Today’s peanut butter sandwich included Crazy Richards chunky pb smeared on top of a Pepperidge Farm whole wheat deli flat.

On the side I had steamed broccoli sprinkled with garlic salt and Brothers-All-Natural apple crisps that I snagged from my parents’ house this weekend.

Brothers-All-Natural Apple Crisps

Monday's Lunch

Quite the random assortment of goodies, but tasty nonetheless!

Just One Second

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Receiving a regular mammogram is so important for women in the prevention and early detection of breast cancer. You may read about my mom’s journey with breast cancer here.

On the Menu

I’m pretty excited about what’s on the menu for dinner evening!

I’ll give you a hint: Ryan scored this meal for us on Saturday.

Any guesses???

Question of the Afternoon

What is your standby meal that you make when you have nothing on hand?

Pump Up the Jam

“Pump up the jam, pump it up

Pump it up yo pump it!”

My morning was pumpin’ in two different ways…

Pump One: BodyPump

I think taking Friday off from strength training made me feel extra powerful as I tackled my typical Monday morning BodyPump class. It felt good to push my muscles and feel the burrrn. After spending several years in the gym as a cardio queen, it’s funny that I now definitely prefer strength training to cardio.

I actually have a little plan in my head once my half marathon training is over that will really focus on strength training. I think I may try waving goodbye to long cardio sessions, replacing them with short, fast interval or HITT sessions to see how my body responds. I think my body will be ready for some time away from running and steady-rate cardio after the half on August 1. Should be interesting!

Pump Two:Pumped Up Protein Oats

Super simple breakfast this morning: Pumped up protein oats!

Only two ingredients were used to create this filling bowl of protein-packed oatmeal.

  • 1/2 c. old fashioned oats
  • 1/2 scoop All the Whey chocolate peanut butter cup protein powder

Oats + Protein Powder

I combined the oats and protein powder and decent amout of water and stirred everything up before placing it in the microwave for a minute, stirring it every 20 seconds or so to prevent overflow. After a minute, I added a little more water and microwaved it for another 30 seconds, stirring it every ten seconds.

Chocolate Protein Oats

Come in Close for the Good Stuff

I ate this combination a lot during the winter months when it was chilly, but it still tastes wonderful even when the weather is scorching.

On the side I enjoyed dark cocoa Pumpkorn, a tasty combination of cocoa powder-dusted pumpkin seeds.

Dark Cocoa Pumpkorn

This was one heck of a chocolatey breakfast… Just the way I like it! 😀

Question of the Day

Did you listen to Jock Jams CDs?

I did and I still love classics like: