The Best Part of Waking Up…

Is Folgers in your cup!

Is a finger full of peanut butter!

Peanut Butter Fingers Progression

Okay, I guess that little jingle doesn’t have quite the same ring to it as the Folgers jingle, but I’d take a peanut butter finger over a cup of instant coffee any day! 😀

This morning I kicked off my breakfast with a peanut butter finger (obviously) before digging into a bowl of Greek yogurt topped with fresh raspberries, blueberries and apple pieces.

Berries, Apple, Greek Yog

Doesn’t this breakfast just scream summer?

Fourth of July in a Bowl

The Whole Shebang



I was in the mood for a good workout this morning! I guess that’s what a quality day off will do to ya!

I got all nice ‘n’ sweaty during BodyPump and followed up the strength training class with easy cardio on the elliptical.

While ellipticizing, I read Southern Living, which I plucked off the magazine rack.  The latest issue of that magazine has approximately eight recipes I wanted to make, but I will refrain because the key ingredient in all of them appears to be shortening. I can handle butter in a recipe, but for some reason shortening grosses me out. Bleh.

What ingredient in a recipe grosses you out?

33 Responses

  1. Oooh shortening really grosses me out, too. My grandma actually used LARD in a ton of recipes. Fat in general (like fat on meat, etc) has always really grossed me out!

  2. Haha, shortening definitely grosses me out too! And I agree with Jessica ^ …the word lard not only grosses me out, but totally cracks me up, too. 😉
    I still can’t quite handle olives or sardines either…maybe someday!

  3. For me, mayonnaise tends to gross me out!

  4. ONIONS! To me, biting into an onion (or even seeing one in my food) is like biting into a bug. I get all hot and feel like I’m going to pass out. If a recipe calls for onions I either omit, or skip the recipe altogether.

    Lard and shortening are gross too. I did use shortening one time for a buckeye recipe…it only called for 1 TBS to add to the melted chocolate to help it adhere better. I ended up using 1/2 TBS and then throwing the container of shortening away. 🙂 The buckeyes were delicious, and I read that you can use oil instead of shortening for something like that.

  5. Totally agree…shortening totally grosses me out! Or when a recipe calls for lard. Lard…eck!

  6. Seriously just had the shortening conversation w/ a coworker last week, when I went to make cookies using the stuff. I swear, my mom used to have a container in the pantry that I promise is still there 20 years later! When the world comes to an end, I bet that stuff will live on forever!! GROSSSSS!!

  7. Lard was mine, too, and I see I’m not the only one. What a disgusting word!

  8. With you on the butter shortening thing- who uses shortening anymore

  9. Shortening is a good one. I can’t stand mayonnaise. Bleck.

    Your colorful fruit looks divine!

  10. Mayonnaise. Yuck.

  11. Mayo! Can’t do it. yuck.

  12. Mayo is all kinds of nasty! Can’t do it….nope!

  13. Mayo is definitely mine. Especially when its loads, hate foods swimming int he stuff.

    Have a great monday Julie!

  14. haha aw you look so cute in the pb finger pictures! i literally had that song tune in my head while reading that 🙂 & i hate mayo, like a few others said above! yuck


  15. Shortening and cream are gross out ingredients to me!
    I’m suprised mayo is on so many people’s gross out list.

  16. Any sort of meat completely grosses me out. Because I start to picture eating it and then I gag. Blech.

    I always end my breakfast with peanut butter…ah so good!

  17. I agree with you on the shortening, but mayo grosses me out every time too! I usually replace it with plain Greek yogurt. Lovely breakfast you’ve got there! 🙂

  18. I would say shortening grosses me out. And sadly, right now chicken as an ingredient makes me want to vomit. How can I hate chicken?!

  19. Mayo for sure!

  20. Yaaay what a perfect start to a week – peanut butter! And summery fruits, of course 😀

    Shortening is pretty gross – my Dad uses it sometimes and it honestly just looks like a gigantic blob of nastiness. I’m definitely not a fan of mayonaisse either – same reason why, and it’s just ughh gooey and bloopy. GROSS! Haha.

    Happy Monday Julie 🙂

  21. Where did you get that black shirt? Its super cute!

  22. Eggs. I can eat stuff with cooked eggs, but cracking them seriously grosses me out…my parents make fun of me for holding it in a paper towel while I crack it!! The concept of eating what would/could have been a fetus just grosses me out.

  23. I never use shortening either– you could probably sub butter for it, yeah? Maybe not.

  24. I always substitute butter for shortening. No thank you, trans fat + hydrogentated oils.

  25. Shortening is pretty gross, but mayo to me is the worst. It makes me nauseous just thinking about it in a recipe.

  26. I know what you mean; I took a couple days off from cardio, I came back this morning to hit it so hard! Its amazing how motivating rest can be.

  27. Mayo. Ick. But I love pimento cheese and chicken salad – those all involve mayo. So I’ve toughened up a bit.

  28. Too cute with the pb;)

  29. LARD demands an immediate return to the shelf. Nasty!

  30. I TOTALLY unconsciously sang ‘Folger’s in your cup’ when I read the title (before I clicked on the post to open it!). I’m glad I’m not the only one who thought of that! You crack me up! I know I always tell you this, but you are so photogenic! Seriously. Not only are you the warmest, happiest, kindest and most positive person I know- you are also cute and ridiculously photogenic. I should hate you, but that’s impossible since you are so nice and hilarious! Hope you look in the mirror everyday, and realize how positively you impact those around you and those of us that read your posts! I’ve been going through a hard time, and your posts make such a difference!
    your friend,

  31. I’ve seen a few recipes that call for LARD.

    I mean, seriously?? LARD??

    Ew ew ew.

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