Cocoa Oats & a Giveaway

As Ryan and I were walking to the gym this morning I was feeling laaaazy. 

I told him I wasn’t going to take my normal Friday 5:45 a.m. BodyPump class and was going to do my own strength training routine instead. After he went upstairs to do his own workout, I filled my water bottle and changed my mind. Apparently I can’t resist the ‘Pump! 

Even though BodyPump is challenging, it is perfect for those days when I’m feeling lethargic or unmotivated because once I’m in the class, I can’t leave and always stay and get a great workout. Power through! 😀 

I did take it easy on the cardio front today and skipped it altogether in favor of taking Sadie on a 40 minute  walk around the lake near our apartment. 

Can you blame me for wanting a little extra time with this face? 

Walk Me!


When we returned from our walk, I let some steel cut oats simmer on the stove while taking a quick shower. 

Simmer, Baby, Simmer

Post shower, I chocolified them up by stirring in a scoop of All the Whey chocolate peanut butter cup protein powder and a tablespoon of cocoa powder. 

Oats + PP + Cocoa Powder

The result? 

Cocoa oats! 


Who doesn’t love a lil’ chocolate for breakfast? 

Monterey Pasta Company Giveaway 

If you’ve been following this blog for a while now, you are well-aware of my adoration for Monterey Pasta Company‘s ravioli. 

Love This Stuff

The pasta poofs have popped up in many of my lunches and dinners since I started this blog. Apparently the company got wind of my intense love for their product, because I received a ginormous box of their ravioli and tortellini to sample last month. 

After enjoying bowl after bowl of tasty pasta, I contacted the company again to ask if they would offer some of you free sample coupons to try a ravioli, tortellini or pasta product of your choice. 

Thankfully they said yes and send me a bunch of coupons to distribute. 

For You!

You know what that means! With a bunch of coupons on my hands, you have a great chance to win! There will be FIVE winners of this giveaway. 🙂 

To enter, simply comment on this post, telling me about your favorite pasta dish. 

The winners will be selected randomly and announced tomorrow morning.

167 Responses

  1. I just posted pasta today! I don’t love pasta, but I do love ravioli and gnocchi. 🙂

  2. I love pasta! My favorite is penne with sundried tomatoes, olives, pine nuts, spinach and a drizzle of olive oil.

  3. Great giveaway, I’ve never tried this brand and just recently saw it in Target. My favorite pasta is any really – I could eat it everyday!

  4. Yum, I love pasta! My favorite way to eat it is just plain with a little salt and butter!

  5. Mmm I love ALL pasta… but my favorite is tortellini. A local restaurant prepares it with a cheesy alfredo sauce, sliced bananas, grapes, and scallions. YUM!! 🙂

  6. My favorite pasta dish has to be chicken alfredo over pretty much any kind of pasta! It is not the most nutritionally sound, but it is so yummy!

  7. I am always so impressed with your morning routine! & thanks for doing the giveaway. I love pasta way too much to choose one kind, but stuffed shells always make me particularly happy.

  8. Hi Julie – love your blog!
    My favorite would have to be gnocci…….with just a little butter and parmesan cheese. YUM!

  9. I love whole wheat pasta mixed with mushrooms, homemade sauce, and roasted broccoli! Love all those veggies in the pasta deliciousness! 😉

  10. I love any kind of veggie pasta dish with lots of marinara sauce! More veggies the better! 🙂

  11. I really love this brown butter ravioli dish that I made from a Rachel Ray recipe. I haven’t made it in years but it was so easy and even my husband who was very hesitant about trying it, loved it! If I win, I will make it again!

  12. My favorite pasta is either tortellini or ziti! Yum 🙂

  13. I love my pasta with veggies. And I have to have sun dried tomatoes! 🙂

  14. We like the wheat pasta in baked ziti! It is a crowd pleaser around our house, which is good for 3 young boys! Thanks for the giveaway!

  15. Absolutely love pasta! After reading your blog for several months now you’ve inspired me to order carba nada noodles! I can only imagine how good these ravioli’s are!! I love raviolis with home made sauce and cheese!!

  16. I love whole wheat pasta mixed with veggies like mushrooms and zucchini… and then topped with a little olive oil and seasoning- simple and sweet!

  17. I love to include chilled cheese raviolis in my caesar salad for lunch. And of course lots of parmesan cheese!!
    Question – Is Ryan a breakfast eater? Just wondered as your so faithful with eating a healthy breakfast. That’s one thing I don’t take time for. Maybe I’ll try your smoothie recipe – sounds quick & easy.

    • ryan is a multiple-breakfast eater. 🙂 he drinks a protein shake immediately after he wakes up & then about an hour later he has almost the same breakfast every day: oatmeal w/ a big scoop of peanut butter & a cup of strawberry greek yogurt.

      i would definitely try to take time for breakfast. it starts your day off on the right foot, gets your metabolism going & helps prevent overeating later in the day – all good things! i ❤ breakfast. 🙂

  18. I love my Mom’s veggie baked ziti. It is soo delish!!

  19. I can’t fathom getting up so early and doing Body Pump at 5:45. I can’t fathom opening my eyes at 5:45. You’re hard-core.

    My favorite pasta dish is so simple and boring: spaghetti with marinara.

  20. My favorite pasta dish goes way back to my childhood- Pastina with butter!!

  21. Oh – all pasta is good but I love ravioli and carbanara

  22. How fun!!! My favorite way to prepare pasta is angle hair or spaghetti mixed with sauteed tomatoes garlic spinach and onion…YUM

  23. This pasta always looks amazing! It’s hard to pick my favorite but I’m gonna go with cheese tortellini with pesto sauce and lots of parm on top! mm carbs & cheese = love

  24. I am an equal opportunity pasta lover but I can never say no to tortellini with pesto. It reminds me of dinners growing up!! Thanks for such a great give away! 🙂

  25. i love pasta! any kind- pasta salad in my lunch, lasagna, mac & cheese, anything really! 🙂

  26. I love all pasta, but have been particularly fond of tortellini with basil pesto lately-yummy!!!!

  27. I love whole wheat pasta…..especially baked ziti!!

  28. My favorite… definitely lobster ravioli. SO delicious.

    I’ve been considering buying carba nada for when I go back to college, since your blog has convinced me that the products are awesome. They seem far healthier than what a dining hall has to offer! Are they only available to buy online?

    • yeah, unfortunately i’ve never seen it sold in stores. 😦 sells it for a decent price & has $5 flat-rate shipping, which is nice.

      • Funny—it is sold in every grocery store around me. I never realized, until reading this, that the company that makes Carba Nada (Al Dente pasta) is a local company from metro Detroit, where I live. I didn’t know how lucky I was! The prices online are pretty comparable to what they are sold for in the stores around here. Good stuff!

  29. Fist pump!! I love sprinkling cocoa into my yogurt if I am hankering for something sweet. Keep the No Pudge mix far away:)

    I love pesto/basil ravioli. I discovered just last week, sad but true.

    Happy Friday bella!!

  30. Baked butternut squash ravioli, with a butter-sage sauce! Delish!

  31. Julie- I’ve been reading your blog for a little while now and find that you are so sweet and positive! Plus, I love your dedication to nutrition and fitness- it helps me stay motivated for my upcoming wedding!
    Favorite pasta dish? I’d take a classis mac ‘n’ cheese any day!

  32. Hubs and I have been going Greek-inspired pasta. Fresh cherry tomatoes, feta cheese, olives = summer goodness!

  33. I am a pasta freak..have been to Italy and back in search of the best pastas in the world!! My personal favorite is gnocci in a pesto cream sauce…delish!

  34. My favorite pasta dish lately is whole wheat angel hair topped with roasted veggies and marinara– leftovers are great for lunch too!

  35. I absolutely LOVE pasta. Any pasta, any sauce, any toppings. CHEESE. 😀

  36. My favorite pasta dish is butternut squash ravioli – yum!

  37. pumpkin ravioli yummooo

  38. Mmm I’m all over ravioli + a can of cream of mushroom soup + chicken broth. I don’t know what you call it…I call it delicious!

  39. I love Bolognese, but I have been very interested in your ravioli posts & would love to try these! Especially the ravioli “sandwich!” 🙂 Happy Friday!

  40. Pasta in ANY form is fabulous, but I’m quite partial to a bowl of rotini topped with red sauce, a BUNCH of roasted veggies, and, depending on my mood, some sliced chicken sausage.
    Thanks so much for the giveaway! 🙂

  41. I, too, am a pasta lover! Though it’s hard to choose a favorite, I would have to say pasta with either my dad’s famous spaghetti sauce or his pesto with fresh basil out of his garden – yum!

    Since I just moved from Ohio to FLORIDA 🙂 for grad. school, I don’t have easy access to his homemade sauces anymore. I would love to try these packaged pastas – they would be great for a simple meal for someone with a crazy schedule!

    Happy Friday 🙂

  42. I love raviolis! I like them plain with a little parm chz sprinkled on top, but if I win this giveaway I’m going to try your ravioli sandwich!!

  43. There is a restaurant near our house that is just the best for Italian food. They have a dish called Veggie Rotolo. It is a past noodle that has spinach and ricotta cheese. Oh mouthwatering.

  44. My favorite pasta dish is my mama’s baked good!

  45. I loooooooove pumpkin ravioli!! The hubs has asked that I cook it every week. I’m sure there are other brands out there, but up here in Michigan I frequent Meijer, so I buy the Meijer brand and it’s I top it with sliced chicken sausage and make a sauce out of Laughing Cow (garlic and herb) with fat free condensed milk (careful, don’t buy the sweetened!!). Adding the spicy chicken sausage to the sweet pumpkin ravioli makes a perfect combination!!!

  46. While mac & cheese is my favorite…I just got some brie and garlic ravioli from Costco which is awesome with just a little butter…and chopped up sundried tomatoes!

  47. My favorite pasta is usually ravioli, especially when it is stuffed with interesting ingredients! Add some marinara sauce and cheese and YUM! Love your blog, BTW 🙂

  48. My comfort food is just plain spaghetti with marinara. Thanks for the giveaway!

  49. My favorite pasta always involves pesto, chopped walnuts, spinach, & lots of other veggies:)

  50. Butternut squash ravioli or Butternut squash & goat cheese lasagna are two of my favorites. Mmmmmmmmm is it too early for pasta? haha

  51. My favorite pasta dish in the summer is cavatappi pasta with pesto sundried tomatoes and fresh mozzarella! Yum!

  52. Bawww look at your pups face. precious!

    I don’t discriminate when it comes to pasta- I chow it ALL! Except puttanesca. HATE olives!

  53. mine would probably be pumpkin, spinach, ricotta ravioli or tortellini with a good sage brown butter sauce! great giveaway

  54. My all time favorite pasta dish is simply angel hair with chuncky marinara sauce. I am a easy gal to please. Thanks for your kind words on my blog, Julie. I appreciate it. 🙂

  55. Oh man, I could could use anyting that is free right especially food 🙂
    Pasta 🙂 with Pesto, sun dried tomatoes, brocoli, mushrooms, chicken, spinach, red onion, and a Cow ches. Wedge. so many different ways. Im currently trying to get our daughter to expand beyond mac and ches. 🙂

  56. I love anything with pesto. Or a good ravioli with sundried tomato and mushrooms inside. yum!

  57. My all-time favorite pasta dish is my mom’s Baked Ziti! I haven’t had it since I was a little girl (over 20 years ago!) but I can still taste that incredib le combination of zesty tomato sauce, springy noodles and gooey cheeses as if it was yesterday! Thanks for such a great giveaway!

  58. There’s an amazing local italian restaurant and I love their fettucine with creamy pesto sauce!! So heavenly!!

  59. You can’t beat a good mushroom ravioli. It’s 10am and I could eat right now Mmmmmmm

  60. my favorite pasta dish is angel hair with a lemon creme sauce! my family makes homemade meatballs which pairs very well with the lemon sauce thats a family recipe. Also I’m italian so any pasta dish with a red sauce usually hits the spot!

  61. Tortellini has always been one of my favorite foods! When I was younger I would just eat a heaping bowl of it, loaded with thick tomato sauce. Now I try to throw some broccoli, mushrooms and/or zucchini in there for a more balanced meal.

  62. My favorite pasta dish when I go out to eat will always be penne ala vodka, it was all I would order at Italian restaurants growing up. My favorite at home pasta dish is my mom’s whole wheat pasta with broccoli rabe, spicy turkey sausage, plum tomatoes, and hugeee chunks of garlic 🙂

  63. oh, i am not picky when it comes to pasta! :0) i LOVE any type with pesto and tons of fresh veggies. i’m pretty sure you can’t go wrong with pasta though…

  64. my current favorite pasta dish is arugula and spinach pesto over spaghetti or linguini. it’s a great use of the greens i’m growing in the garden and is light and delicious!

  65. I’m a simple girl I love just plain spaghetti! 🙂

  66. Pasta with veggies and olive oil with a little parm. Fresh, light and yummy!

  67. I’m a simple girl and LOVE meaty marinara sauce with angel hair pasta! But, I’d have to say my all-time favorite is lasagna! My mom and grandma make the best! Now I’m hungry… 🙂

  68. Bucatini All’amatriciana! I had never heard of this until I studied abroad in Italy, but it was literally love at first bite 🙂 It’s really simple – bucatini pasta with tomato sauce made with pork, then covered in pecorino romano cheese – but it is incredibly delicious.

  69. I love love love lasagna, and any kind of ravioli, lobster, cheese, spinach, oh and tortellini!

  70. My favorite pasta dish is something I recently started making: baked pasta. It includes penne pasta with lots and lots of veggies (zucchini, peas, tomatoes, asparagus–whatever else I have on hand. I also add spices of oregano and crushed red peppers. Plus, it wouldn’t be a pasta dish without a topping of parmesan. 😉 My fiance and I love it and our tummies are happy after gobbling it up!

  71. Great give away! I love all types of ravioli but especially love mushroom ravioli, especially from the restaurant 310 downtown.

  72. Any pasta with vodka sauce is going to win me over 🙂

  73. The best pasta dish I have ever had was when I was studying in Italy and spent a weekend in Northern Italy, particularly the bicycle-friendly city of Ferrara. A specialty of the region, this dish is called Capellaci di Zucca, aka Hat-Shaped Pasta Stuffed with Pumpkin. At a bustling upstairs restaurant, it was served in butter and sage. I think my mouth cried a little when that amazingly simple but rich dish was gone. I know my mouth certainly cries when I see the tragedy that is American-style squash ravioli with added sugar and doused in low-grade cream sauce. Sigh.

  74. Any pasta with pesto – sooooo yummy!

  75. My current favorite pasta dish is cheese tortellini tossed with diced tomatoes, spinach, toasted pine nuts, chopped banana peppers (key ingredient!!), lemon juice, olive oil, and salt & pepper. It’s easy, fresh, and delicious!

  76. My favorite pasta dish comes from this little restraunt down the street from my work called Bellas. Its tortallini pasta with this yummy cheesy alfredo sauce and peas!!! I use to order it in allll the time. In fact the night i graduated from Highschool I opted to go home, and order in the pasta dish, and sit and induldge versus going out to dinner! LOL!

  77. I love my Grandma’s pasta sauce. 🙂 It tastes great on bread or pasta!

  78. My favorite pasta would have to be broccoli filled ravioli with marinara sauce 🙂

  79. My fav pasta dish is chicken parmesan! SO not healthy, but so very tastey!

  80. Favorite pasta of all time is my homemade spaghetti with meat sauce. Yummmm…

  81. Favorite pasta dish? That is like asking what to pick my favorite outfit from my closet! Way too hard to narrow it down to one! 😉

  82. I love lobster ravioli in a light vodka sauce or mixed seafood in marina sauce over linguine.. SO GOOD!

  83. My favorite pasta dish was always cheese ravioli when I was little, I would love to try different types of ravioli! I know I would LOVE them:)

  84. Any pasta stuffed with cheese and spinach! Tortellini, manacotti, ravioli…but my all time favorite is probably stuffed shells. Yum!

  85. Pumpkin ravioli with butternut sage sauce..holy yumness!

  86. All pasta is my favorite pasta! 🙂
    If the world could come up with a carb-free, fat-free, calorie-free pasta, I’d be in heaven!

  87. My favorite pasta dish is the homemade gnocchi my dad makes every year for Christmas. Heavenly!

  88. I don’t think we have that pasta in Can… I could be wrong. Some day I’m going to have to take a body pump class, they always sound so great!

  89. definitely not picky when it comes to pasta. anything with pesto is delicious though!

  90. YUM!!! I love pasta, any kind! My favorite is plain spaghetti with marinara.. so good!

  91. I could seriously live off of pasta. I really love any kind of pasta in a sweet tomato sauce. With a little fresh Parmesan on top. I was in heaven when I went to Italy on vacation. It never gets old!

  92. For a quick lunch, I make whole wheat pasta and top with rotisserie chicken and marinara sause! Yumm!

  93. Whole wheat pasta with lentil sauce. Yum!

  94. These raviolis are so tasty…we just a some marinara sauce and maybe some mushrooms and chow down 🙂

  95. My favorite pasta dish is the primavera pasta with marinara sauce from this restaurant called Mama D’s 🙂

  96. I’d say anything with pesto! YUM! 🙂

  97. I love ravioli. Such a great comfort food! I haven’t tried Monterrey, but based on your word, I am anxious to get on board.

  98. Whole wheat pasta with chunky vegetable tomato sauce and lean ground beef. Yum!!!

  99. I like pasta with lots of veggies and tomatoes.

  100. My moms baked ziti! Its amazing and she bakes it for every christmas eve. So yummy!

  101. I love tortellini with lots of veggies mixed in and just a little olive oil and parmesan cheese for a sauce! Thanks for the giveaway 🙂

  102. Pasta with pesto…………yum yum!!

  103. This is kinda lame, but I love spaghetti! There is something so comforting about a big bowl of spaghetti with meat sauce. Reminds me of growing up.

  104. I love almost any pasta (especially whole wheat penne, though) with extra spicy fra diavolo sauce. 🙂 Mmm!

  105. I loooveee ravioli and any other filled pasta 🙂

  106. Chocolate oats = YUM! My fav. pasta has to be the Tuscani pasta from Pizza Hut! I know not the best thing, but every once in awhile I’ll have it as a treat! 😉

  107. Omg what an awesome giveaway! My favorite pasta dish is butternut squash ravioli hands down.

  108. My favorite pasta dish is spinach ravioli. yum!

  109. My favorite pasta dish is anything with a toooon of cheese 🙂 What can I say — I’m a sucker for that melty, ooey, gooey cheese!

  110. I love lobster ravioli…mmmmmm!!

  111. Mmm I love all things pasta! Simple pasta with some roasted veggies or pasta with marinara sauce.. Or all of the above combined. I’m getting hungry for pasta and I just ate lunch!

  112. i love whole wheat pasta with EVOO, olives, sun dried tomatoes, artichokes and melty parmesan cheese!

  113. im bad but i have 3 favorites…
    -my momma’s unhealthy alfredo bowtie pasta
    -spinach ravioli’s in my mom’s delicious soup
    -and my grandma’s meat sauce pasta with meatballs and a hard boiled egg on top!

    sooo good! italian girl over here haha

  114. spinach ravioli… ahhhhhhh, so good! 🙂

  115. little skinny dog! he needs some carbs too 🙂

    my favorite is pasta primavera

  116. I love ravioli!

  117. I like this content so much.The determined man finds the way, the other finds an excuse or alibi.Thanks.

  118. I love a good spicy arabiata with tons of veggies and…eggplant! Eggplant parm is hands down my favorite italian food, pair it w/ spicy pasta and yum-o!! I also love the occasional pesto pasta sauce, yum! Great giveaway!


  119. ah! we had the same breakfast this morning 🙂 except i put cocoa roasted almonds on top for crunch and even moreee chocolate 🙂 SO good!

  120. Manicotti but any pasta with broccoli in it is all right in my books!

  121. my family is italian, and i am red sauced out. i love anything thats different and i didn’t eat every day growing up! i love lobster and shrimp and scallops with pasta. i love love a creamy marsala sauce too. yum.

  122. i love just pasta with red sauce and cheese. plain simple and delicious.

  123. i loooove pasta with red sauce and broccoli! it’s divine! 😀

  124. Yes we know you love your pasta girl 🙂 I love a good baked lasagna. SUCH A COMFORT FOOD! You’re probably shocked but I have never had ravioli! Haha, I’m sure I’d like it. It’s pasta and it’s stuffed. What can go wrong?

    I agree with you on the class thing. Once you’re there, you can’t really leave so it’s a good push to the end 🙂

  125. this is tough to pick one – i love pasta dishes 🙂 think my fav would be spinach and cheese ravioli though!

  126. I grew up in an Italian family, so pasta is my middle name! I love pasta loaded with roasted veggies. Or spaghetti carbonara for a special treat!

  127. hi there! I love making a “lasagna” made with raviolis as the pasta! its like its half done for you already, and its really really easy and super quick… 😉

  128. Favorite pasta dish has to be my family’s recipe for Lazy Lasagna- it is the BEST!! 🙂 & so easy to make- hence the ‘lazy’ 😉
    Sounds like a fun weekend!!

  129. Spaghetti Carbonara is my absolute favorite, but without the onions. The bacon eggy combo is amazing!!

  130. I love whole wheat penne with lots of grilled veggies mixed in, some olive oil and fresh herbs. Oh and some parmesan cheese, of course!

  131. […] Julie is doing a give-a-way! Check it […]

  132. Favorite pasta!? That’s like asking someone who their favorite child is! Hmmm… I enjoy a a well-seasoned Shrimp Scampi over Angel Hair pasta with lots of veggies and salt and parmesan!

  133. I was accidentally signed in under wordpress!

    Favorite pasta!? That’s like asking someone who their favorite child is! Hmmm… I enjoy a a well-seasoned Shrimp Scampi over Angel Hair pasta with lots of veggies and salt and parmesan!

  134. Pasta carbonera!

  135. Love quickie “lasagna” made with ravioli and lots of roasted veggies!

  136. Mushroom Ravioli! yum or anything with tons of roasted veggies!

  137. My favorite pasta dish is fried ravioli as unhealthy as that is. For a healthier dish, I like whole wheat pasta with pesto.

  138. I’ve decided to step out of the shadows and actually start commenting 🙂

    For pasta- anything with alfredo sauce; I know it’s terrible for you but it is a serious guilty pleasure of mine.

  139. I love PASTA! LASAGNE!

  140. Asparagus Cream Ravioli YYUUUMMM

  141. Manicott. Or stuffed shells. Anything with tons of Ricotta!

  142. whole wheat fussili pasta noodles with homemade pesto topped with freshly grated parm cheese, yum!!!!

  143. I love gemelli with puttanesca sauce.

  144. I love how you eat your pasta… with veggies to pump it up and a little sauce… YUM, I am hungry just thinking about it!

  145. Spinach and cheese is def my fav! I have to say, I have never seen anyone make pasta into a sandwich before, but it looks good!

  146. My favorite pasta dish is simple…

    Bowtie pasta… plus a good pesto (preferably homemade… but I can handle store-bought if I have to)… toasted pine nuts… good Parmesan cheese… a few sundried tomatoes, packed in oil… and some Kalamata olives. So good and salty! 🙂

  147. Butternut squash or pumpkin Ravioli!!! Such a good winter treat!

  148. Left over Spaghetti with meatballs is to die for! Pasta always tastes better to me the next day.

    Also, although its not super healthy, leftover meatloaf is AMAZING on a toasted everything bagel and ketchup! HEAVEN!

  149. I love plain pasta with salt, butter and garlic!!! Heck, I’ll even pop some dry macaroni in my mouth when I’m waiting for the water to boil!!!!

  150. Favorite pasta dish? It would be hard to think of one I didn’t like! Well, I guess anything with meat in it I would have to skip. But my latest favorite is whole wheat spaghetti with marinara and crumbled tempeh. Even my 4 year old gobbles it up.

  151. I love love love cheese ravioli with fresh tomato, basil and garlic sauce. Simple but delish! I’m also a huge gnocchi fan – potato pasta is basically a hybrid of my two favorite carbs!

  152. I pretty much love all sorts of pasta but my favorite is tortellini! 😉

  153. I’m pretty simple I like angel hair pasta, with sauce and feta cheese! I want to try the lobster ravioli!

  154. Favorite pasta dish is either tortellini with chicken sausage, zucchini and marinara… or baked ziti.

  155. My favorite pasta dish is TOTALLY my moms Lasagna!! She is an amazing cook and I LOVE it and ALL OF THE CHEESE!! 🙂

  156. It’s hard to pick my favorite pasta dish, but I’m going to say stuffed shells!

  157. I am obsessed with Trader Joe’s turkey bolognese over whole-wheat noodles! Soo good.

    I totally agree with you, DON’T FEAR THE NOODLE! 😉

  158. Pasta has always been one of my fear foods but i’d love to try the lobster or spinach kinds!

  159. Mmm, my favorite pasta would be a simple garlic + olive oil + fresh basil YUM.

    do you like the chocolate peanut butter All The Whey? I’ve been wanting to try that flavor (for a while I could not find it anywhere!)

    thanks for the opportunity for pasta!

  160. Hi Julie!

    I tried a new crockpot recipe that you & Ryan might like to give a try. It’s sooooo easy and delish too!!!

    Spray crockpot with Pam spray. Put 1/2 c. finely chopped onion in the bottom along with a cup of diced baby bella mushrooms. Then 4-6 chicken breasts on top. Finally – pour your favorite jar of marinara sauce (sweetened with 1/4 – 1/2 c. of Splenda or regular sugar to give it a sweet zingy-ness). Set the crockpot on low and cook for 6-8 hours. Just before serving, give a couple of stirs.

    When ready to serve, cook your favorite type of pasta noodles (I know you love Carba Nada) or other shaped pasta. Place a serving of pasta on the plate and then top with the chicken breast/marinara sauce.

    On the side, I serve a healthy green spinach salad with sliced strawberries, slivered almonds, bacon bits, and poppyseed dressing.

    Our family loves this and it’s healthy! Give it a try!!!

    Thanks for considering my entry!


    P.S. I make extra to take the leftovers for my lunch at work…8)

  161. You have the cutest outfits!!

  162. […] breakfast, I tried something new. After seeing some delicious looking oatmeal on Julie’s page last week, I emailed her & asked her how she made it- like with water or […]

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