Gettin’ Him to the Gym

I usually like sweeter breakfasts like berry barley yogurt bowls or brownie batter hot cereal, but occasionally eggs call to me. 

“Juuuuulie…. Eat me…” 

Today was one of those days and I happily obliged. 

I made myself a big ol’ breakfast wrap with scrambled eggs, portobello mushrooms, broccoli and onion. 

Eggs + Veggies

I wrapped the egg mixture in a Joseph’s lavash wrap and dug in! 

Wrapped Up

A Peek Inside

It hit zee spot. 

Gettin’ Him to the Gym 

This morning at the gym in between songs during my typical Wednesday BodyPump class, a girl turned to me and said, “I need your tips on how to get my boyfriend to come to the gym with me.  He thinks he still has his college body, but, well… he doesn’t.” 

Of course we laughed, but it made me feel lucky that working out is a personal interest of Ryan’s. 

I started to think about her question in a little more detail during a short run with Sadie after the class. What would I do if Ryan didn’t like working out? 

Here are a couple of ideas Ryan and I came up with to try to motivate your significant other, friend or family member to workout with you: 

  • Make it a social experience… Go on a jog outside together, spot each other in the weight room, etc.
  • Take a group exercise class (Even guys like spinning!)
  •  Have a reward waiting after your workout (People at my gym live for the free coffee and will sit in the cafe and enjoy each other’s company after a good workout)
  • Do the workout where they’re comfortable, whether it be outside, in the gym or at home
  • Start with an exercise they’re comfortable with (Some people hate cardio while others are really intimidated by weights)
  • In return for working out with you, offer to do something they’re interested in

Would it bother you if your partner didn’t work out or live an active lifestyle? 

Having a partner who didn’t go to the gym would not be a deal breaker for me, but I definitely need to be with someone active who likes  to get out of the house and explore, go on walks with me and Sadie and be outside.

30 Responses

  1. I don’t know if it would be a deal breaker, but fitness is such a huge part of my life that I can’t imagine it. I don’t know what I’d do if my husband wasn’t active, but I think it would be really frustrating. I’d try to make it a ‘fun’ experience and never nag him.

  2. My husband only really started working out after we started dating, and he constantly talks about how much better he feels because of it. He talks about how he can’t imagine not exercising now. I think if you can just drag the person to the gym (or for a jog, hike, etc.) and they see how good it makes a person feel, they’ll be hooked on their own.

  3. I enjoy having an active hubby. Mark despises gyms and keeps himself fit by playing tennis, rugby and running and he does his weights at home (we have a neat little home gym). I just talked him into taking my BodyPump class tomorrow – can not wait to hear his thoughts afterwards (he is very competitive and has never taken one before ;-)).

  4. My husband and I go to the gym every other day to do a quick cardio and weights (I go on off days for cardio)…maybe she should try that…most guys like to lift weights!

    It wouldn’t be a deal breaker but if he was just flat out lazy 24/7 then I would not be dating the person.

    Your eggs look delicious!

    have a wonderful day!

  5. I’ve tried everything to get my boyfriend to start exercising again. I’ve bugged him about it, I’ve not bugged him about it, I work out pretty religiously on my own (hoping he’d join me eventually), I exercise both at the gym and outdoors (and always invite him along). I even spent $40 on a pair of 20 lb free weights that he could use at home whenever he wanted.

    It’s not even like he’s paying for a gym membership he doesn’t use, because his company pays for both of us to go. I get frustrated when he complains about not sleeping well, feeling overweight, etc (because I know exercise would help all those things), but I think for some people it really has to be 100% THEIR idea, and until they’ve personally committed to it, it’s not going to happen.

    Yes, I am dating one of the most stubborn men alive. 🙂


  6. My fiance played football for a little while in college and was in incredible shape. After he quit he continued the same eating habit and in the past year has realized that he needs to make some changes after gaining some weight. He got pretty burnt out on working out, but is trying to get back into it with active things. These past 2 weeks he’s done mountain biking, tennis, basketball, etc. I think the key is to make it enjoyable instead of a task. I LOVE FITNESS, but his inactivity was never a problem until he didn’t really understand why I would go to the gym or run instead of watch tv with him. He understands now and is actually excited about me helping him live a healthier lifestyle when we’re married!

  7. Great ideas! My Manfriend and I usually run together but usually do our own things at the gym. I like the “getting coffee” or even lunch afterwards idea! 🙂

    • AHH! I love how you called him your manfriend! I say this all the time w/ regard to ryan’s mom’s boyfriend. they’ve been together for YEARS, live together but aren’t married. for some reason “boyfriend” just doesn’t seem like a strong enough title for them, so i’ve dubbed him her manfriend. 😉

  8. My bf goes through stages when he likes to work out and then when he doesn’t. Right now is a stage when he doesn’t, although I did get him to go on a jog with me a few months ago.

  9. My husband does not like exercise at all. He’ll lift weights at home, but that’s it. He doesn’t want anyone to watch him exercise. I can’t even get him to go on walks with me.

    Instead we just find other ways to be together and enjoy each other. I don’t think it’s a deal breaker. I didn’t marry him because he’s exactly like me- I married him because he’s the complete opposite of me and we balance each other out. Also, my fitness love is new-found.

  10. Great ideas on how to motivate your significant other! It’s not a deal breaker for me, but I prefer someone to have SOME sort of interest in exercise, even if it’s just walking! 🙂

    • oh my gosh – this seems PERFECT. i don’t need anything crazy-fancy & i just wanna know my pace, distance & time. this is about 10 billion times cuter than the 305, too! thanks junie!

  11. I don’t think it would be a deal breaker for me either. However Mike is a runner and that’s his thing. He also eats whatever I make him 🙂

  12. I think as long as my hubs takes care of himself I’ll be happy. He’s just not the kind of guy to not be active. he doesn’t work out, but he’s a farmer and gets so much excercise with that. I would be bothered if he was a couch potato, but then, I wouldn’t have been so attracted to his personality if that was the case.

    I love eggs and veggies!

  13. I love that my man is active and we really push eachother when out on our runs. We do our weights seperately as i am the equivalant to a couple of plates on his barbell…heh heh.

    Have a great day Julie

  14. exercise fitness an dhealth is SUCH A huge part of my life. I would not want to be with a person if they ate fast food everynight and didn’t know what exercise was! I need to be with a person that likes more of an active lifestyle! when I met jason one of the first things I asked is if he works out haha…I mean since I studied exercise science and am a trainer it makes sense that I like to lead an active lifestyle!

  15. A few ideas hit me. First, I’ve found that one partner eventually rubs off on the other one so if she stays diligent there is a better chance he’ll come over to her side. Second, a lot of my guy friends probably couldn’t bear going to the gym by themselves; they like working out with each other, lifting weights and playing basketball. Another aspect to that I’ve noticed is how much guys like a competition, which is part of why they like going together. And lastly, regarding your friend in particular, this guy still ‘thinks’ he has a great body. A solid picture, preferably one in a swim suit, is hard to deny.

  16. Sorry, apparently I’m still a little out of it this morning. It occurred to me I didn’t answer the actual question, but I hope those ideas may help your friend:)

  17. It would SO be a deal breaker for me if I had a boyfriend that didn’t work out!! Actually, maybe ‘work-out’ isn’t the right word, because I’ve seen a ton of guys in the gym that come in, lift some big dumbells, grunt lots, and spend the rest of the time looking at themselves in the mirror! The man has to have an appreciation for a healthy lifestyle in general – the activity and the healthy eats included! You’re so lucky – you seem to have found a great one there!! As for getting guys to the gym, I’ve had a couple of my guy friends come to my spin classes and I think a lot of them are surprised by how hard it is! I think finding an instructor/class that plays a good mix of music is important – if all the songs are pop-y and girly, he’ll probably feel like he’s in a girly class. Body Pump and RPM are perfect because the mix is generally pretty even. (ps. what do you think of the new pump release?) have a great day! 🙂

  18. My husband hates the gym. I’d love for him to go with me, but he hasn’t yet. He is, however, active outside and loves to hike and ski and other outdoorsy things. It works out that we can enjoy those activities together.

    I need someone who at least likes to be active even if it’s not traditional gym work. The gym part is definitely not a deal breaker for me, but could be an added bonus.

  19. I definitely couldn’t have a lazy man that wanted to be inside watching TV all day, but I don’t think daily workouts are a requirement. However, they would be a PLUS, and I think it’s really cute that you and your man go together.

  20. what? your gym gives free coffee? I need to find a new place! haha!

    My husband is really into the gym as well. And has been since high school (longer than me), so I don’t have this problem either. I think it would definitely bother me if a guy didn’t enjoy working out in some form because I feel it directly relates to how a person feels about themself and their health. If my husband stopped working out, I’d be very concerned because something would be off mentally since he cares so much about it and his health.

    I like your ideas. Great tips!

  21. I need to try these things with my boyfriend! He ran cross country in high school and I’ve been trying to get him back into it or just doing SOMETHING. He’s so tired all the time and I think the exercise would really help him with his sleepiness. Thanks for the tips! 😉

  22. Those are all really good tips. Peter wasn’t big into working out when we first started dating and the best way for me to get him to the gym was to make up plans for him so he knew what to do and also to let him know we could spend even more time together that way. Now he is just as passionate about it. Although I do still have to write his workout plans. LOL I knew my significant other would have to be into fitness since it is a huge part of my life. However, if it is something you pick up after being with someone I don’t think its fair to hold it against them if they don’t share that passion as well.

  23. Oh is this the post for me!! I have a very funny history with this issue – when I met the hubs 5 years ago I was the most inactive, unhealthy person around. I wasn’t fat (at that point) but I ate crap and never EVER did anything active. The hubs however went to the gym to lift and run every single day, had a six-pack and ate super healthy (or at least what I thought was healthy at the time 🙂 )

    He used to hate my lifestyle and it was a big issue in our relationship – he eventually gave up on me and started sort of slipping into my bad food/lazy habits. After we got married I gained a lot of weight and was pretty out of control, then about a year ago I decided to get my act together and have lost 70 lbs, eat super healthy (for real) and workout almost every day. He now does weights only at lunch during the week and I haven’t been able to get him to run/bike/lift with me at all and it’s really bumming me out. He’s coming around to the real healthy eating recently but we’re still working on becoming more active together – it is bumming me out and I am getting tired of hearing no, but I have to think back and remember how many years he was in my situation and try and give him a break.

  24. I dont think that my SO would have to have working out/fitness as a PASSION, but it would be a deal breaker if he wasnt healthy, know what I mean?

    Luckily, Sean is just like Ryan and works out 5 days a week so can’t beat that!

  25. Hubby and I used to go to the gym together but now he plays volleyball 3 days a week. On those days I hit the gym without him. As long as both of you support each other in your healthy endevors, that’s the important thing. Support and encouragement.

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