DJ is Done

Check out Scuba Ryan and Scuba Bob!

Scuba Boys

My dad and Ryan were quite the scuba duo today.

Ryan recently purchased new scuba equipment and a spear gun for spear fishing and wanted to try it our in our pool to make sure everything checked out.

The two of them created an underwater target using a phone book and a large piece of plywood. They were quite scrappy!

Homemade Spear Gun Range

Ryan got a bullseye on his first attempt!


Wedding DJ

After all the scuba craziness, Ryan and I cleaned up to head out to St. Pete Beach to meet with a potential wedding DJ.



I love the drive out to the beach. It’s like entering a whole new world filled with salty breezes, care-free attitudes and the sound of crashing waves.

We met with the DJ, Jeff, on an outside porch and enjoyed our time with him immensely. We feel confident that we found our guy! He seemed really fun, jovial, charismatic and definitely seemed like someone who knows how to have a good time.

Tomorrow we have a meeting with a pastor and if we can hammer down our wedding officiate this weekend, all of our vendors will be booked! Phew.


When we arrived back at my parents’ house, my mom had Part II of my birthday seafood feast waiting.

Crab Legs



Seafood is my favorite. I wish it wasn’t so expensive because I would eat it a lot more often!

Between my family, me and Ryan, we did some major damage to the shellfish and crab legs.

Sadie wanted in, and managed to snag a few clams to enjoy.



After dinner we had to homemade desserts: cherry pie with crumb topping and strawberry frozen yogurt pie.


My mom and I made the cherry pie together, but we were laughing at the crumb topping because, though tasty, it looked like ground beef!

Dad’s Birthday Gift

During dessert, my dad gave me the birthday gift he (with the crafty help of my mom) made for me.

Wedding Shoes

Wedding shoes!

If you have ever seen Father of the Bride, I think you’ll understand this gift!

My family is obsessed with that movie and he thought the wedding sneakers would be a perfect fit for me.

Me, My Dad & Wedding Sneakers

I’m not 100 percent sure I’ll wear these down the aisle, but it’s definitely a possibility!! Comfy, cute and sentimental… good mix! 😀

What did your wedding shoes look like? If you’re not married, what do you want your wedding kicks to look like?

PB & J Sliders

Breakfast was tasty (homemade Belgian waffles with strawberries, syrup and whipped cream), but let’s speed through that and get to my latest brainstorm…

Belgian Waffles with Sliced Strawberries, Whipped Cream and Syrup

PBF Breakthrough

I’m sure you’ve heard of sliders… little mini hamburgers or pulled pork sandwiches often served at restaurants as appetizers?

I think I may be getting wiser in my (almost) old age (I’ll be 25 on Tuesday), because I had a brainstorm today!

PB & J Sliders

Peanut butter and jelly sliders!!!

I know I’m not the first (or likely the thousandth) person whose thought of this, but they were new to me and that’s all that counts, right?

My parents had a bunch of fresh mini deli rolls on hand and I decided to make myself pb & j sliders for lunch.


The fresh, doughy rolls almost outshined the peanut butter…  But let’s be real, that’s not exactly possible.

During the making of the sliders, approximately three peanut butter fingers occurred.


(Note: Yes, I look extremely awkward. This picture was taken with a self timer.)

I also really liked the jelly my mom had on hand in the fridge.

Sarabeth Jelly

I am typically a grape jelly kind of girl, but really liked the blueberry cherry flavor of Sarabeth’s jelly. Plus, the ingredient list was 100 percent recognizable.


With my sliders I enjoyed an orange, a handful of walnuts and two watermelon Twizzlers.



Watermelon Twizzler

Before lunch we spent time in the backyard, laying out on the dock and enjoying the sunshine.


Unfortunately the water was too choppy to take the boat out. 😦

We still managed to enjoy the sun though and Sadie got to do some serious lizard hunting.

"Ooooh Liiiizards... Where ARE You???"

Lizard Hunter Extraordinaire

Now we’re about to watch as Ryan tests out his new scuba gear in our pool.

This should be entertaining!!! 😀