5K with Sadie: A New PR!

After breakfast today, my family and I headed to Dunedin where my sister and I ran in a doggie 5k!

My Dad and His Girls

The Runners

Sadie joins me on many runs and I loved being able to run with her in a real race!

The race started around 11 a.m. The sun was shining and it was H-O-T!

Apparently Sadie has a little competitive spirit in her, because she liked to be in front. I could tell she was having a blast sniffing other dogs and running among the people and their pets.

The course was an out-and-back route along a bike trail and when we turned around to make our way back toward the finish line, Sadie saw my sister and lit up! Her Aunt Leslie!!! 

Fortunately Sadie’s excited jumps lasted less than 30 seconds and we were back in our groove in no time.

Almost Done!

We ended up finishing the 5k in 24:28 (a 7:50-something mile pace!). A personal record for me!

I always run races for fun (never for time), but I think having Sadie with me made me want to pick up my pace a bit. I knew we were the second dog/woman team out there, and I wanted to keep us in that position, so that little motivation, coupled with Sadie’s energy level made me push myself a little bit more than usual.

If you compete in races, do you participate for fun or for time?

Me and My Race Buddy

The race directors were really nice, and after dropping off my timing chip, I headed back out with Sadie to meet up with Leslie to run the last third of a mile or so with her.


Leslie did awesome and we were quite the set of sweaty sisters after the race!


It was a fun race and a great kickoff for a fun Easter weekend!

I’m off to lay out on the dock and get some sun. Catch ya lata!

Bunny Cake: Part One

I am 24-years-old and I still get an Easter basket.

I am 24-years-old and I still enjoy making and decorating Easter bunny cakes. 😀

Do you still get an Easter basket?

After a homecooked dinner of beef tenderloin, broccoli and sweet potato casserole, and a nice evening boat ride with the family, my mom, sister and I got busy in the kitchen creating our first of two Easter bunny cakes.

We debated on what cake flavor to make for a while, but eventually decided to make Bunny Number One a carrot cake bunny.

We poured the cake batter into two round cake pans to bake before waiting what seemed forever for them to cool so we could frost ’em.

We then cut into one cake so we had two ears and a bunny bow tie.

Naked Bunny

We frosted the cakes with cream cheese frosting (and practically made ourselves stick from all the finger-licks) and gave our little bunny eyes (with two Rolos + two chocolate ships), a nose (strawberry Starburst jelly beans) and whiskers (rainbow twists Twizzlers).

Yay! I have a face!

We debated making the bunny “fluffy” with shredded coconut, but decided to save that for bunny cake number two.

Poor Bunny Number One didn’t last too long and lost his bow tie and half of his ears rather quickly.

My Sister Slicing the Cake

I enjoyed a nice, big piece of Bunny Number One, as well as a couple small slivers before bed. 😉

My Slice

By the end of the night, Bunny Number One looked more like a cat!

Bunny ---> Kitty

He sure was tasty!

Bunny Cake


  • Cake, prepared in two round pans
  • White icing
  • Decorations for facial features and bow tie


Cut ears and bow tie out of one of the round cakes by slicing a two even semi-circles on either side of the cake. Place ears and bow tie above and below remaining round cake and ice the cakes completely.

Decorate as you see fit, adding eyes, a nose, whiskers, a smile and funky color to the bunny’s bow tie. Enjoy!