The Test

Today’s test: Will Ryan and I survive the night having eaten chicken that was one day past the expiration date? Only time will tell… 😉 

When I arrived home from work, I checked on the chicken before heading out to take Sadie to the dog park with Ryan. 

Checkin' on Chicken

Some of you have asked about the liner I use in the crock pot in the past, and it’s awesome and makes clean up a breeze. It is a slow cooker liner made by Reynolds and I buy them at my local grocery store (Publix). Highly recommended! 

Dog Park 

Our trip to the dog park was full of fetch! 

"Throw the Ball!"


Dog Park Kisses


Sadie could play fetch for hours. Ryan and I always wonder exactly how long we’d have to play for her to stop. We’re thinking three hours. (Seriously. If you have a vizsla, or know Sadie, you understand. 🙂 ) 

Pretty Pup

I purposely saved this picture for last, because I think it’s super cool: 

Speedy Sadie

After an hour or so at the park, we headed home to brave the expired chicken. 


Good news! Our expired chicken dinner smelled and tasted great and oh-so-fresh. 

BBQ Chicken Sandwich

“Sell by” date? What “sell by” date? 😉 

I didn’t want to take any chances wasting fresh or expensive ingredients on potentially bad chicken, so I stuck to the old stand by of throwing chicken in the slow cooker with chicken broth to cook all day. 

We had tasty BBQ chicken sandwiches that didn’t taste the least bit old. Let’s call them mature BBQ chicken sandwiches, shall we? 😀 

My Sandwich

On the side we had some green goodies. 


My Plate

No Ice Cream???  

It’s nights like tonight that I am very thankful we don’t keep ice cream in our apartment because I’m reallllly feelin’ like I could go to town on a pint right about now. Ryan and I both cannot be trusted around ice cream. Between the two of us, we’ve been known to polish off a half gallon in one day… without feeling sick. It’s a gift, I know. 

What food can’t you be trusted around?  

Aside from ice cream I cannot be trusted around jars of peanut butter. Truth: Ryan hides them from me.

12 Responses

  1. I have an Australian Cattledog, and I seriously think she would play with her Chuck It until she died. 100% serious.

    Well…if the chicken kills you, at least you went out on a tasty meal!! 😀

  2. Definitely tortilla chips. Especially tostitos hint of lime. I call them crack chips for that very reason!

  3. peanut butter!

  4. Graham crackers and PB get me! I *thought* about buying them today, and avoided the craving. Glad your chicken was fine. I wouldn’t worry about one day over the day. I would be more scared of it not being frozen after a week or so in the fridge, or leaving it out raw to defrost for too long.

  5. Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, I will eat a whole bag of them!

  6. PB! i spoon it out soo much!
    haha hope u survive! youll be fine!

  7. Glad your chicken was ok!

    That speedy Sadie picture is so neat!! I love your Sadie quotes 🙂 My mom’s boxer will also play for hours- I’ve never seen her really tired. Jack’s an old man, so he’s always tired!

    I can’t be trusted around fresh bread. If I buy a loaf of Publix white mountain bread, it’s gone before the next day!

  8. ice cream is one of mine. which is why if i buy it, its the little pint; i have gotten better at it though :o)

    chips. hands down. CANNOT. BUY. THEM. IN. LARGE. QUANTITY. OR. THEY. WILL. BE. GONE.

  9. Ice cream or brownies are trouble for me! I don’t keep them around, either!

  10. mmmmmm cooked zucchini is one of my favorite side dishes!! Ice cream and homemade cookies are two things I can’t be trusted around. My willpower is almost zero around them!

  11. Granola…definitely can not be trusted! 🙂

  12. Glad your chicken was tasty!!

    I can’t be trusted around popcorn!! Thank goodness my local grocer FINALLY carries 100 calorie packages!!

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