You Pick: Bridesmaid Dresses

Get ready for some bridesmaid dress fun!!!

Question of the day: Which bridesmaid dress do you like best (not taking color into account)?

All of my bridesmaids will be wearing champagne dresses (or “sand” dresses if I pick one of the dresses below from the Liz Fields collection).

Dress One:

Dress One

Dress Two:

Dress Two

Dress Three:

Dress Three

I’m not sure if any of these dresses will be the dress I select, but I really like them a lot!

I’m also up in the air as to whether or not I want everyone in the same dress… or in different dresses but in the same color/material. I think I like a uniform look, but we’ll see!

Do you like all bridesmaids in the same dress or in different dresses in the same color/material?

42 Responses

  1. dress one is my pic. it seems a bit more unique than the other two. plus, halters with a string can be very unflattering on some people.

  2. As someone who will have to be trying on MOH dresses soon enough, I think I like Dress Three! I’m definitely more of a uniform person when it comes to bridesmaids dresses but I do like the look J.Crew in particular advertises where you can get all different looks in the same fabric/color. I think if you have bridesmaids of different shapes and sizes, it is a nice thought to let someone decide the style of their dress but also fit in with everyone else.

  3. Ah I can’t decide! I think I am going with 3 because it looks so different. I know it is cliche to say, but it could be worn again!

  4. I’d go with dress #2! It’s beautiful! I too am getting married and still debating on whether or not I want my girls a in different style dress or the same!

  5. Gorgeous choices! I think the #1 dress is my fave. The last wedding I was in, the bridesmaids picked from 3 styles and 2 colors… all the same fabric (J.Crew). It ended up getting a bit hectic to balance it out color wise… having one color but 2 silhouettes can be good if there are lots of body types! Though I think all these dresses would be flattering on a lot of people!

  6. I like dress two, its got a nice flow to it and nice detailing so it doesnt appear too simple. the ruffles add a bit of an elegant feel but not overtly and their just the right i like the height of the dress and its kinda different it doesnt seem to bridesmaid esque yet it still fits well with being an actual bridesmaid dress. I like the idea of everyone in the same dress it just looks more elegant with everyone coordinating plus i think it makes for better wedding pictures if everyones all cohesive and then theres you who will stand out among them all…thats just my take either way all of them are pretty and unique in their own way! i just like #2…

  7. I like dress one. I have been in 11 weddings (horrible!) and I never had a dress shorter than tea length. I kind of like the idea of a shorter dress. Also I like when everyone gets a dress that flatters them, but in the same fabric/material. I am more full-figured and I don’t always look great in everything that other girls do.

  8. I can’t decide between 2 and 3…they’re both so beautiful!

  9. I think I like the 3nd one best.

  10. I like dress number three the best. I personally like when bridesmaids wear different, but coordinating dresses. Like if you did all three of the dresses above in the same color, but the maid of honor wore the print dress to stand out a bit more. So cute – all great picks!

  11. I like #3 the best. What about the same color but different dresses? Then everyone gets to pick what’s more flattering to them.

  12. I love dress number 2!! They all look like dresses that you could wear again!

  13. #3. I like the look of same color different dresses, that way your bridesmaids can find something they may like more.

  14. I love the style of #3, it looks very flattering for different body types!


  15. I let all my bridesmaids pick their own style of dress. All I picked was the color (Truffle) and the length.

    Which worked out well because my maid of honor never made it (her baby got sick) and my husband’s sister stepped in as a bridesmaid and was able to just buy a dress off the rack at David’s Bridal in the correct color/length.

  16. Oh and I like #1 🙂

  17. I like #3…the material and style are very classy!

  18. I like the style of number 3, but kind of like the color of #1 better. They’re all very nice!! 🙂

  19. Dress # 1 is my pick. I’m a fan of all dresses the same style…but I’ve been to weddings where it’s the same color, yet different styles and it always looks nice!

  20. Bridesmaids dresses remind me of the movie “27 Dresses!” I vote for #1, it’s very cute.

    I’m a fan of the same color/material dresses, but different styles. That’s what I did for mine and it just lets the BM have a bit of individuality…plus, I’ve been stuck with a wearing a few BM dresses that I didn’t like, so I wanted to be somewhat nice to my BMs. 🙂

  21. I love dress #3! It is one of those dresses that looks great on everyone (if you decide to do a uniform theme) or it could be easy to do different versions (if you decide to have everyone in different dresses)!

  22. I love dress #1 the best! I love all the wedding stuff you have going on! Wedding planning was so much fun! I am loving this!!

  23. hey, I just found your blog off of carrots n cake. I thought I should take a look at a fellow ice cream-o’s blog! I just wanted to say, you have a new reader. Great blog! Now, about the bridesmaids dress thing. I’m getting married this year and just picked out my bridesmaids dresses. I decided on having them all in the same dress. At first I was going to get them to pick their own and have them the same color but I ended up buying them from a regular store. It was too hard to find different dresses in the same color and same fabric. If you are going to a store that has different dresses in the same color/fabric it would be cool to let the girls pick their own because everyone has different bodies and looks good in different things but I love both ideas. Wow, this was a long comment. I’m excited to see what you end up going with though!

  24. I like dress one!
    my bridesmaids are wearing the same color/material/length but all different styles. We ordered from they have been great so far!

  25. #1…I think #2 would not be flattering on everyone since as someone else said, the string halter is hard to pull off for many. And #3 I don’t think of as really fitting an October wedding with the flower print. I do like that dress, but I think something more classic would fit an October wedding better and #3’s design suits a spring wedding better.

  26. I really loved dresses 1 and 3!
    But it´s your day, so… Have fun choosing!
    Brazilian XOXO´s,

  27. i really like number two! or number 3 in a diff color/pattern!


  28. Definitely #3 for a wedding! Love the 2nd dress, too, but it seems more “day” dress. All would be beautiful in champagne if you were to choose any of them, though! 😀

  29. I really like dress 3 a lot, but they are all super cute…tough choice! Can’t wait to see when you decide on one!

  30. I like #2…of course HA!

    I like all one color.

  31. I like 3!! it is different and love the halter!!

  32. I vote dress #2!

    I love when bridesmaid’s dresses are all a different style with the same color. That way you can fit each girl’s body type too.

  33. I vote dress #2!

    I love when bridesmaid’s dresses are all a different style with the same color.

  34. I like number one. My bridesmaids are all wearing the same dress in light pink, my Maid if honor is wearing a diffrent dress in fushia. They are all wearing the same type of fabric.

  35. I like number 1!

  36. I like one and three- can’t decide! But would 3 be printed still, like it is in the picture? if so, I don’t know if I’d pick that…I think a print could look strange in pictures. But it’s an adorable dress and I’d definitely wear it again. Your maids are lucky- you have great taste!
    I’ve also never worn anything shorter than tea length and I love the short styles you’ve picked.

  37. I love dress one and I love the color you’re doing! Can’t wait to see pics of the big day!

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  39. I like dress 1 the most. I’m also a fan of mismatched bridesmaids. Same color, different styles.

  40. I like dress 2 🙂

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