Square Pizza Slices

After work yesterday Ryan and I went to see two different small houses that are were in the running for us to rent when we move out at the end of March.

First, I enjoyed a quick afternoon snack of a piece of EarthGrains wheat berry with honey bread, toasted and lightly buttered. I was excited to receive a package from EarthGrains when I arrived home with this bread and a nifty EarthGrains green bag. Thank you EarthGrains!


Lovin' Bread and the Green Bag

After a quick snack, we left to check out the houses.

Unfortunately both places are no longer in the running. One didn’t have a washer or dryer (deal breaker for us). I loved the other one, Ryan didn’t like the fact that someone would live in a garage apartment behind us. Plus, we’d really like a place to have a fenced-in yard for Sadie which neither of these homes did.

Back to the drawing board!


Last night the weather was cold and rainy. As a mini-surprise for Ryan I placed an order for a pizza for us to pick up after seeing the second house. (It’s the little things, right!? 😉 ) I honestly can’t remember the last time I ordered a pizza from a big-name pizza place! Clearly, it was time.

Pizza Hut has a promotion where you can order any pizza with any toppings for $10. I ordered the pizza online and selected the thin ‘n’ crispy pizza with all the veggies (except jalapeños) and light cheese. Then, to my wonderful surprise, under the box where you can type in “special instructions” the example provided was “cut into squares.”

I looooove pizza sliced into squares. I always associate square sliced pizza with living in Palatine, Illinois. Before we moved to Florida, my family would order square sliced pizza from a yummy pizza place and it always felt like such a neat treat. Who knew Pizza Hut offered this!? Not me, that’s for sure!

What’s your favorite pizza topping?

We swung by the ol’ Hut and picked up our pizza to bring back to the apartment to enjoy while watching a movie.

Smellin' Good

The pizza looked, smelled and tasted phenomenal.

Thin 'n' Crispy Pizza

Lots o' Veggies

Between me and Ryan, we managed to finish the entire medium pizza… Well, Sadie helped with a crust or two.

I’ve been in quite the pizza-loving mood lately. This is the third time I’ve had pizza this week (BBQ chicken pizza on Monday night, marinara pizza at La Luce Wednesday night and now this!).


I’m off to make a yummy breakfast before Ryan and I head out to volunteer with our friend Dru from 8:30 a.m. to noon today. We’re helping out at the zoo, transferring sand from the tortoise exhibit, I think.

Afterward, I’m heading to my friend Merri’s to have a Gossip Girl marathon with her and my other friend Laurel. While I’m there, I will also be making Ryan’s homemade valentine. We’re making valentines for each other this year and I have a couple ideas for Ryan’s.

Yay for the weekend!!!

7 Responses

  1. I think my faves are goat cheese, chicken, and tomatoes. I like green peppers but they give me heartburn 🙂

    Have fun at the zoo and with your girlfriends!

  2. Too funny…I just bought this bread yesterday! Is it good? I had two coupons for 55 cents off each, so I bought two loaves and put one in the freezer. I love a good coupon!

    Pizza, is my all-time favortie food. I could eat it everyday, with any toppings.

  3. I love veggies on my pizza–mushrooms, peppers, onions, artichokes…

  4. That pizza looks so good!! I like square pizza too! 🙂

  5. That is awesome that you are doing such an interesting volunteering work. Have fun!
    And good luck with your house hunting. It can be sometimes quite hectic, but I’m sure you will find your perfect place sometime soon!

  6. I love canadian bacon and pineapple on my pizza!

  7. My bread came yesterday too!! I love the reusable bag. Thank you again! – This post also restored my faith in Pizza Hut, haha.

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