Wedding Dress Blast from the Past

Last night Ryan and I arrived in St. Pete by 6 p.m. to meet my parents and one of my dad’s colleagues at the St. Petersburg Yacht Club to check out the facility as a potential wedding venue.

We enjoyed touring the various ballrooms before sitting in the lounge to enjoy some cocktails. Fun! The Yacht Club is definitely a gorgeous facility and we have some thinkin’ to do!

When we came home we all enjoyed several bowls of hot homemade chicken soup with sweet corn and edamame and a frozen pizza (forgot to snap a pic of my two slices… oops!).


Homemade Soup

Mom’s Wedding Dress

When I first walked in the door to my parent’s house I immediately saw my mom’s beautiful wedding gown hanging up. She brought it out of storage because my mom, sister and I are all heading out to try on dresses today! Exciting!

 After dinner my sister zipped me up in the gown and I did a lil’ fashion show in my mother’s dress. It actually fit, which was neat!

wedding dress mom

In My Mom's Wedding Dress

mom's wedding dress

Modelin' the Dress

wedding pose

Ta Da!

My dad is convinced I need to wear this on my big day. 🙂 He’s so cute because he always talks about how perfect my mom’s dress was and how gorgeous she looked.

Unfortunately I’m not sure that the turtleneck and long sleeves are Florida-appropriate. 😉  

I’m excited to see some dresses today! YAY!

Breakfast and a Morning Run

This morning I woke up at 6 a.m. This is after going to bed at 2 a.m. My mom, sister and I always seem to stay up late talking whenever we get together! I just couldn’t seem to sleep in because I was excited for the day.

I decided to make the best of the gorgeous weather and leashed up Sadie for a fast 5-mile run. I LOVE running when the weather is cool because it doesn’t feel nearly as difficult. It’s great! I was truckin’ the whole time and Sadie was lovin’ life.

When I got home I made an awesome breakfast. I prepared a fruit, yogurt and granola parfait, topped with whipped cream.


Breakfast Parfait

I layered Yoplait cherry pie yogurt, Oikos blueberry yogurt, raspberries, blueberries, granola and Honey Nut Cheerios to make my pretty lil’ parfait. It was delish!


After breakfast and a much-needed shower, my mom, sister, Ryan and I headed off to meet with a potential wedding photographer.   

julie mom leslie

The Ladies

Ryan and I needed two attempts to get a decent picture…

ryan julie 2

Take One

ryan julie

Take Two

The photographers we met with were two young girls who were very sweet but so far have only taken portrait pictures and have never shot a wedding. I love their style though because they capture moments and emotion in their images. I’m just not sure if we want to take such a huge leap of faith with photographers with no wedding experience. We’ll just haveta see!

Now we’re off for my FIRST attempt at trying on wedding dresses! I’m actually a little nervous but so excited! We have about a million different pictures torn out of magazines or printed off the internet to bring in as references. Let the madness begin!

22 Responses

  1. YAAAAY have fun dress shopping!

  2. OMGOSH!! You look gorgeous in her dress!!! I can’t wait to hear about dress shopping. I was unlike many people – I LOVED every dress I tried on!! It was so hard to choose!!

  3. Oh, wedding dress shopping sounds like a blast! Have you ever seen the show “Say Yes to the Dress”? It is all about Kleinfeld’s in NYC, a wedding dress store.

    Have fun!!!

  4. You look very pretty in your mama’s dress, but wow, how things have changed since our mom’s got married!! 🙂 I picked out my dress wondering what my possible future daughter might one day think about it! Wonder if they’ll be back to sleeves by then and think sleeveless was tacky?? 🙂

    Good luck finding your dress! Mine ended up being the first one I tried on! I tried on countless dresses after that, but ended up going back to the first store and to that first dress! 🙂

  5. Your mom had such a pretty wedding dress…and amazing that it fits AND looks good on you! You could always go the way of the movie 27 Dresses and use parts of your mom’s wedding dress…not that you want to cut it up! Enjoy dress shopping!

  6. your mom’s dress looks exactly like my mom’s wedding dress! OMG! you look so gorgeous!


    i wish i had blond hair!

    good luck having fun trying on dresses! you’ll look great in all of them! =D

  7. You looked really good in your mom’s dress. Too bad you can’t wear it! It would wonderful to include the dress somehow.
    Enjoy dress shopping. I wish I would have tried on more, but I like the one I choose.

  8. You look gorgeous in your Mum’s wedding dress.

  9. I bet you made your mom proud – seeing you in that wedding dress. While I wouldn’t choose it, I sure think it’s gorgeous and I love seeing dresses from a whole other era…BEAUTIFUL

  10. ahh wedding dress!! love 🙂
    that parfait looks so delicouss!
    have a great time dress shopping!!

  11. you look so purdy! and that parfait…yum. looks so fancy!

  12. hey Julie, Check out
    Great photographer in the Orlando area! I’m in no way affiliated with him, just giving you a loyal suggestion 🙂

  13. You look amazing.. and Honestly you can pull off the 🙂

  14. You are sooo gorgeous and look Amazing! Good luck and have fun wedding dress shopping so exciting:)

  15. Julie I LOVE your outfits! You always look so put together and sport the cutest clothes! Where are your favorite places to shop, and where do you get your outfit ideas? You look like you hopped right out of a fashion magazine! lol

    • aw, you’re such a sweetheart! i am actually quite the bargain hunter & LOVE stores like marshall’s or t.j.maxx! i am very picky with my jeans though and prefer designer jeans (people’s liberation, william rast, true religion). as for work clothes i LOVE j.crew, express and banana republic. outfit ideas come from everywhere! 🙂 thanks for following along in the blog, alison! 🙂

  16. such a gorgeous family! That’s AH MAZING that your mom dress fits you!! That’s really neat!

  17. […] Knowing me, I’ll probably end up in a dress nothing like any of theses… something like my mom’s! […]

  18. […] I tried on my mom’s wedding dress […]

  19. I must have missed this back when…but trying on your mom’s dress is neat and special.

  20. I just found your blog on someone else’s blog roll…I love all of your recipes! Thanks for sharing!
    I LOVE those boots you have on!! Where did you get them?

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