Easiest Pulled Pork EVER

Pulled pork sandwiches drenched in barbecue sauce may be one of my all-time favorite sandwiches. Give me a pulled pork sandwich over a burger any day!

Tonight’s pulled pork came together in a snap in the easiest recipe for pulled pork in the entire world.

Well Hello There, Pork

Ryan tried this pulled pork one weekend when he was in Gainesville at the University of Florida for his executive MBA program. (He went one weekend a month for 18 months… pretty awesome, huh?)

He was staying with our friend Ross who gave my hubby-to-be a tutorial on how to make the easiest pulled pork. When Ryan tried the moist meat, he was inspired to call me immediately and tell me this was something we just had to make.

We were on a pulled pork kick for about two months after that!

Since I have my girl’s movie night this evening and I knew we’d be crunched on time for dinner, I figured this would be the perfect night to resurrect this delicious dish.

You only need two ingredients to make this pulled pork:

  • One can of beef broth
  • One pork roast

Beefy Broth



Trim any unwanted fat off the pork before placing it in a crock pot. Pour the can of beef broth over the pork and let it cook on high (low actually works too) for six to eight hours.

Then remove the pork from the broth and crock pot. Use a fork to shred the meat.

Shredded Pork

That’s it! Delicious. Easy. Moist. Tasty.

You can then enjoy it as is or get a little crazy and add gobs of BBQ sauce like me! It’s also great in quesadillas, soups, pastas, etc.

My Plate

Ryan's Plate

What’s the easiest recipe you’ve made that appears difficult?

We served the pulled pork with green beans and roasted carrots and butternut squash with cinnamon. Very tasty!

Now I’m off to my friend’s apartment for the first installment of holiday movie night. For those of you who asked, I believe we’re watching Mixed Nuts starring Steve Martin tonight.

Mixed Nuts

I’ve never seen it but I’m a BIG fan of Stevie!

G’night BlogWorld!

Green Scene

Lunch today was quite the scene of green.

The Green Machine

I made a salad using several green ingredients:

  • Spinach
  • Celery
  • Green beans
  • Broccoli
  • Apple
  • Turkey
  • Feta cheese
  • Annie’s Naturals raspberry vinaigrette dressing

Dressing so good you could drink it!

Salads full of veggies, cheese, fruit and meat are a lot more satisfying to me than plain lettuce and dressing. It’s fun to taste something different every bite.

I know Ryan isn’t big on fruit in his salad. I, on the other hand, love fruit in pretty much anything, so I’m quite the fan. Do you like fruit in your salad? Any favorites?

Easy Dinner

Tonight I will be kicking off holiday movie night with some of my girlfriends. Each week through Christmas we’ll watch a holiday movie one night a week at a different girl’s apartment. I’m excited!

Since I’ll be out of the house by 7 p.m. tonight, our Sadie-walking/ dinner-cooking window is tight tonight. To be sure Sadie gets her walk and we have time to eat before I go, I placed the pork for tonight’s  dinner in the crock pot before I left for work.

Stay tuned for the easiest pulled pork recipe in the world!

Dessert Breakfast Bowl

My breakfast this morning tasted more like a dessert bowl than a healthy breakfast.
I think the addition of cocoa meringues to my morning yogurt made it taste indulgent and delicious.


I topped a bowl of Chobani Greek yogurt with several crunched up meringues and a crumbled Atkins caramel double chocolate crunch bar.

Chocolate Crunch

I served my yogurt with a hot cup of Yogi Mayan cocoa spice tea to keep the chocolate theme goin’.

Mayan Cocoa Spice

Wednesday's Breakfast

What are your favorite yogurt mix-ins?

I just loooove the taste of chocolate in the morning. Adding several chocolate mix-ins really kicked my yogurt up a notch.

Miss Sniffles

This week my morning walks with Sadie have been saturated with sniffing. A food and wine festival took place last weekend around the lake we circle daily, and I think the remnants from the event are providing Sadie with a sensory field day.

Miss Sniffles Herself

Sadie has even managed to pick up some of the smelly treasures to show me. Usually she’ll just pick up a stick or two to hold in her mouth on our walks, but this week I’ve had the pleasure of removing several stinky goodies (like a half-eaten roast beef sandwich) from her mouth… all before 7:30 a.m. Yummy!

I’ve found myself quoting How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days (great movie!) to little Sadie numerous times: “Nobody likes a Mister Sniffles!” (Except I actually do love my little Miss Sniffles. She’s pretty darn cute.)