Relaxing Ravioli

I am feeling super sleepy tonight! I wanted comfort food for dinner… something that would sit in my belly and help me drift off into a good night’s sleep in a little bit.

Pasta always makes me feel full and sleepy so for dinner Ryan and I cooked up whole wheat ravioli.


Whole Wheat Chicken with Sun Dried Tomatoes Ravioli

At the grocery store this evening, we decided we wanted to try Monterey Pasta Company’s chicken and sun dried tomatoes ravioli since we loved their lobster ravioli last Monday night.

While the ravioli was boiling, I chopped up onions and mushrooms and sauted them until the veggies were soft and flavorful. I also steamed some broccoli in the microwave to include in my pasta bowl.

Once the ravioli was done, I topped it with pasta sauce and the veggies.

ravioli 2

Ravioli with Sauce



I stirred the veggies around until they were coated in the sauce and I could see my little pasta puffs again.


My Bowl

This dinner was perfect. Yummy, filling and oh-so-comforting. I polished off every last bite before enjoying two Almondina almond cookies for dessert.

I’m now off to do some dishes before cuddling with the puppers and Ryan. I am one sleepy girl tonight!

Pumpkin Almond Yogurt and $5 Cooking Light Subscription

First the exciting stuff. is offering a $5 one-year subscription to Cooking Light magazine. I adore this magazine and use the recipes featured in it regularly. They’re a great starting point for ideas and the pictures are guaranteed to make you salivate. Click here to enjoy this offer.


Since I didn’t have a chance to make it to the grocery store yesterday since I was hungover wanted to be sure to post last night after traveling all day, my lunch today featured yummy goodies I had on hand.


Pumpkin Almond Yogurt Ingredients

  • Chobani non-fat plain Greek yogurt
  • Canned pumpkin
  • Almondina cinnaroma almond cookie
  • Handful of sliced almonds

I combined everything in a mish-mosh of yogurty yum.

yogurt and pumpkin

Greek Yogurt and Pumpkin

yogurt mess

Yogurt in a Cup!

Random but quite tasty!

What are your fall-back meals when you don’t make it to the grocery store?

Chocolate Swirl

Enjoying a big chocolate swirl through my morning hot cereal made my Monday start off right!

I made a bowl of Flax Z Snax butter pecan hot cereal and added a half of a scoop of cinnamon protein powder and a dark chocolate Hershey’s kiss for some sweetness.

oats and kiss

Oats and a Kiss

I stirred the kiss around until it made a yummy chocolate swirl throughout the bowl.

chocolate swirl

Chocolate Swirl

Ooooh tasty! This was a good Monday mornin’ breakfast!

I think my chocolate craving stemmed from my morning walk with Sadie. She picked up an empty box of Milk Duds and carried them along our walk and instead of thinking “ew, gross!” I though “mmm, delicious,” and knew chocolate would be incorporated into my breakfast.  🙂