Hit the Ground Running

Today is going to be a go-go-go kind of day! My little baby bladder woke me up before my alarm and ever since then I’ve been on the move.

I hit the gym to take my typical Friday morning BodyPump class. These classes are awesome and are 60 minutes of total-body weights.


Picture from LesMills.com

I love ’em because they make me do exercises I hate (squats! lunges!) but I know are important and produce results. Plus on my own I would normally skip working out my chest and my back (blah, boring!), so it keeps me focused on working out my entire body. Gotta love it!

After BodyPump, I picked up Miss Sadie for a 25 minute run followed by a mile walk to get her some exercise.

I was quite clumsy in my morning routine today… I cut myself shaving and dropped my hairdryer on the toe next to my big toe (my pointer toe?). Bleeding from two different places on two different legs… nice! Fear not, I’m recovering well.


I’m working a half day today and then heading to the airport to fly out to Arizona for a weekend with friends. I can’t wait!

I already am getting that “I miss Ryan and Sadie” feeling in my belly, but I know I’ll have a blast and they’ll enjoy some quality daddy-doggie time. Plus, last night I crafted two love notes for Ryan (one for each morning he wakes up without me) to spread some love. 🙂

love notes

Love Notes for my Love-ah!

(I’m hoping Ryan won’t check the blog until after he drops me off at the airport. Ryan, if you see this before, check the drawer in the nightstand Saturday and Sunday morning for a little bit o’ love! ;))

I think I get the whole signs on the door/love note thing from my mom. She would always write little notes on my napkins in my school lunch and still puts “Welcome Home!” signs on our front door when I come for a visit. She’s the best!


Sorry to bore you, but my breakfast yesterday was so darn delicious that I had to do a repeat. I swapped out the chocolate-covered soynuts for a dark chocolate Hershey’s kiss though! Not totally boring, right? 🙂

kiss oats

Hot Cereal with a Kiss

In case you missed my breakfast post yesterday, this combo is butter pecan Flax Z Snax hot cereal, pumpkin, sweetener and a bit of the good stuff (chocolate).

I served my breakfast with a hot tumbler of free coffee from my gym. Today I chose Barnie’s cinnamon butter cookie coffee. Sounds pretty amazing, huh?


Friday's Breakfast

Does anyone out there make an egg nog coffee? I bet that would be phenomenal.

Happy Friday everyone! I’ll try to post a couple times this weekend but I make no promises since I’ll be exploring the hot state of Arizona!