Day Date

I love a good date in the middle of the day!

Something as simple as meeting up with Ryan for a quick lunch at a nearby sub shop makes my day a little brighter. 😀

Ryan + Bootlegger Club Sandwich

(Doesn’t his new haircut look cute?)

Ready to Dig In!

Ryan met me on the first floor of my office building and we walked to Jimmy John’s, my favorite chain sandwich restaurant. When I moved away from Illinois, I thought I’d never see a Jimmy John’s again, so I was super excited when they started popping up in Central Florida.

I ordered a roast beef and provolone cheese unwich (aka a lettuce-wrap sandwich) with all the veggies (except peppers), while Ryan opted for the Bootlegger Club on 7-grain bread.

My Unwich

Bootlegger Club

Both were delicious!

Cold Weather… What Cold Weather?

What’s a girl to do when the cold weather hits?

Daydream of hot summer days, of course!

Yes, it’s not even March. Yes, I’m wearing a sweater today. Yes, I check regularly to see when this cold will let up. Still, none of these factors deter me from perusing the Victoria’s Secret Web site for cute bikinis.

I still have money leftover on a gift card to this fantastic retailer from Christmas, so I decided to put some of the funds towards a new bathing suit and a pair of cropped yoga pants.

Which one do you like better?

Bathing Suit A:

Numero Uno

Bathing Suit B:

Numero Dos

I can’t decide! I’m not sure what my gift card balance is at the moment, so that might make the decision for me! 😀

24 Responses

  1. I like the first bathing suit! The pattern is super cute 🙂

    I never knew about Jimmy John’s until I went to UF- I ate it so much my freshman year, I still haven’t been able to go back! But I really do like the unwich idea (kinda reminds me of PF Chang’s lettuce wraps, which I love!)

  2. that means the second bathing suit haha

  3. i found first one cute but the second seem to be more sexy

  4. I like the second one– but they’re both cute! Your ring looks so pretty– what kind of cut do you have?

  5. B! I actually might have to surf that website myself, now thatcha mention it 😉 haha

  6. i vote B! reminds me of the mismatched suits jen anniston always wears! i ordered 3 suits from VS 2 weeks ago for my spring break trip… love that site!

  7. B has better top but A has better bottom 🙂 still vote for B 😀

  8. Casting another vote for Bathing Suit B.

    I love the yoga pants from VS. I think I own the foldover style in 3 colors. So comfortable!

  9. B!

    I could go for a sandwich.

    And, I have to add… Your hair always looks so dang perfect! 😀

  10. My goodness!! You sound like me…see:

    LOVE JJs unwiches!!

    As for the bikinis, I say #1! I’m a HUGE fan of VS swimsuits.:D

  11. Unwiches are a great idea!! I wish Andrew and I were close enough that we could have little lunch dates like that! 😉 Looks like fun!!

    I vote for B!! 🙂

  12. I have to tell you as soon as Ryan’s picture popped up I noticed his hair cut..heh heh very nice.

    I love both suits but my vote is #1.
    let us know what you go with
    any fun plans for the weekend?

  13. im obsessed w. VS bathing suits! 2nd one
    YOUR hair is beautiful!! how do you do it? curlers?
    thank you so much for your comment-that was so encouraging coming from a beautiful girl like you!

  14. i prefer the second swim suit!

    and btw i think your absolutely gorgeous your going to look fabulous on your wedding day

    and omg thats such a great sandwich shop…love the lettuce wrap idea..if only they had that here in vancouver
    anyways…i enjoy reading your blog i find you to be a great inspiration since i stuggle with anorexia and to see somebody as beautiful as you be so carefree and comfortable with food, encourages me to relive my fear with food
    ohh and i love your dog sadie…i have a vizsla too, named shiloh
    take care ❤

  15. Bathing Suit A!!!

  16. ooohhh I love the second one!

  17. I like the first one!

  18. I have never been to Jimmy Johns but recently in some blogs I have seen it about 5 different times. I must try it.

    I like B!!!! Victoria Secret is the only way. Now if only I could look that good haha

  19. I had the roast beef lettuce wrap at Jimmie Johns today and loved it! Thank you for the great idea.

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