Edamamemole (+ Q & A)

The highlight of my lunch today was a concoction I’ll call edamamemole because it reminded me of guacamole, but it was made with edamame!

To make my edamamemole, I combined ½ cup of edamame with one wedge of Laughing Cow light original Swiss cheese in the food processor. After pulsing the ingredients several times, I had a bright green mushy mix that spread easily onto a Toufayan thin everything-flavored bagel.


On the other half of the bagel I spread Robert Rothschild raspberry wasabi mustard for an extra kick of flavor.

Raspberry Wasabi Mustard

Raspberry Wasabi Spread

Along with my edamamemole bagelwich, I enjoyed cucumber slices and fresh strawberries.

Cucumber Slices


The Whole Spread

Q & A Time!

It’s that time again!

Time for another Q & A featuring questions submitted on my Q & A page and through the anonymous question form.

Let ‘er rip! 😀

What are some creative ways that you eat peanut butter?

Peanut Butter Stuffed French Toast

If you were forced to choose only one condiment that you could eat for the rest of your life, what would it be?


Have you ever used a personal trainer? Would you recommend it?

I’ve only used a personal trainer one time (which you may read about here), and I absolutely loved it. It’s not a realistic expense for me at the moment and I actually enjoy putting myself through a good workout so I do not use one in my day-to-day life.

I definitely recommend making an appointment with a personal trainer if you’re new to working out or are just learning the ins and outs of strength training. A personal trainer can teach you various exercises and proper form, which may make working out less intimidating for those just getting into an exercise regimen.

What is your favorite perfume?

  • Light Blue by Dolce & Gabbana
  • Jadore by Christian Dior
  • Fantasy by Britney Spears (It smells like vanilla!)

For guys I prefer none… Just Old Spice deodorant, please! J That stuff smells magical.

Do you follow package serving size recommendations for frozen pizzas, snack foods, cereal, etc.?

No. Well, I try to, but I find the serving size on most snack foods to be teeny-tiny. I try to stay away from snacking on foods like crackers or cereal because even two servings never seem like enough for me. I prefer to snack on some of the options that I mentioned in my last Q & A.

How often do you drink… I mean more than just a drink with a meal? I find that when I drink I eat gross amounts of unhealthy food. Any tips on how to prevent this?

I do not drink all that often and found that my alcohol consumption definitely decreased as I transitioned from college to the real world (isn’t it that way for everyone? 😉 ). My last drink-fest occurred a couple of weeks ago in Chicago during my Bachelorette Party and I loved every minute of it! 😀 I can assure you that after a night of drinking all of us came home and indulged in multiple servings of chips, dip, peanut butter bars and basically any other junky foods we could get our hands on. It was like a college flash back!

Aside from my bachelorette party, I really do try to make good decisions about the foods I eat when I drink. After a night out, I am often hungry when I get home, but try to snack on food that satisfies my junk-food cravings in a healthier way, such as:

  • 100-calorie packs of microwavable popcorn
  • Whole wheat tortilla with cheese
  • Half of an English muffin pizza
  • Small plate of leftovers from dinner
  • Honey-roasted peanuts

English Muffin Pizza

Have you ever read the book French Women Don’t Get Fat? If so, what did you think of it?

I’ve never read it. Sorry!

I’m trying to gain weight. Can you give me some snack ideas that are high calorie, but won’t make me feel like I’ve eaten too much?

Nuts and nut butters are a great option. It’s so easy to eat multiple portions of nuts, so those looking to gain weight can easily ingest a lot of calories without feeling overly stuffed by including nut butters or trail mixes with a lot of nuts in their diet. Smoothies are a great option as well!

What is your favorite supermarket cookie?

I love “kitchen sink” cookies that include a little bit of everything: chocolate chips, nuts, coconut, oatmeal… the works!

Did you see a change in your abs when you started getting into BodyPump?

BodyPump definitely helps tone your entire body. I naturally gain weight in the lower half of my body, and didn’t really see any major changes to my abs that I can attribute directly to BodyPump, though I definitely “feel the burn” during the abs portion of the class. My stomach looks leanest when I keep up my workouts (total-body strength training + cardio) and maintain a healthy diet.


Thanks again for all of your questions! If I didn’t answer your question, check my Q & A page and the links from the Ask Me Anything series.

See ya later for dinner! 😀

Healthy Meatball Subs + Q&A

When you work full-time, easy meals are the only way to go on weekdays unless you’re feeling mighty ambitious.

I think that’s why most of my dinners can be assembled and on the table in less than 20 minutes. I like ’em speedy!

Tonight’s dinner was another easy-peasy creation.

Meatball Subs + Roasted Broccoli

I made meatball subs using Quorn meatless meatballs, marinara sauce and shredded cheese.

After topping a hot dog bun with the meatballs, sauce and cheese, I placed the subs in the oven and broiled them until the cheese melted.

On the side I enjoyed roasted broccoli for some added nutrients.

Get in Close for the Good Stuff


You know what tonight is… The Bachelorette!!! Home town dates – Woohoo!

My friend Merri is about to come over to watch it and show me how to properly use a foam roller. We’re multi-taskers. 😉

Another Round of Q & A

I’m trying to stay on top of the questions you have have submitted anonymously though my Q & A page, so without further ado, here are my answers to your latest inquiries: 

What is your religion? Is it the same as your fiancés?

Both Ryan and I are Lutheran, though I consider myself simply Christian and go to a Christian church.

What time do you usually eat your meals and snacks?

I eat whenever I feel hungry, though I seem to eat around these times every day:

  • 8 a.m. breakfast
  • 10 a.m. snack
  • 12:30 p.m. lunch
  • 3:30 p.m. snack
  • 6:30 p.m. dinner
  • 8:30 p.m. snack (if hungry)

Do you drink alcohol?

Yes, but not regularly.

What are your bust/waist/hip measurements?

Just like the weight question, I am hesitant to answer this because I know that reading my measurements may cause some of you to compare yourself to me. Please know that my measurements are my measurements and are right for me. Your measurements are right for you!

When I was measured for my bridal gown my measurements were 32” bust/24” waist/38” hip.

Do you pay any fees to maintain your blog?

Nope. I upgraded my WordPress account to “Custom CSS” for $14.95/year so that I could customize the header of my blog, but that is the only re-occurring fee I’ve ever paid. I also paid $75 to The Blog Fairy in January to redesign my blog and worked with her to create my banner and a look that I really liked. (The Blog Fairy is awesome and amazingly easy to work with. I highly recommend her if you need someone to help you customize your blog.)

I just had my heart broken by the love of my life. Have you ever had your heart broken? What did you do? Any advice would really help.

*Knock on wood* I have never actually had my heart broken, though I did go through some heartache when my high school boyfriend of 3+ years and I broke up during my freshman year of college. When you’re with someone for such a long time, they become more than just your boyfriend, they become your best friend, too. For me, losing my high school boyfriend’s friendship was the hardest part about losing him.

All I can say is have faith that there is someone out there who will make you smile brighter and laugh harder than you can ever imagine. Sometimes it takes meeting someone new to realize what you may have been missing before. Right now, take time to be sad (and angry, if that’s the case), but also take time to realize why the relationship didn’t work out and what you’re looking for from a future partner.

Lean on your family and friends and those who care about you. I also find that keeping busy can help keep your mind off thinking about something painful. You could look into setting a new goal for yourself, so you can feel happiness as you accomplish something new!

What do your snacks usually look like: morning, noon and night?

I actually tend to eat the same kinds of food for my morning, afternoon and evening snacks, though they change daily. I typically enjoy the following:

  • Quesadilla (string cheese microwaved on a whole-wheat tortilla)… This is probably my favorite snack. I eat this one at some point every day!
  • Greek yogurt with nuts and fruit
  • Yogurt pudding
  • Apple with peanut butter
  • Homemade trail mix (nuts, whole-grain cereal, peanut butter/butterscotch/chocolate chips)
  • Popcorn sprinkled with protein powder
  • Sandwich thin with peanut butter

Would you do a giveaway on your blog?

Yep! I’ve done quite a few, but I will not host a giveaway for something I, myself, wouldn’t want to win! 😀

When you sometimes have dessert or go out and have a special treat, do you still eat the same as you usually do and snack? I love how you eat healthy but don’t deprive yourself of the things that you like. I think that’s really awesome and healthy.

I usually do eat the same regardless as to whether or not I eat dessert or go out to eat, though I will often skip my evening snack because I’m simply too full after an indulgent meal or dessert.  In the past I found myself trying to skip snacks or lighten up meals before going out to eat, which only led me to overeat because I felt famished once I arrived at the restaurant. Now I try to keep my meals and snacking consistent, whether I go out to eat and enjoy dessert or not.


See ya in the mornin’!

Asiago Cheese Please + Q & A Fun

Sometimes a totally random purchase at the grocery store makes an entire meal taste devine.

Yesterday’s impulse buy was a container of Connoisseur Asiago cheese spread, which I purchased for around $3.50.

Since most gourmet cheese costs upwards of $5, I nabbed this little baby on the cheap!

Asiago Cheese Spread

I incorporated the cheese spread in my lunch by making myself an Asiago and tabbouleh sandwich on a Thomas’ light wheat English muffin.

Cheesy Muffin

Topped with Tabbouleh

On the side I enjoyed fresh blueberries, Emerald smoked almonds and a sliced red pepper.


All Together


Q & A Fun

I finally got around to answering the anonymous questions you guys submitted to me through my Q & A Page over the past two months. Thanks for submitting questions! I had a fun time answering them and hope I addressed all of  your lingering curiosities below!

If I didn’t address a question you have on your mind, feel free to email me, post a question below in the comments section or ask an anonymous question by clicking here.

Alright, let’s get to it!!!

I noticed you add a lot of protein powders to your breakfast. Do you do that daily? Would you recommend anyone working out a certain amount to add whey protein powder to their diet? What kind do you think is best?

I do not consume protein powders daily, but I will add them to a smoothie or to a bowl of oatmeal on occasion to help me feel fuller longer. I like the convenience of protein powder and enjoy the creaminess and flavor the addition of protein powder adds to smoothies. I do not think anyone needs to include protein powder in their diet by any means. I will often go weeks without adding protein powder to any of my meals, but if you’re looking for an easy way to sneak protein into your diet and feel fuller longer, it’s a great option! My favorite protein powder is All the Whey and my favorite flavors are chocolate peanut butter cup, cupcake batter and strawberry.

How much gum do you chew per day?

Apparently someone caught on to my intense love for gum. 😉 I am a gum-a-holic and probably chew 6 to 8 pieces a day. I usually chew two pieces of gum at a time. My favorite flavors are Orbit White bubblemint and Orbit strawberry mint.

How many calories do you usually consume for each meal? Do you count calories? I think one day on your blog you should post everything you eat with calories and fat grams noted.

I do not count calories, but estimate that most of my meals have around 300 calories, though my dinner is generally larger and may have closer to 500 calories. Though 300 calories may not seem like a lot to some people, I eat constantly and typically do not go more than three hours without eating, so I never feel hungry. I’ve actually had a couple of requests for a “day in the life” post that includes all of the food I consume in a day with a nutritional breakdown, so I’ll definitely look into that.

Do you restrict carbs?


Do you snack during the day? It seems like you don’t eat that much in meals with as much as you work out!

Yes, yes, yes. I eat five to six times every day and only post the three meals I consume at breakfast, lunch and dinner. I always eat a morning snack and an afternoon snack and will often eat a little something after dinner as well.

Any advice on slimming legs?

Pssssh, I wish I knew! 😉 My hips and legs are my “thicker” areas, but I am slowly realizing that this is because of my body type and isn’t something I can change. What has worked the best for me is incorporating weights and strength training into my routine to help add tone and strength to my legs. Exercises like squats, lunges, step ups and deadlifts are great for toning the legs. If you’re more interested in fat loss, adding some cardio to the mix is a great way to burn extra calories as well. Also, keep in mind the importance of healthy eating. All the cardio and weight lifting in the world won’t change your body shape dramatically if it’s paired with a diet full of cupcakes and ice cream (though I wish it would 😉 ).

What size jeans do you wear?

I wear size 28 jeans.

Do you exercise every single day?

Nope. I typically workout six days a week. You may see my exercise log here.

Did you have any part-time jobs during college?

Yes. I held various part-time jobs throughout college, including working as a public relations intern, public relations coordinator, marketing intern, UCF tour guide and restaurant hostess.

When did you and Ryan move in together? And any advice on living with a guy?

Ryan and I started dating in February 2004 and moved in together a year after I graduated college in May 2008. My best advice on living with a guy is to constantly communicate. This is something Ryan definitely taught me because I tend to “shut down” when I am upset and try to deal with it myself. I’ve learned that this only allows angry feelings and resentment to fester and it’s so much better to throw any issues or problems out on the table and discuss them immediately.

You seem to have the early morning workout routine down pat. Any tips to streamline the morning and make it easier to do it consistently?

Yep! I actually did a post on this which you may see here.

Where are your workout pants with the pink band from?

I am assuming you’re talking about these pants, which I ordered online from Victoria’s Secret.

What do you think of the Insanity and P90x DVDs?

I’ve never tried them myself, so I do not have an educated opinion about the programs, but I think any workout routine that you enjoy that motivates you to exercise is a good one.

What was your major in college? Did you have a job right after graduating?

I majored in advertising and public relations in college (marking minor) and began working the week after I graduated at the Orlando Museum of Art as a public relations and marketing assistant.

How do you manage stress? You mentioned in an earlier Q&A that you are happy almost all of the time. I usually am… until I get stressed!

Stress is such a difficult thing to control and manage. I find that making a list of everything I have on my plate is helpful. I put everything on the list… even small things like going to the grocery store. Then I take the time to physically cross off each item as it’s done. The list not only helps me see everything I need to accomplish, which helps me prioritize what needs to be done first, but crossing off the items as I finish them really helps me feel like I’m getting somewhere.

When stress is caused by something I cannot simply cross off a list, I ask myself “Will this be an issue in a week? In a year?” More often than not, the answer is “no,” and realizing the issue is not that big of a deal in the grand scheme of things really helps to calm me down.

In your breakfast barley bowls, how much barley do you use? How much yogurt and how much fruit?

I usually use 1/2 c. cooked barley, 1 c. Greek yogurt and a large handful or two of berries.