Healthy Meatball Subs + Q&A

When you work full-time, easy meals are the only way to go on weekdays unless you’re feeling mighty ambitious.

I think that’s why most of my dinners can be assembled and on the table in less than 20 minutes. I like ’em speedy!

Tonight’s dinner was another easy-peasy creation.

Meatball Subs + Roasted Broccoli

I made meatball subs using Quorn meatless meatballs, marinara sauce and shredded cheese.

After topping a hot dog bun with the meatballs, sauce and cheese, I placed the subs in the oven and broiled them until the cheese melted.

On the side I enjoyed roasted broccoli for some added nutrients.

Get in Close for the Good Stuff


You know what tonight is… The Bachelorette!!! Home town dates – Woohoo!

My friend Merri is about to come over to watch it and show me how to properly use a foam roller. We’re multi-taskers. 😉

Another Round of Q & A

I’m trying to stay on top of the questions you have have submitted anonymously though my Q & A page, so without further ado, here are my answers to your latest inquiries: 

What is your religion? Is it the same as your fiancés?

Both Ryan and I are Lutheran, though I consider myself simply Christian and go to a Christian church.

What time do you usually eat your meals and snacks?

I eat whenever I feel hungry, though I seem to eat around these times every day:

  • 8 a.m. breakfast
  • 10 a.m. snack
  • 12:30 p.m. lunch
  • 3:30 p.m. snack
  • 6:30 p.m. dinner
  • 8:30 p.m. snack (if hungry)

Do you drink alcohol?

Yes, but not regularly.

What are your bust/waist/hip measurements?

Just like the weight question, I am hesitant to answer this because I know that reading my measurements may cause some of you to compare yourself to me. Please know that my measurements are my measurements and are right for me. Your measurements are right for you!

When I was measured for my bridal gown my measurements were 32” bust/24” waist/38” hip.

Do you pay any fees to maintain your blog?

Nope. I upgraded my WordPress account to “Custom CSS” for $14.95/year so that I could customize the header of my blog, but that is the only re-occurring fee I’ve ever paid. I also paid $75 to The Blog Fairy in January to redesign my blog and worked with her to create my banner and a look that I really liked. (The Blog Fairy is awesome and amazingly easy to work with. I highly recommend her if you need someone to help you customize your blog.)

I just had my heart broken by the love of my life. Have you ever had your heart broken? What did you do? Any advice would really help.

*Knock on wood* I have never actually had my heart broken, though I did go through some heartache when my high school boyfriend of 3+ years and I broke up during my freshman year of college. When you’re with someone for such a long time, they become more than just your boyfriend, they become your best friend, too. For me, losing my high school boyfriend’s friendship was the hardest part about losing him.

All I can say is have faith that there is someone out there who will make you smile brighter and laugh harder than you can ever imagine. Sometimes it takes meeting someone new to realize what you may have been missing before. Right now, take time to be sad (and angry, if that’s the case), but also take time to realize why the relationship didn’t work out and what you’re looking for from a future partner.

Lean on your family and friends and those who care about you. I also find that keeping busy can help keep your mind off thinking about something painful. You could look into setting a new goal for yourself, so you can feel happiness as you accomplish something new!

What do your snacks usually look like: morning, noon and night?

I actually tend to eat the same kinds of food for my morning, afternoon and evening snacks, though they change daily. I typically enjoy the following:

  • Quesadilla (string cheese microwaved on a whole-wheat tortilla)… This is probably my favorite snack. I eat this one at some point every day!
  • Greek yogurt with nuts and fruit
  • Yogurt pudding
  • Apple with peanut butter
  • Homemade trail mix (nuts, whole-grain cereal, peanut butter/butterscotch/chocolate chips)
  • Popcorn sprinkled with protein powder
  • Sandwich thin with peanut butter

Would you do a giveaway on your blog?

Yep! I’ve done quite a few, but I will not host a giveaway for something I, myself, wouldn’t want to win! 😀

When you sometimes have dessert or go out and have a special treat, do you still eat the same as you usually do and snack? I love how you eat healthy but don’t deprive yourself of the things that you like. I think that’s really awesome and healthy.

I usually do eat the same regardless as to whether or not I eat dessert or go out to eat, though I will often skip my evening snack because I’m simply too full after an indulgent meal or dessert.  In the past I found myself trying to skip snacks or lighten up meals before going out to eat, which only led me to overeat because I felt famished once I arrived at the restaurant. Now I try to keep my meals and snacking consistent, whether I go out to eat and enjoy dessert or not.


See ya in the mornin’!

25 Responses

  1. I always like your Q&As 🙂

    I’ve tried Quorn products, but never the meatballs…they look tasty!

  2. I just bought some quorn meatballs to try this weekend. I have tried their other products and really like them!

  3. Mmmm… the meatball sub looks delicious! I can’t remember the last time I’ve had one, but I have a feeling that I’ll be having one sometime in the near future now! Oh, here’s a sill question to go along with your Q&A… who do you want Ali to pick?

    • fantastic question! i ❤ roberto. 🙂 if she doesn't pick him, i think he should be the next bachelor.

  4. The meatball subs look wonderful! I really enjoy Quorn products, especially their faux chicken nuggets. 🙂

    The Blog Fairy really IS amazing! Thank you so much for telling me about her!

    Haha I love that you’re going to be foam-rolling while watching the Bachelorette!

  5. Oo great answers! And congrats on your blog milestone that you posted earlier 🙂

    My weekday dinners are oh-so-simple too. I like ’em speedy 😀

  6. Love the Q&A’s! The heartbreak answer is a really good one espescially…I dealt with a BAD breakup a few years ago and wish I could go back in time and tell myself that no relationship is worth losing myself over. Hope you have a great night!!

  7. What an awesome dinner! I LOVED how you answered the measurement question. I love how you said measurements were YOURS and that everyone has their own. Classy Jules….that’s why I love ya!

  8. Q & A’s are the best 😀 I love these!!
    Your dinner looks delicious. I love those quick meals!
    YAY for the bachelorette tonight!! I’m definitely pulling for Roberto, who are you rooting for?? <– haha, just saw your answer above.

  9. Ok, too funny – I was looking at those meatballs at the grocery store today, thinking to myself “Oh yeah, I’ve seen these on Julie’s blog, I should totally pick some up” (I didn’t get ’em this week due to my xanthan gum purchase instead!) 😉
    And how could I have forgotten about the yogurt pudding?!? I may have to have some of that tonight while routing on ROBERTO!!!!

  10. Have fun watching The Bachelorette!

  11. omg. yogurt pudding! i’ve been meaning to try this!

  12. Good point on the last answer of Q and A. I often feel like I should eat less to have to have more later and it ends up in a big FAT KID MOMENT. Eeeeek.

    Thank you for being so honest 😉

  13. I’ve been seeing meatball subs a lot lately, makes me really want to have one! I love the Q&A, they are all great answers!

  14. What’s going on with all of these meatball subs in the blog world lately?! I have a serious craving for one now!! 😉 Looks so yummy!! 🙂

  15. YUM lovin that meatball sub. Looks amazing!


  16. I love the idea of the meatball sub. And you always have healthy green veggies on the side, looks fabulous and filling!

  17. u look like Allie on Bachelorette. (compliment)

  18. I liked seeing your schedule for eating! Glad to know I’m not the only one who gets snacky, haha.

  19. ooh, yogurt pudding looks yummy! i kind of did the same thing the other day- I took plain yogurt and mixed one of those chocolate milk mix powders with it, adn then froze it for a bit. then I sliced up a banana and put a little whipped cream on top- sooo good! almost like a mix between chocolate ice cream/chocolate frozen yogurt! 🙂

  20. I love easy dinners! Fun Q&As. 🙂

  21. I love Q and A’s becuase I love learning more about the bloggers I read and enjoy.

  22. Love your answers to the you dont change your eating when you eat dessert. Im a firm believer than it all evens out if you let it–like you said, when you eat dessert or more than usual you might not have an evening snack–not b/c it would bad if you did…but simply b/c you aren’t hungry!

  23. I just blogged asking about blog upgrades- I’ll check out the blogfairy, thanks!!

    PS- Roberto is my fav, but I must admit, Chris’s family members are the sweetest people!

  24. The meatball subs look wonderful! I’m going to check out the blog fairy! thanks for the tip!

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