Easy Peasy

Since I couldn’t take Sadie on too long of a walk this morning due to my Invisalign appointment, I knew a trip to the dog park would be mandatory tonight. Sadie needed open space to run around and act like a psycho puppy!

The Gang

Play Time!

I took this picture of Sadie and her new friend for Ryan’s grandma and her boyfriend:

Sadie and a New Friend

They have a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel like the one Sadie’s playing with above and are big-time dog lovers like me and Ryan. 🙂

Yay for the Dog Park!


Because I knew a trip to the park was in store, I made sure to plan a quick dinner for tonight and threw several chicken breasts in the crock pot with chicken broth before I went to work and let ’em cook on low all day.

After pulling the meat apart with forks, Ryan and I added BBQ sauce to the chicken and enjoyed an easy peasy dinner!

BBQ Chicken

BBQ Chicken Sandwich


Crock pot creations and breakfast for dinner are my fall back meals when I need an easy dinner.

What’s your fall back easy peasy meal?

10 Responses

  1. Awww…I wish we had a dog park!

    Stir fries are always something we fall back on for quick and easy meals.

  2. LOVE easy din dins!!

    I was lookin at your old posts.. you looked aboslutely gorgeous on your Valentines Day date.. LOVE LOVE LOVE the dress.. you can certainly pull of anything! 🙂

    Happy Monday, hun!

  3. Breakfast for dinner is definitely my easy peasy meal to fall back on! It seems we always have an abundance of breakfast type foods to eat in our house!! 🙂

  4. Our easy peasy meal of choice are panini’s….I always have bread, cheese and some sort of meat on hand, so they are easy to put together!

  5. I love the dog park…my roommate and I take her Yorkie’s to “wiggly field” sometimes.

  6. Lately my easy peasy meals are turkey tacos and chili. Random but do you curl your hair with an iron or hot rollers?

    • i actually use a straightener. curls fall out of my hair SO easily w/ a curling iron or hot rollers. curling it w/ a straightener really helps the curls stay in my hair. my friend merri showed me how to do it & i also used videos on youtube.com to learn how. hope this helps!

  7. I have to cook a bunch of chicken breasts tonight and I’m going to use some to make the BBQ pulled chicken you’ve posted about numerous times. Can’t wait!

  8. […] dinner was another easy-peasy creation. Meatball Subs + Roasted […]

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