Out of Commission iPod

iPod complaints in a minute…First, breakfast!

Onion Bagel Breakfast Sandwich

2009 is going out with a bang! My last breakfast of the year was a yummy onion bagel sandwich (bagelwich?) with Laughing Cow light Swiss cheese, Canadian bacon and an egg white.

Open-Faced Bagelwich

Achin' for Some (Canadian) Bacon


Before breakfast I went on a nice lil’ walk with Ryan and Sadie. It’s not nearly as cold in Orlando today as it has been, so our walk was quite enjoyable.

The nice weather made Sadie extra chipper this morning. She was a sweetie pie and even gave me a hug before I left for my last day of work in ’09!

"Awww, Mom..."

Me & My Sadie Girl

An iPod Bites the Dust

I don’t know about you, but music is imperative for me to have a good cardio workout.

Since my iPod bit the dust on Tuesday, I’ve been struggling to get through my Tuesday/Thursday cardio days at the gym.

Today I heard one of the trainers say something as I was about 20 minutes into my workout:

“Enjoy your last workout of 2009!”

For some reason this simple statement really resonated with me and motivated me to log 50 quality minutes of cardio. My last workout of 2009. I started to think about just how many workouts I’ve completed throughout the year.

I felt proud that this year I’ve exercised with a new mindset: health. Before I, like so many women, was motivated to workout simply to keep my weight in check. While that is still important, I now workout for my overall health (gotta keep the heart happy!).

I love the way a good sweat session makes me feel all day long. It’s refreshing to workout for myself and not for how my body appears to others. This new mindset is probably my greatest personal accomplishment of 2009 (well, that and landing a pretty amazing fiance!).

I know it probably sounds trivial to many of you out there, but for others still running or lifting weights  only to look good, making a goal to adapt a mindset to exercise and eat well for you and your health might remove some of the pressure you feel to look perfect and change your thinking to a desire to look and be healthy.

Do you work out for your health, your appearance or both?

Another question for you iPod lovers out there… when I turn on my iPod all the music is blank. It’s as though there are no songs on it at all. Anyone know what’s up???

I hope all of you enjoy the last day of the year!

15 Responses

  1. both, i believe. i think i have to let go of the appearance factor and focus more on the health and fitness aspect. =D

    hahah how did you do it without the ipod! augh! i would have died.

    i love sweaty exercise sessions. totally rockin’.

  2. My older IPod did that a lot. I eventually bought a new version cause it was just too irritating! haha BUT, I googled ipod problems and they gave a few suggestions to fix it. I hope this link works…


    Hope it helped!

  3. I will leave the gym if my ipod dies, I can not workout without music!

  4. I love the feeling I have after a workout, so healthy and energized but I think appearance has a lot to do with the exercises I choose. So…both.

    Your breakfast is making me hungry. 🙂

  5. Both appearance and health. I just feel so much better about myself when I work out and I feel better health wise too. I love gettin all sweaty! hehe
    Happy New Year!

  6. I love your healthy mindset, Julie!! Like you, I used to work out mainly for looks, and while appearance still motivates me, I now realize the amazing physical and psychological benefits (increased energy, stronger heart, better mood…you name it!).

    I haven’t made any “official” New Year’s resolutions for 2010, but you inspire me to start making them right now! I can’t wait to read what your resolutions are & look forward to reading your blog every day next year!!! 🙂

  7. Sorry about your IPOD! Mine started doing that too and I ended up having to get another one…how old is yours?

    • i’m actually not sure how old it is. my other one broke & the one i’ve been using is my dad’s… i think it’s probably 3 yrs. old??? annoying, huh?

  8. idk what’s going on with your ipod!! but i agree- i need music to work out. you look great in those pictures & the bagel sandwich looks awesome!



  9. Ugh iPod’s dying are the worst!! If I get there and mine is done, I usually end up leaving…lol.

  10. The same thing has happened to my ipod a few times! You should be able to fix it by pressing the menu button in the middle and the bottom button (play i think) simultaneously. It should then reset with the apple lighting up (no worries it doesn’t erase the music just reboots it). Hope this helps! Also if the middle button and the bottom together don’t work try the middle and top one! Hold it down for about 4 minutes, sometimes it takes a little while!

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