Clammed Up

Seafood may be one of my best friends.


Our relationship began when I was very young. Since several of you seemed to enjoy my “What did you do today to be a boss and a leader” story about my dad, here’s another charming tale involving my father.

In first grade we had to fill out a questionnaire about our favorite things. One of the questions I had to fill out asked me about my favorite food and my favorite restaurant. My reply? “I love going to Hooters to eat clams with my dad.” Yes, that Hooters.

The One and Only

Classy response for a first grader, huh?

As you can see, my love for seafood runs deep. Tonight I used canned clams as the inspiration for my meal. I paired the clammies with spinach, mushrooms, pasta and Parmesan cheese for a delicious noodle bowl.

Clammy Pasta

With Lots of Parm!

I ate while Sadie watched. 😀

"Wanna share, Mama?"

I did let her lick the bowl clean (once I made sure it was mushroom free… mushrooms are a no-go for dogs).

Ryan is at a soccer game tonight so I will be using this alone time to do some dishes before reading some more of the first Sookie Stackhouse book. 

G’night all! Yay for Friday tomorrow!

Acorn Squash Sweet Salad

I am on a Pumpkorn kick. I cannot get enough of these delicious pumpkin seeds!

Today I incorporated a big handful of the honey ‘n’ flax flavor into my lunch .

Acorn, Pumpkorn, Cranberry Relish

Last night I prepped an acorn squash by piercing it before microwaving it for 5 minutes on one side and three minutes on the other. I used all the yummy flesh in my acorn squash salad today. I added several scoops of homemade cranberry relish for extra sweetness.

My afternoon snack is more Pumpkorn. I think I’ll be digging into my sea salt Pumpkorn sooner rather than later… not because I’m hungry, but because I’m obsessed.

Have you ever tried pumpkin butter? What’s your favorite kind of nut butter?

On random foodie Web sites I’ve seen pumpkin butter for sale and have always wanted to try it. Sounds delicious to me. My favorite nut butter is… duh… peanut butter!

I want to eat you!

I really love the honey nut peanut butter grinding machine at Whole Foods where you can grind your own honey nut peanuts into the most amazingly creamy and sweet nut butter. Whoa, is that a puddle of drool I see on my desk?

Peanut Butter Fingers Confession

I have an embarrassing peanut butter confession. About two weeks ago I was eating one too many peanut butter fingers. Ryan was about to leave for a soccer game and I thrust the peanut butter jar at him and told him to hide it from me so I wouldn’t eat the whole dang jar.

Let me just say I am one of the most curious people in the world. I’ve always tried to find my Christmas presents before Christmas (sometimes I’ve succeeded!). Ryan actually hid my engagement ring in his car for fear I’d find it. (Disclaimer: I don’t snoop unless I know someone’s planning to give something to me. I just wanna know what it is NOW!)

Anyway, about an hour after Ryan left for his soccer game, I felt my curiosity kick in. I promise you it wasn’t just another peanut butter craving (believe me I know how to identify this feeling). I knew he hid the peanut butter jar in the spare room of our apartment. After some digging, I found it in his closet and rewarded myself with another peanut butter finger! 😀

Naturally I placed the jar back in the closet and shut the door to hide my embarrassing lack of control over my own curiosity. When Ryan went to change after his shower he immediately said “Hm… someone found the peanut butter!

Caught! Ah! Apparently I didn’t place the jar back in the closet exactly as I’d found it. Note to fellow snoopers: return your finding exactly as you found it. Don’t get so excited about enjoying another peanut butter finger that you place the jar in the closet vertically when you found it horizontally. I’m so embarrassing.

Pumpkin Pancake Brain

When I woke up this morning I knew a gym workout wouldn’t do. I was feeling antsy and the idea of doing my cardio workout on a machine sounded miserable.

Fortunately Sadie was feeling extra chipper this morning and when I went to grab my iPod (which is located in my mini gym bag that hangs by her leash) she started running around in circles. This is Sadie-speak for “Take me on a run, woman!

I wasn’t about to disobey for fear that she might ransack the couch when I left for work.

Sadie as a Puppy

(Side note: I didn’t snap a pic of Sadie this morning, so please enjoy the above puppy picture of her when she was a youngster. Look how teeny!)

Sadie and I went on a nice five mile run followed by a 1.5 mile cool-down walk. You’d think this would wear Sadie out, but I promise you when we arrive home this evening, she’ll be ready for more active fun. Once her energy level drops off a bit, maybe she’ll finally gain some weight.

Is your pet skinny or fat or juuuuust right?

Sadie is naturally small for a vizsla. Her mom’s name is Tiny and she only reached 35 pounds full grown (about 10 -15 pounds less than normal female vizslas). Sadie is just under 35 pounds and is a ball of energy. She eats her food (and we constantly leave food out for her) but she still remains a bag o’ bones. Wouldn’t it be nice to have that metabolism?


Running always makes me want a big breakfast. Oatmeal or pancakes seem to call to me!

Today I opted for pumpkin protein pancakes because throughout my run I had pumpkin pancake brain. I just kept thinking about the tasty ‘cakes!

Pumpkin Protein Pancakes

I love the cinnamon and pumpkin combination in these pancakes. So tasty!

I enjoyed my breakfast with a cup of Yogi triple echinacea tea. My belly is warm.

Carba Nada Giveaway Winner

Using’s true random number generator, the winner of the Carba Nada giveaway is Linda!

Linda said, The roasted garlic ones sound yummy. Great giveaway!”

Linda, please email me with your address ( Thanks! 😀