Seafood Salad Pita Pocket

During last night’s sushi date night I remembered just how much I love fakie crab meat. Imitation crab meat, also known as surimi, is often used in the California roll, one of my favorite sushi rolls (and a great one for those uneasy about sushi to try since there’s no raw fish in it).

I picked up a pack of the imitation crab meat to use for today’s lunch (and tomorrow’s too!). I combined the fake crab meat with chopped cucumber and light miracle whip to make an easy and tasty seafood salad.

Seafood Salad

I stuffed the seafood salad into a whole wheat pita pocket.

Stuffed Up

This was sooo good. I’ve already prepped some more for lunch tomorrow.

After lunch I got my sweat on at the gym with a random cardio workout consisting of:

  • 15 minutes stair master
  • 15 minute run
  • 10 minutes incline walking
  • 10 minutes elliptical (+ Food Network magazine 🙂 )

After my workout I picked up Sadie to get some gas in my car and drop several big boxes off at Goodwill. Hopefully someone will enjoy my clothes, glasses, hats, books and other random goodies. One person’s trash is another person’s treasure, right!? 😉

When I got home, I made a big bowl of Jello Oreo pudding for me and Ryan and polished off my portion in a flash! I love anything creamy… especially when cookie chunks are involved! 😀

Oreo Pudding

To be honest this pudding was a little stingy with the Oreo cookie chunks. Note to Jello: I like lots o’ cookies!

The rest of the evening will be a traditional Sunday night full of relaxing and last minute chores (laundry, ugh). I love that it’s chilly outside because it makes our apartment feel extra cozy. The candles and Christmas decor add to the comfy atmosphere.

Christmas Bling

Cinnamon Stick Candle

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Taffy Tongue

Sometimes we let Sadie sleep in the bed when it’s extra chilly in the apartment. To say Sadie is a cuddly sleeper would be the understatement of the year.

This morning I awoke with her puppy body pressed against my back and her left paw draped around my chest. My dog was spooning with me! 

After layering our clothes, Ryan and I took Sadie for a walk around the lake before heading off to the grocery store. Ryan picked up a pack of salt water taffy as a little treat. We both enjoyed a couple pieces and shared one with Sadie when we arrived home. She loved it and we could not stop laughing at her struggle with the thick and chewy candy.

Taffy Mouth!

She struggled more with the taffy than she does when she eats peanut butter. After she finally finished her taffy she immediately wagged her tail and wanted more. Silly dog.

What treats does your pet enjoy?

Sadie loves any kind of meat, Snausages, peanut butter, yogurt and cheese. With the exception of the Snausages, it seems like we have similar tastes. 😉


Breakfast this morning was an egg white scramble with spinach and portobello mushrooms.

Egg White Scramble

I love the meaty flavor of portobello mushrooms. I can’t believe I used to hate mushrooms!

I also enjoyed half a pint of fresh blueberries (on sale!).

Fresh Blueberries

When Ryan leaves for soccer practice soon I’ll be hittin’ ze gym for a nice cardio sweat session. I like working out after a day off. My energy feels renewed!