Dress Hunt Continues

The hunt for my wedding dress continued today.

After a quick 50 minute run with Sadie (she’s the best running partner), I wolfed down a bowl of Flax-Z-Snax vanilla almond hot cereal with pumpkin, cinnamon and whipped cream.

Whipped Cream Makes Anything Better!

If you’re a germ-a-phobe, you should probably avoid the whipped cream can at my house. We’ve been known to spray the sweet and creamy deliciousness straight into our mouths.

After my quickie meal, my sister snapped a pic of my outfit. It’s nothin’ special, but I had to send it to Ali to accompany the questions I answered for my interview on her awesome blog which will be debuting soon. 🙂 I always love looking at her outfits because she has the cutest clothes. 

Pic for FoodFitnessFashion.com

Following the picture-taking shenanigans,  my mom, sister and I headed off to The Dressing Room in St. Pete to try on some more wedding gowns.

I didn’t find the one there, but I did see a dress that was so gorgeous. It was completely lace, but with a little flava-flav. I have another appointment to try on dresses (mostly Maggie Sottero gowns – yay!) on Saturday. This will be my fourth attempt at finding the perfect dress. Goodness!

If you’re married, how many times did you try on gowns before you found the one?

This finding a wedding dress business is tough! I don’t think I’m the type of person that will just have that “ah ha!” moment. I like to sit on big decisions… let ’em marinate a bit before truly committing. I hope I find a gorgeous dress eventually!

Now we’re off to church before dinner.

The rest of the night will consist of baking Christmas cookies and heading out on the boat to look at Christmas lights! We’ll also be opening our annual Christmas pajamas. I can’t wait!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone! 😀

5 Responses

  1. You look soo cute in your outfit! You are BEAUTIFUL!
    I hope you have a GREAT Christmas

    and goodluck on your dress im sure its hard to find “THE ONE” and im sure you will just KNOW when you find it! but im sure you will pick a beautiful one and look even MORe beautiful in it!!

    merry christmas again and happy holidays! ❤

  2. oh yeah what kind of whipped cream did you use?
    that bowl looks really yummy

  3. Finding the “perfect” dress should be so stressful…don’t worry about it being perfect…as long as it looks beautiful on YOU! 😉


  4. finidng the perfect dress must be so difficult- good luck!!

  5. I actually tried on dresses 5 different times and I ended up buying the very first dress I tried on the first day I looked. haha…I guess sometimes when you find the right one you just have to stop looking! 🙂

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