Two Dresses

Since we finished printing and compiling our save the dates last night, I’ve been in wedding-planning mode! I like the feeling of checking things off my to-do list. 😀

After work today I headed to Something Blue Bridal Boutique to meet with Lori to discuss the bridesmaid dress I fell in love with back in April.

I had a couple of concerns regarding the color and the design and wanted to make sure all of my issues were addressed before fully committing to the dress.

Lori isn’t sure if the dress I like is available in the cashmere color I want, and will be calling to check on Thursday.

While I was at the boutique, I browsed some of the other bridesmaid dresses and really liked a pretty, whimsical dress by Alvina Valenta.

Alvina Valenta Dress

Here is a ghetto photo-of-a-phone photo of me in the dress:

Photo of a Photo

I really love how romantic an flowy this dress feels.

If the one-shoulder Jim Hjelm dress is not available in the cashmere color I love, the above dress may be a contender.

To jog your memory, or if you are new to the blog, here’s a picture of the Jim Hjelm dress:

Jim Hjelm Dress

Which one do you like better?

I really love both dresses though they look completely different!


Since I arrived home later than usual, I wanted to get dinner on the table fast.

Enter, frozen pizza.

CPK White Pizza

Ryan and I are huge fans of the California Pizza Kitchen frozen pizzas and the crispy thin crust white pizza is one of the best.

The pizza cooked up in 10 minutes, and we enjoyed several slices with roasted broccoli on the side.

White Pizza Slice

Roasted Broc


Dinner was fast and tasty… Just the way I like it.

I’m off to read my book for a bit before hoppin’ into bed. See ya in the morning!

Movie + Pizza

I know there are mixed reviews out there about the movie Valentine’s Day, but I loved it!

Valentine's Day Movie

The movie reminded me a lot of Love Actually. I think movies with so many mini-stories intertwined are so neat. It was definitely chick flick, and I enjoyed every minute. The girls I went to see the movie with also really liked it a lot. Movie night success!


I came home ready for some good eatin’.

Luckily Ryan was hungry too, so we popped a frozen pizza in the oven and had dinner ready in 15 minutes.

California Pizza Kitchen White Pizza

Neither of us had tried California Pizza Kitchen’s white pizza before and we both couldn’t get over how delicious it was! Our taste buds definitely did a lil’ happy dance. 😉

Eat Me!

While the pizza was cooking, we simultaneously roasted some broccoli after tossing it in a bit of olive oil and garlic salt. Gotta get those veggie servings in!

Roasted Broccoli + Pizza

My Plate

 I surprised Ryan by bringing home a lil’ sweet treat for dessert: Candy!

Almond Joy Pieces Candy

I’m not gonna lie, this candy served as both an appetizer and a dessert. 😉

I love how all the little pieces really did taste like mini Almond Joys. I think these tasted like what I was hoping the coconut M&Ms would taste like. Definitely delicious!

Now I’m off to hang with Ryan and Sadie while I update my iPod with fun songs for the 10k race in the morning and sort through massive amounts of clothes to see which ones are now Goodwill-worthy.  

See ya in the mornin’ after the race!