Sadie Loves Animals, Animals Don’t Love Sadie

Good morning!

Wake Up, Orlando!

Isn’t downtown Orlando pretty before 7 a.m.?


This morning Ryan and I headed to the gym and split up do do our respective workouts. We workout together, but not together. 😉 While I took a BodyPump class, Ryan hit the stair-stepper, bike and treadmill for a cardio workout. Ryan almost always does weights only at the gym. He gets his cardio during weekly soccer games and soccer practices, but is on a mission to integrate more cardio into his daily workouts.

Just like many women seem to struggle with integrating weights into their exercise regimen, I think many men may struggle with incorporating more cardio into their routines. It’s kinda funny how each gender seems to have a different “go to” exercise.

After our respective workouts, we came home and gathered up the pup for a 2.5 mile walk.

Walk, Walk, Walk

No Standing??? Psssh. Such a Rebel.

It was nice to enjoy some calm with Ryan and Sadie before the workday madness sets in.

Sadie seemed to enjoy the walk as well… though she seemed to prefer stalking the birds and squirrels to actually walking.

"Oh Swanyyyy. Come Out and Plaaaay..."

Much to her chagrin, the animals didn’t seem to reciprocate her interest and all made a beeline for treetops or the lake at the sight of her gangly body and the sound of her overly-excited wheezes.

Maybe next time, Sadie. 😉


Breakfast once again paid hommage to Tuesday’s delicious pumpkin peanut butter French toast.

I made myself a pumpkin peanut butter sandwich that included banana slices since I had a banana that basically had one foot in the grave and needed to be used.

PB & P & B

Before inhaling this breakfast, I dusted the sandwich with pumpkin pie spice because it make it look so perdy and taste that much better.

Open Faced

Eat Me!

I wonder when I’ll get sick of this pumpkin and peanut butter combo? If it’s anything like my love of peanut butter, I don’t see it fading any time soon.

Healthy Eating in College Follow Up

Before signing off, I want to take a minute to thank you guys for sharing some amazing tips for eating healthy while away from home at college. If you’re looking for more quality tips and advice, definitely check out the comments section of yesterday’s post. You readers are so wise. 🙂

I also received some additional requests for posts about the following topics:

  • How to maintain an exercise regimen in college
  • How to eat healthy on the cheap

Stay tuned! 😀

Of Possible Interest

On the Right Foot

Friday started off on the right foot!

Walk, Walk, Walk

Today is one of the every other Fridays that Ryan has off of work, so he joined me and Sadie on our morning walk!

She's Just a Love Machine

Yup, She's a Daddy's Girl

Tour de Orlando

"Let Gooo! That Squirrel is Getting Away!"

We walked for about 40 minutes and enjoyed watching Sadie terrorize play with the birds around the lake.

Heeeere Swany, Swany!

It was nice to enjoy a moment of calm before the kickoff of the work day!


Pre-walk Ryan and I headed to the gym for a good workout.

While he hit the weight room, I took a BodyPump class followed by 15 minutes on the elliptical.


After arriving home from our walk with Sadie, I immediately enjoyed a peanut butter finger while preparing a random assortment of goodies for breakfast.

Friday Breakfast

On today’s menu was a cheese roll up along with a chopped fruit salad comprised of a sliced apple and peach and a small bowl of Gerber Graduates Apple Cinnamon Puffs.

The Right Time To Rooooll With Me

Baby Food for Big Girls

Quite the hodge podge, but it was delicious!

Now it’s time to w-o-r-k.

Happy Friday, friends!

Of Possible Interest

Family Walk + Healthified Egg McMuffin

Sadie and I get all too excited when we have company on our morning walk.

Look who joined us today!

Half-Awake Ryan

A very sleepy-looking Ryan. 🙂

Ryan usually arrives at work a little after 7 a.m., but today he didn’t have to be in until 8:30 a.m., so he had time to join us on a 40 minute walk around Lake Eola.

Me and the Pup

Lake Eola is a large lake in the middle of downtown Orlando that is surrounded by a 0.9 mile walking path.

In the middle of the lake is a large fountain that, until recently, wasn’t working because lightning struck it several months ago. I’m happy it’s back on and lookin’ pretty!

Puppy Love

I loved having extra time with Ryan this morning!

We chatted about the upcoming weekend and our plans for the evening which include heading over to the jeweler to check out a potential wedding band for me! The band they have at the jeweler for me to look at has nine princess-cut diamonds on it, which is too many, but will hopefully give me an idea of the size and shape I want. I’ll be sure to post pictures later!


Post-walk we came home to make yummy breakfast sandwiches.

I made myself a modified and healthified Egg McMuffin which totally hit the spot!

Egg McMuffin: Healthified

I actually fried the egg yesterday in the pan after I was done sauteing the onions and spinach for last night’s dinner, which allowed the egg to pick up the flavor of the onions. So tasty!

Big Ol' Bite

I think I demolished this sandwich in five bites.


This is one of my favorite breakfasts because it is so easy to make, tastes savory and reminds me of childhood when my mom would make us homemade Egg McMuffins on the mornings we had a big test in high school as a special treat. (Insert “awwww” here. 😉 )

Question of the Morning

If you could create your  own work schedule, what 8-hour timeframe would you want to work?

If I could make my own schedule, I would want to work from 7:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. I would loooove the extra time in the evening to enjoy the afternoon, make yummy dinners and spend time more time with my friends, Ryan and Sadie.